Sunday, May 27, 2007

the most unforgettable birthday for Chau Wang (probably)!

It's the first time we did so many things on Chau Wang's birthday.

On 25th May, Saturday night
First time 14 of us had steamboat in Australia.
First time 14 of us ate dinner together (the last time was 12).
First time we drank beer together.
First time we had so much ice cream instead of cake (the cake was a small-sized cheese cake, 'traditionally' we had a normal-sized cake).
First time we gave out a certificate of appreciation to the birthday person.

The steamboat we had - using 3 rice cookers! (plus a lot of veg not in the pic)


On 26th May, Sunday
First time we watched movie at Melbourne Central. (Pirates of Caribbean 3! Nice~)
First time we went to the city without any specific purpose.
First time we had Nando's in Australia and realised that the chickens were smaller in size than Malaysia's.
First time we had coffee/chocolate drinks at Max Brenner's.
First time we spent so much time walking around the streets in circles (or rectangles?)
First time we took the wrong train and went to North Melbourne instead of South Melbourne.
First time we were out for 15 hours (the last record was 14).
First time we were out till so late (1+am, it was already 2.15am when we finally reached the halls).
First time we missed the last train (after taking the wrong train and going to take the correct one back but the last one left).

Thanks to Daniel's uncle who drove us back to our halls at such a late hour.
Thanks to the guys who helped carried our things while shopping. (It's guys' pleasure to carry girls' stuff [Goh 2007])
Thanks everyone who contributed to the steamboat dinner.

And that was the last birthday in the month of May.

the REAL situation...

Referring to the post on 23rd May..

This was what actually happened:

Y = Yun Ying
K = Kelly

I was walking out of the dining hall at first floor of Campus Centre. Seeing that Kelly was walking towards me, I knew that instant that what was she going to do - and so I ran away, but she caught me from behind! She hugged me so tightly that Yun Ying came and asked her and that's how the conversation started..

Yun Ying: What are you doing??
Kelly: I love her!!
Yun Ying: Kiss her then!
Kelly: (making the sound) Muacks!

And it was also that moment that I felt I am loved..or should I say, I am 'lovable'?? Hahaha =P

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

guess who are Y and K.

A conversation at the campus centre last week..

Y: What are you doing??

K: I love her!!

Y: Kiss her then!

K: Muacks!

....and that her is me. I feel so loved.. =)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This morning, we were told that...

...exam's postponed!!!

I dunno whether this is a good news or a bad news.

We were told that most probably our exam will be on the first week of Semester 2, which is in July.

Now we can't fully/100% enjoy our winter break! T.T

Monday, May 21, 2007


Yesterday the 8 of us (Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Nooi Hoay, Ryan, Shea Chuen, Justina, Chau Wang and me) woke up early and went out for 14 hours to the city. 14 hours! We started our journey at 8.35am and reached back our room at approximately 10.35pm. Guess what we did?

We were supposed to celebrate Zhi Han's birthday! It was Buddha's Day as well, she and Ling Sing were at the event and of course she didn't know that we were coming. Ryan and Nooi Hoay joined in the event without Zhi Han noticing that they were there. The rest of us went to Victoria Market to buy groceries. I bought a few magnets and handmade cards. There was even a mini concert thingy by a few policemen! Yes, the police! They were singing with their own band in the policeman uniform! Wow!

After having lunch at the Vic Market Place, we took the 8 tram to College Square to Zhi Han and Daphne's room. Amelene and Esther, together with Daphne were in the room and according to them, they had waited for about one hour. It was almost 2pm by then, and we heard that Zhi Han wouldn't be back till 3pm. Another hour to go! It was then I realised how long I had never been to the city...coz Amelene's hair was quite long already!

Anyway finally there was a miscall from Ling Sing indicating that they were back at College Square. We kept our voices down and shouted 'Happy Birthday' when Zhi Han opened the door. She didn't seem really surprised....(that's what she said herself anyway)...

We chit chatted a while and then decided to have dinner together outside at some Thai restaurant at 5.30pm. It was still early by then, so some of us slept while I, who don't usually sleep in the afternoon, played games on Zhi Han's laptop.

Happy Birthday Zhi Han...that was Daphne behind

After dinner we even ate ice cream! That night was very cold, the wind was very strong and we were like walking against the wind. I was the slowest to finish my ice cream...haha...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Phrases which I remember I said recently….


