Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So for the past few months I got asked a lot of times what I have been doing.

'Nothing,' was what I wanted to say. But instead I told them that I was growing mushrooms.

Angelene thought I was growing these:

I was like, 'HELLO?! Do you think I can really grow REAL mushrooms?!'

Cheah Yen, on the other hand, started talking to me about this show she watched about how to grow mushrooms, specifically 'the famous shiitake mushroom'.

Which are these:

'During early stage they need sufficient water one wor, only when they reach certain size then only stop watering.'

Err okay. I told Cheah Yen that the mushrooms on us already reached that size that don't need watering any more.

Thank goodness we both don't have to wait any longer now.