Wednesday, July 25, 2007

3 different girls

Her voice asking for presents sounded sweet and it's funny that I didn't find it demanding. It's like a little sweet child asking for something she wanted with a pure heart. I didn't find it a burden or under pressure to search for nice gifts, probably because I felt that it's still quite a few months till I meet her.

It's that instant that I realised I miss her so much when I heard her voice.

What about you, penguin?


I challenged her to hold a balloon to uni - to lectures and tutorials. It's because last weekend she said that she liked balloons and would like to decorate her room with them. So I brought a yellow balloon for her this morning and made her hold it all the way to uni. It's just a fifteen minutes walk and it's a relief for her that there were not many people around in the morning. Halfway to campus, she said, ‘喂,我还要做医生的叻!’She kept asking me whether she could release the air from the balloon but I firmly said no. I told her that she should tie her hair into ponytails so that she would look more like a little girl with the balloon in her hand. =P As we were reaching the R1 lecture theatre, many students who had finished attending their lectures there came out - it was like a whole swarm of bees racing out of the round-shape building. Luckily no one stared at her...haha!

Thank you for your courage, er jie =D

I'll bring some more balloons tomorrow and the next few days...


After the tutorial this morning, I went to campus centre to buy my lunch. I stood in front of the Peri-peri Chicken shop and noticed a girl there - she looked kinda cool wearing that cap with such a pretty face. Wait, she looked like someone familiar. I looked straight into her eyes, and...oh she winked at me!

It's Janet!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

iNterestiNg weekeNd!!!

It has been an interesting weekend! On Friday afternoon while we were having our lunch break, Chean Ying and I decided to stay overnight at College Square in the city. Earlier on I had the thought of spending one night at Amelene's place but I didn't want to come back alone the next day. Since Chean Ying shared the same thought, and so, yeah we went together! (Our 2nd 'dating'...the first was when we went to Oakleigh =P)

As usual, we took the bus and then train from Huntingdale station to Melbourne Central. The train stopped for quite a while at Flinders Street station and we were supposed to reach College Square at around 7.15pm but ended up reaching there around 8pm. We stayed a while at Melbourne Central to buy a dozen of Krispy Kremes! Yummy~ sweet sweet doughnuts! We then took tram to Lygon Street and walked straight up to College Square. This was the second time I had to take tram myself (with Chean Ying) without following anyone. And I was like asking her, 'Do you know which direction is the State Library? We have to take the tram from there.' She was like, 'This one?' And we walked a few steps till I realised it didn't seem like the street I used to walk, so I took another left turn and reached the tram stop in front of the State Library. Then I asked her, 'Do you know which number we should take?' She said, 'No' and I told her it's either 1 or 8. (I remembered 8 and knew the other one was 1 after confirmed with Amelene). 'Remember that time you can travel on your own to Zhi Han's place!' She was saying that she planned to go to College Square on her own if no one was going to stay overnight. I asked, 'How are you going to get there if you don't know which tram to take and which direction?' 'Well...just call Ling Sing or Zhi Han and ask lo...' She said with innocent eyes. 'Har...haiyo...okay now I teach you better remember...' Suddenly I feel that I am independent after all =P

Upon reaching College Square, I called Amelene to come down and open the door for us with her card. We then went upstairs to Zhi Han's room to eat dinner together. Zhi Han, Daphne, Ling Sing and Esther were already waiting for us with hungry stomachs. Chean Ying and I hid the Krispy Kremes under Zhi Han's study desk. Nobody seemed to realise its presence, which was a good thing. Daphne, Esther and Amelene ate while watching DVD while the rest 4 of us sat at the table enjoying our food. 'Bayam!!! My favourite vegie...' Chean Ying exclaimed. Ling Sing look puzzled and said, 'Bayam? I thought this is spinach?' 'Bayam and spinach not the same one meh?' 'Har...same meh?' Although it was just a random convesation, it's these small details that make it so much fun to eat together with friends. Especially dinner prepared by your friends =D

After dinner and washing up the plates, Chean Ying and I made eye contact - we then decided to take the Krispy Kremes up to the table. 'Wow...' 'Come and eat la' I told the 3 gals who had eyes glued to the TV. Too bad we forgot to take the picture of the dozen of assorted doughnuts =( It's so colourful and tempting..