1. 吃饭的时候最开心了!
2. 我最讨厌home tute / 讨厌哦,又有home tute!
3. 我要打麻将……
4. Hello, 你刚才打给我?
5. 等下又有lecture……
6. 醒来了,不要睡觉~
7. 可以走快点吗?
8. 生日快乐!
9. 你……唉
10. 很想睡啦……
11. 我的My Patient Encounter还剩这个……
12. 哎哟你酱讲我,伤心哦

Lunch at campus…

1. Justina 你要吃什么?
2. 你有散钱吗?没有就你还
3. 还很早哦,不用酱快去(lecture)


1. 友望,今天煮什么?
2. Hello, 等下你要几点煮?五点半?还是九个字?
3. Chau Wang 记得解冻肉
4. 你煮这个,我煮这个……
5. 你煮饭了没有?


1. 倩颍,你长头发很美,不要剪!
2. 妮蕙,不要骂我……
3. 佳燕,你做么跟我讲母亲节快乐?!
4. 倩颍我懂你讨厌我 =P
5. 友望你做么?
6. 宇声的‘毛’!

Phrases that I want to say...

1. 秀婷,我想念你……lalala~
2. 玲智,我们一年比一年少SMS了……
3. 妙倩,近来怎样?我们几时能回KB ar..
4. 佳燕,谢谢你常常打来!
5. 晓思,有没有想念我?
6. 康妮,不要酱健忘……(很久没叫你华文名了)
7. 翠娴,你还有没有什么38新闻??
8. Pigda!! 很久没有看到你!
9. 甄芸,你……erm…… (暂时想不到)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13th...does that remind you of 13 Mei??

Today is Mother's Day. And also Cheng Khoon's birthday. (3rd birthday of this month)

We celebrated Cheng Khoon's birthday last night. For this celebration, the fun part was the games..when he had to drink the special juices made by Deakin people, and the game where he had to guess which was Yeu Sheng's legs by touching our feet while blindfolded..haha..that was really fun!

When it's coming to 2am, some people went back coz it's late but the few of us stayed back and played mahjong till 3am!! Addicted to mahjong already... >.<

This afternoon I called my mom and she was surprised to receive a call from me. We usually talk via Skype and that was the first time we talked via phone. Anyway, I wished her Happy Mother's Day and we chat about lots of things. Felt happy and satisfied =)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hospital visit + Yun Ying's birthday

Yesterday I went for my hospital visit at Monash Medical Centre. It's my second time there and initially I planned to go there by bus with my classmates. When Daniel knew about it he offered to fetch us, haha...he's the driver of the day as he had to fetch Yun Ying for her GP visit and some of my friends to Forest Hill to buy Yun Ying's present (of course the birthday girl didn't know this).

Yeu Sheng was doing her hospital visit with me too but we were in different groups. Each group consisted of 6 people with a tutor to guide us to interview the patient. For my group, we got to interview a patient who had just had a kidney transplant. He was really chatty but I didn't really get much of what he was saying because of his strong accent. Anyway, by the time we finished our visits and were expecting to go back to our halls, we called Daniel to check where they were and were surprised to know that they hadn't bought Yun Ying's cake!! And we had to go to Clayton town to buy a cake before the shop closed! It's nearly 5pm and knowing that shops usually close at 5pm or 5.30pm, we were kinda panicked. Yeu Sheng, Wei De and I waited for a few minutes for the bus but after realising that the town is just about 200 metres away, we walked straight away with fast pace. My, it's really tiring and I pitied Yeu Sheng coz she was wearing shoes with heels. We were relieved to find out that the shop actually closed at 6.30pm. So we bought a fruit cake, then accompanied Wei De to buy his heater fan, then took the 703 bus back to our halls.

It's lucky that my hall organised a dine-in event at the Mess Hall dining hall last that meant that I didn't have to cook! After keeping the cake in the frigde, I went to the dining hall to have the free dinner. Usually I won't stay back after I finish my food but this time I just stayed back. We had a Bingo game to play. And guess what? I won a bar of chocolate!! Wheee~ Mmm..I love chocolates! =D

At 9pm the usual 12 of us (including Daniel) went up to Yun Ying's room and hid in the toilet opposite her room. We asked Cheng Khoon to hold the cake and knock on her door while we were hiding. Ryan was also outside with him. We even closed the toilet door! We could hear their voices when they came in (Yun Ying was suspicious because she heard our voices earlier, so she came in to check)...but after a while they left. We came out and saw no one (well except the fact that there's a girl who was going to bathe and was surprised to see so many of us hiding inside =P). Yeu Sheng then called Ryan who said that they were already downstairs waiting for us. =.= Looks like our surprise plan failed...

