Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Went to the state library yesterday to return our borrowed books...and to get some 'buku untuk pelupusan' =P

There is already a mountain of books there! The library staff is updating the book collection in the library and they are planning to throw the very old books away. And so we did book-climbing...

Choosing books to bring home...and become ours from now on!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

13 hours in an 8-hour flight

Have been back for a week...time surely flies! My flight from Melbourne-KL was delayed for 4++ hours due to some technical problem...and we ended up 'trapped' in the plane for 13 hours instead of the usual 8, reaching Malaysia at around 11+pm local time instead of 6.40pm...planned to have dinner together with family and we ended up having supper instead =.=

After staying at KL for a few days, we then came back to old KB on the 16th...again our flight was delayed due to the rain =.= Will fly to KL again after Christmas for our family trip, hopefully our flight won't be delayed again.

Must enjoy these few days at home ^_^ and more yum cha to come~

Friday, December 11, 2009

Great home-cooked dinner

We had a potluck dinner at Cheng Khoon's house last night, it was great, fun and full of laughter =D

The variety of food we had...chicken, duck, pork, taufu, eggs, vege...it's all YUMMY!!! And very homey-like =D

Thanks to everyone of us who prepared the food, and those who washed the dishes! We should do this again next year, CNY reunion dinner? =)

Flying home tomorrow, wheeeee~

Monday, December 07, 2009

It's summer, but still cold

A tragedy happened at KB Mall recently....quite scary to think about it, especially when you have been there so many times on the escalator. Photos of the tragedy flooded Facebook. Chien has a bit of details on it here.

Went shopping at the new South Wharf DFO today with
Li Ping, Chean Ying, Nooi Hoay and John. 4 girls and 1 guy....guess who bought the most stuff? Tadah...it's John! Us girls...spent less than $50 each...

I had dinner with Hui Xuan after that at Tomodachi, Melbourne Central =) Finally we met up, before I go home!

wheee =D

Chicken Japanese pancake that I ordered

Last 4 days at Melbourne before I go home!