It's about 9.30pm when we were about to get ready to go out. Zhi Han, Ling Sing, Chean Ying and I went to IMAX to buy tickets for the Harry Potter movie for the next day. On the way back, we passed by a playground and Chean Ying got so excited about it - yes we went to the playground to play! We also went to Borders - I wanted to pre-order the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - then to Safeway to buy Sprite for Daphne plus some other stuff. It was almost 11pm by the time we got back to College Square. Amelene and I then went to sauna as had planned. Woooooo~ it's warm, not too hot, and nice...that's the first time I went to sauna~ After about an hour there, we went back to her room, took bath and slept.

The next morning (Saturday), we woke up at 10am, got ready and walked to IMAX (again!) to buy one ticket (apparently Ryan forgot that the total tickets to be bought was supposed to be 7 and he told us 6 =.=). We then took the free tourist shuttle bus to Queen Victoria Market, walked around to see souvenirs, jackets and clothes. I had my lunch there as Amelene was going to her friend's barbecue party at 1pm. After lunch, we took tram back to Lygon Street (it's weird that all the machines to validate the Metcard on the tram were closed, so we got a free ride back). I went down at a stop earlier than Amelene to go to Borders to get my copy of the HP book. There was a line of long queue to the reception to pay for the book - but not too long coz I only had to wait for about 15 minutes. I heard that it was far more crowded in the morning, the queue extended to the road outside! Anyway, I also got a free beanie white owl coz I pre-order the book! Wheeee~ it's so cute, looks like Hedwig! (By the way, that book cost me $29.95).

While waiting for the other friends to watch the movie at IMAX, I grabbed a book and started to read it but was feeling drowsy. There were some people dressed up like witches and wizards at Borders but I guess the atmosphere wasn't that meriah, probably coz there's not many children of HP fans around.

Finally at a few minutes past 3pm, Ryan and Phik Lun arrived by tram. I led the way to IMAX and we were like rushing there coz according to Yun Ying, there was a long queue waiting to get into the theatre (it's free seating and we had to go in early to choose seats to have a better view). The world's largest screen is at IMAX in Melbourne! Wheee! The screen was really large and the 3D specs were so cool! That was my first time watching a 3D movie =D

The 3D specs

It was already 6pm by the time we finished watching the movie. We had dinner at Univesal Pizza at Lygon. The best part of eating out with friends is that you can share and try out other kinds of foods served in the restaurant! Imagine if you are eating alone and all you get to eat is that food you ordered. That's why I love eating out with friends...sharing is caring (Deakin's Sayang Group motto). Oh, Chean Ying was holding a balloon all the way (yes even when we were having our dinner!) in her hand. It read '#1 HARRY FAN'! I was saying, 'you didn't even read the books how can you say that you are a Harry fan? So give me the balloon =P' and she said, 'yerrr, don't want...' And while in the train going back I imitated Yu Wan's style and told her, '一个气球都可以弄到你这么开心,你真的很可爱’..haha!

Future doctor??

T ag Ag ain

I just realised that I got tagged by Chien last week!

The instructions are so:
  1. Put your music player on shuffle.
  2. Press forward for each question.
  3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. No cheating.
  4. With the answers, give your own comments on how they relate to the questions.
  5. Tag 5 people.

What time did you sleep yesterday?

NSYNC - Girlfriend

Hello...this really doesn't make sense =.=

How do you want your life to be?

NSYNC - God must have spent a little more time on you

Hmmmm...give me a little more time?

What do you feel like eating?

Goong OST - Perhaps Love

Eating? Love?

How're you feeling right now?

Goong OST - Give Me A Little Try

Yes yes!

What will you do if you see fake monks coming towards you?

Goong OST - Crystal Flower

Well...give them a crystal flower so that I can escape from them? Haha =P

Describe your dad with one word.