The fun part of the celebration was the singing part. The Deakins had already prepared the lyrics of two songs earlier for Yun Ying to sing, and Cheng Khoon was to be her partner. Haha!!

Happy birthday Yun Ying aka Angel!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

miscellaneous part 2

XXX gave this to Chean Ying today.

She's soooooo happy!! =P

miscellaneous part 1

Some people can't live without music. This time it's not Yeu's one of my neighbour.

See where that wire leads the bathroom...

And it leads to this! mp3 and something that looks like a speaker!

Monday, May 07, 2007

the R e p o r T

The following report is published with the consent from the birthday girl Justina and the secretary Chau Wang.


Secretary’s Report on Justina’s Birthday Celebration
5th May 2007

Friday night was rainy and windy, yet an enjoyable and memorable night, when all of the MISU members celebrated birthday of Miss Justina Teh the very blessed person, in common room of Farrer Hall, Monash Residential Services. A total of 14 people turned up on the celebration, making the celebration great and awesome.

The celebration kicked off with entering of Miss Justina, being escorted by Mr. Khoo Shea Chuen, at 11.45pm. Prior to their arrival, all 12 of the guests had switched off the light, dwelling themselves in the very darkness of common room, much resembling a bunch of preys that were
hiding and waiting patiently for the appearance of the very innocent victim. As soon as they entered, the light was on and the very classic song of wishing “Happy Birthday to You” was sung. It seemed that the effort was paid, with a great surprise impacting on Miss Justina. Continuous glaring flash of camera, loud yet warm cheering and wishing of the people, together with the company of the very important person of hers, accounted for the sweet and blissful smile shown by her.

The celebration was smoothly brought to the next agenda, where the topical fruit cake was presented to her. Right beneath the stars of hope, a mysterious wish was made silently, followed by a small yet energetic blow of the candles by her. Since teasing the blessed person during the celebration was the main theme of the celebration, guests had requested Miss Justina together with Mr. Khoo, to take out the candles using their mouths. An unexpected cooperation had been shown by them, and the very wonderful moment of the physical contact occurred during the process had been captured by the professional photographers. The cake was cut and distributed to all the guests, according to the decreasing order of the age of the guests.

The “Words of Swear” which was prepared prior to the celebration, was then proclaimed by both of them. “I, Khoo Shea Chuen, and Justina Teh, do swear to be by each other’s side from now on, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health” might be something to be expected, but was found to be inappropriate. Hence, the “Words of Swear” was replaced by something short yet meaningful, and was proclaimed by the very shy lady followed by the very ecstasy and humorous gentleman. Once again, the guests broke into rapturous applause and cheering.

The three presents were handled formally to Miss Justina, by Mr. Calvin Woon, Miss Huong Yu Wan and I. The well and special designed birthday card was presented to her by Mr. Daniel Lau the youngest guest, representing the rest. Being overwhelmed by appreciation and gratitude, Miss Justina expressed her sweetest ever smile of thanks and glaring tears could be seen on the edge of her eyes.

The love songs performed by them, as requested by the guests, accompanied the end of the celebration at 1.15 am.

I would like to say at this time a few personal thank you to all of those who have given their biggest effort in bringing the celebration to the greatest success.

To MISU May Birthday Celebration Committee members, thanks for all the hard work in organizing the celebration.

To Mr. Khoo Shea Chuen, I would like to say thank you for showing your eagerness and cooperation to celebrate the birthday of your significant other. The celebration will not be able to proceed without you leading Miss Justina to the venue of celebration.

To Mr. Daniel Lau, thanks for your willingness to provide transportation for us. You have contributed your very precious time to pick us to Clayton town. Besides, you have given us the opportunity to play mahjong prior to the celebration. Without you, the celebration will not be such successful.

To Miss Huong Yu Wan, thanks for designing the birthday card, preparing the present and the cake. The card was really awesome and I guess many people might have been envy to Justina who can own the very wonderful card designed by you.

To Miss Ho Yun Ying and Miss Saw Chean Ying, I have appreciated you for representing all of us in preparing the present for Miss Justina. The present was really nice chosen.

