Monday, November 30, 2009

Picnic at Jells Park

Today's the last day of spring, and it was very cold due to the strong wind....the weather forecast said it's cloudy today, and we had been hoping that it would not rain....because we had planned a picnic at Jells Park today! Thank God that it didn't rain =D

Cheng Khoon drove us to Clayton this morning (yes he bought a car!) to buy stuff to prepare for the picnic....after buying the food stuff we went to Officeworks to wait for Chean Ying, and I saw this really cool desktop...

Its LCD monitor is a touchscreen!!! And it's also Windows 7 version...the whole desktop cost about $1700! But still it's very cool =P (Guess who's that in the pic =P)

Went home and started preparing....I stood 1.5 hours just cutting the fruits =.=||| We left at 5.30pm and reached Jells Park around 6pm, sorry guys we were late @.@

Some of the food we brought

20 of us at picnic~

makan makan

After makan we started playing....the guys played football while we played frisbee =) and we took pictures too (but not with my camera so I didn't have the nice group pictures here)...and we also took pictures by the Jells lake =)

Picture of the day:

Don't ask me why. Haha!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Revisit Brighton beach

Yesterday we brought Jaishree to Brighton beach to take pictures....and it rained again!

~us girls~

all you can see, umbrella coz it's raining....

We didn't spend much time at the beach (compared to last year), and since it's already about 4+pm, we decided to go and search the restaurant which we have booked a place earlier....time for Japanese buffet!!!

Sashimi....I didn't know we ordered 4 BIG plates of sashimi, then 'ter-order' 3 smaller plates....there were 12 of us, but the sashimi was just too much =P

Next up....our pre-ordered 2 dozens of fresh oysters...yummmm~!!!

Beef salad...we ordered 2 bowls of this, and another 4 bowls of vegetable salad (similar but without beef)...

Who would forget the all-time-favourite tempura....this is another 2 big plates...

Takoyaki!!! 4 plates....

Tofu (there were more in the bowl initially)....2 bowls to share

Sushi/california rolls...just 2 small plates, luckily we didn't order much of this

My favourite grilled eel!!!! 4 plates wahahaha~~

Not too sure what is this, I think it's teriyaki chicken....2 or 4 plates?

This was the last dish...2 plates of teriyaki the time it was put on the table, we were all so stuffed that we just circulate the dish around the table

On top of all that, we also had 4 plates of fried chicken, and a bowl of miso soup each....yea I know we are big eaters =P After that we have some fruits and ice cream as well, all included in the buffet which cost us $28 per person. It was only 5pm when we started eating, and we had 1.45 hour to stuff ourselves with all the was a great experience, my first time eating fresh oysters and I thought I would detest it but then I realised that I quite like it actually! =D

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I guess I should write something here and not let my blog to have only 1 post for November right?

Anyway, exam's over few days ago; yesterday we moved our stuff into storage, thanks to all the guys who helped us from morning till late guys are awesome =)

2 more days at halls....where shall I go next?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Warm and hot

Called home just now and talked for about an hour. Mum asked me what time I will be arriving at KL on 12th December and I told her that I will be back on time to have dinner with pa. (yeah I know we are one of the 'special' families who call mum 'mummy' and dad 'papa'...coz usually people call their parents by either 'mama' and 'papa', or 'mummy' and 'daddy' you know what I mean by 'special' =P) Anyway, am going off topic here...back to my mum's question, I said I will be back to have dinner with pa, and my sister who was on the phone with me that time told me that I will be having dinner together with them all at KL! Coz they will be flying to KL from KB on the same day I arrive KL =) How nice is that wheee~ can't wait to go home now....

Heat wave is striking Melbourne again. It's not summer yet (kinda end of spring actually). Seems like it will be around 35 degrees for the rest of the week =S

Guess what time this picture was taken:

Very bright right? Early morning sunrise?'s NOT! It's actually coming to sunset, around 7.33pm...yes 7.33PM (in Malaysia it'll be dark already by this time)

and this was taken at 7.50pm. Now it's 8.08pm and there's still a bit of sunlight, not entirely dark yet

So our days have become longer and the nights shorter, which is not too good for the current HOT sister told me that there's a bit of flood at KB few days ago, how contrasting is that. And she even had to purposely 'remind' me of the air-conds in our house =.=||||

Today is also the last day at Dandenong Hospital for my PBL group. We had our last tutes today...time really flies, I could still remember the first time we met our tutors, the very first tute, where we all sat outside the Zouki cafe enjoying the nice weather (it was autumn back then) and getting to know each other...and suddenly 10 months had gone! After our tutes, we thanked our tutors and gave them some gift as our token of appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.

with our medical bedside tutor

and our surgical bedside tutor

Didn't manage to take a group pic with our PBL tutor =(

This also means that study week has begun (the official Swot Vac starts this Friday)....let's try our best!