Goong OST - A Dancing Teddy


Which christian name do you dislike?

Wo De Jiao Ao

Dunno what song is this.

What do you feel like doing now?

Ai hui lai

Huh? Love will come back??

What does your boyfriend like?

Lin Yu Zhong - gong ti bei

Ermmm, I don't have a boyfriend!

What do you need on a rainy day?

zai jian

Why would I need a 'goodbye' on a rainy day?

When will you cry?

4 In Love - Yi qian ling yi ge yuan wang

1001 wishes? Hmm...cry coz they are not fulfilled?

Where do you most likely will not go?

7 Flowers & 183 Club - Maze

Well sure not a maze! (Finally, an answer that make sense)

What do you want your dad to say to you whenever you request for something?

wo bu shi ta

'I'm not him/her' --> what is this supposed to mean?

Where are you now?

I Do (Cherish You)


Tag 5 person: Nobody! Coz this is not so fun...My music player is not quite random coz it plays songs according to album, and I skip songs which I dunno what's the title.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have my 1st yoga class today!

...and yes it's kinda relaxing. Yoga is my selective this semester and I'm glad that it's held at Monash Sports Centre but the aerobics hall is too cold! I was stretching and shivering at the same time =.=

Today is quite a hectic day as we have class non stop from 8am to 4pm without a lunch break! 2 hours of lecture in the morning, 2 hours of epidemiology tutorial, 2 hours of practical and then 2 hours of selective. Luckily practical ended about 20 minutes earlier and I was able to grab a pizza for lunch. I planned to eat while walking to the sports centre but it started drizzling. So I stopped and took shelter in front of the Religious Centre (though I have a hoodie but I didn't want my food to get wet =P). It's so cold today...

As I was walking down the lane
I smiled to myself
And the rain started pouring down

Monday, July 16, 2007


I created a new blog to post meaningful messages which I have received from past emails and forwarded messages. Check it out if you are free =)

Try this!!

It's a test for medical students to see which field they are most likely to land up in the future!

My results:

Rank Specialty Score
1 pediatrics 41
2 dermatology 41
3 radiation oncology 40
4 med oncology 40
5 general internal med 40
6 nuclear med 40
7 psychiatry 39
8 occupational med 39
9 gastroenterology 39
10 radiology 38
11 physical med & rehabilitation 38
12 neurology 37
13 ophthalmology 37
14 pathology 37
15 endocrinology 37
16 infectious disease 37
17 rheumatology 37
18 colon & rectal surgery 37
19 anesthesiology 37
20 family practice 36
21 emergency med 36
22 aerospace med 36
23 plastic surgery 36
24 urology
35 25 thoracic surgery 35
26 hematology 35
27 cardiology 34
28 preventive med 34
29 general surgery 33
30 obstetrics/gynecology 33
31 neurosurgery 33
32 allergy & immunology 33
33 nephrology 32
34 otolaryngology 32
35 pulmonology 30
36 orthopaedic surgery 28


Back to Uni...

Phewww! Finally that exam was over. Though it's just 5% of the whole year, I didn't know why did I make such a fuss about it - I mean, I was worried to the extent that I lost appetite few days ago and had not been having enough sleep. Perhaps I was feeling guilty that I didn't study much. But don't worry - it's OVER now and I'm back to my normal self again =)

I would like to thank my friends who wish me good luck in the exam, either via online or sms-es. I was feeling stressed (I spent my time watching Korean drama!) for not knowing much of anatomy and biology stuff (in short, EVERYTHING in semester 1) and those messages encouraged me to move on! Thanks people!

And now, 16/7/2007 - it's the beginning..