To Mr. Lee Chin Yen, thanks for your suggestion in making the Farrer Hall common room as the venue of celebration. Thank you for permitting us to enter the Farrer Hall area as well.

To Mr. Goh Cheng Khoon, I have appreciated you for being such a nice emcee of the party. Without you, the celebration will not be as joyous and enjoyable.

To Mr. Calvin Woon, Miss Jessica Tan and others who have brought their cameras to the celebration, thanks for being our professional photographers by snatching pictures and recording the wonderful moment of that night.

To Miss Ang Yeu Sheng, thank you for preparing the “Words of Swear”. They were really meaningful and by your contribution, the celebration was able to be brought to the peak.

To anyone who I may have inadvertently left out, please accept this as my thanks for your effort in preparing and making the event success. It’s always hard to think of everyone because we have so many who do so much.

Last but not least, to all the guests: Mr. Chin Yen Lee, Mr. Calvin Woon, Mr. Goh Cheng Khoon, Mr. Khoo Shea Chuen, Mr. Daniel Lau, Mr. Adriel, Miss Ang Nooi Hoay, Miss Huong Yu Wan, Miss Ang Yeu Sheng, Miss Saw Chean Ying, Miss Ho Yun Ying, and Miss Jessica Tan, thanks for attending the celebration and making it such a happening night.

I am looking forward to another memorable celebration full of joy and enthusiasm.

Ng Chau Wang
May Birthday Celebration Committee 2007

Sunday, May 06, 2007

intro to mahjong + Justina's birthday

We played mahjong before Justina's birthday celebration on Friday night. Daniel brought the whole set of mahjong from home as we requested and we went to the Farrer small common room to play. He was the pro, Cheng Khoon, Yeu Sheng, Calvin and Ryan knew the basics while Yun Ying, Nooi Hoay, Chau Wang and me did not know anything about mahjong. We were there to learn. Daniel started off by explaning to us the rules and tiles...Yun Ying and me were like 'OMG so many things to know...'

We played for an hour plus till the rest of the people arrived. Someone said that Justina would be coming at 11.45pm. We kept all the mahjong tiles before we got addicted to playing and forgot about the celebration, then switched off all the lights and sat on the benches against the wall (some sat on the floor). We waited for some time till she turned up, led by Shea Chuen who opened the door. It was really pitch black, we could see them but they couldn't see us. Justina said, '有人..' Then we laughed and sang 'Happy Birthday' song to her. After cutting and distributing the cake, the fun part began. First, Yeu Sheng gave Justina a piece of paper and asked her to read out what was written. (it is confidential...) After that we had the present-giving ceremony. The birthday girl got a big card made by Yu Wan and some presents, but we knew that she would certainly love that present (haha).

Happy birthday, Justina =)

You no longer have a '1' in front of your age, hehe...

p/s: It's May! The start of the chain of birthdays this month in our gang...

Friday, May 04, 2007

why didn't the bus stop?!

Yesterday I had an appointment at Monash Medical Centre (MMC). It's at 11.45am and I had to skip anatomy practical class. Well, in my mind, I had the thought of how to get there: go to bus loop, take the 703 bus to Middle Brighton, then go to MMC level 3, after the appointment, take 703 bus to Blackburn back to bus loop and back to campus. Easy, right? turned out that I wasted a lot of time travelling than usual.

It was when I came out of MMC and was walking toward the bus stop at the opposite. There was a bus which just went like 2 or 3 seconds ago. I made hand signals to the bus driver and 'asked' if he could stop so I would get back to campus earlier. He shook his head. Oh well, the bus was already on the move anyway so I didn't mind. Wait for the next bus, I thought. That time was 12.15pm. The timetable showed that the bus would come at 12.35pm. 2o minutes...hmm...

At 12.35pm I saw the sight of the bus. I stood up and was prepared for the bus to stop so I could get up, but the bus just went off without stopping!!! I was like, WHAT?!! Another girl who was waiting for it to stop was surprised too. 'Are we supposed to wave our hands??' I asked. I didn't see that there's any sign that said we should hail the bus. Feeling annoyed, I took a look at the timetable again...the next bus would come at 12.54pm. Oh no...another 20+ minutes to wait...and I hadn't even had my lunch! Sigh...

Finally the bus came, and THIS time I got on the bus, went back campus, had my lunch while chatting with Jason and his friends and got late to Home tutorial for half an hour, which was okay coz the tutor knew I would be late. Haha~