The beginning of semester 2 - it's going to be more hectic than semester 1;
The beginning of getting to know more of my coursemates now that our PCL groups are different from semester 1;
The beginning of spending my time more wisely;
The beginning of new uni life with more new students;
The beginning of exploring more areas of interest eg around Melbourne city;
The beginning of spending more time doing more fun and enjoyable activities eg cooking, making desserts, playing piano, looking at photos hehehe..
The beginning of being more active in both Friendster and Facebook;
The beginning of watching more dramas (currently my interest is Korean dramas).

p/s: I can't wait for my selective class to start! Wonder how's yoga going to be like =P

Saturday, July 07, 2007


What happened within these few days after I came back from Sydney on 28th June:

1. Conney arrived Melbourne on 27th June and stayed with Yu Wan for 2 days, then moved to my room on 29th morning;

2. Friends from Perth namely Ling Weng, Hsiu Li, Yi Tyeng, Yee Fang, Yijia and Jia Huei arrived on 28th June - Ling Weng stayed in my room from 29th June to 3rd July.

That means from 29th June to 3rd July, Ling Weng and Conney stayed in my room and after the Perth gang left for Sydney on the 4th, Conney stayed with me till today (7th July).

Guess what happened within this period? We surely had lots of fun - it was sort of like a gathering of INTEC friends (from Perth, Tasmania, Sydney) at Melbourne. We had a 'dine-in' dinner on 29th June to welcome our guests, the number of people including us in Monash was about 25! Imagine how our 'chefs' cooked the food (by the way, I planned the menu before the discussion with the chefs =P). It was also during dine-in that Siaw Tze first saw me after we didn't meet each other for about six months. Long six months surely meant a lot - to the extent that she couldn't recognise me! I was standing beside the table, right opposite of the entrance door of the common room while my old pal aka big sis Siaw Tze walked in - past me - straight to the group of girls chit-chatting behind me! Imgaine that! I was staring and looking into her eyes from the moment she stepped into the common room and she didn't even look at me for a second! So teruk....that meant my hair is really long that she could't recognise me after all! She even asked Conney (while standing behind me), 'Who's this person?' =.= I felt! As balasan for her, I purposely didn't want to take her picture with my camera...hehe~ Anyway all of us ate till very full that night and took a group picture! A grand group's grand coz there's so many people!

Food food food

[I still don't have the group picture in my laptop, will upload it later after I get it from my friends.]

On 30th June - the 2nd anniversary of knowing INTEC friends, we went to Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles. It was cold and windy (yes very very very windy!!) It was a day trip organised by the Monash Sports Centre and we went there by bus. It was also the day I saw rainbow so many times in one day! We could see koalas on the way there but they were sleeping high up on the trees. A few of us went for the helicopter ride which cost us at a discounted price of $60, 10 minutes ride above the sky to have a good view of the Twelve Apostles and the coastal line of Great Ocean Road.

Did you see the two rainbows in the sky?

Taken from the helicopter - that island shapes like a seahorse, right?

Group picture - again, not really perfect coz I haven't got the other pictures from other friends.

On 1st of July, I got sick (flu + cough) and didn't go out with my friends to the city. I felt so sick that I didn't go out for 2 days. I stayed in room the whole day, tried to study but my memory was stuck. Couldn't think or remember stuff that I had studied. So I switched to playing games on my laptop while anticipating for them to come back (to accompany me ma..).

On 3rd of July, I was feeling a bit better and so I went out with them to St. Kilda beach. The beach looked small coz there was some construction going on. It was a sunny day, cool and windy! I felt better breathing fresh air and looked good taking pictures =P


The buildings behind made the beach look like it was a beach in the city

3 silly girls trying to act cool - YF, age 19; Conney, age 20; ST, age 21

Act cool again, but YF looked like she was going to laugh =P
(They were like promoting...sunglasses?)

On 4th of July, the Perth gang left for Sydney after a breakfast of pancakes at Deakin - thanks to Calvin and Siaw Tze. Too bad I was still coughing and couldn't eat those pancakes with ice cream. After sending them off, there were no other activities for the day. Conney and I played Super Mario in my room for the whole afternoon!! Haha, it was kinda fun!

We spent the next 2 days shopping - Knox City on 5th and Smith Street on 6th. There were a lot of factory outlets along Smith Street, such as Adidas, Nike, Fila, New Balance, Converse etc. It was a windy, rainny day and I wore the wrong jacket out. I should wear a thicker one! Oh well, I bought a scarf and a cardigan! So happy =)

And so, today - 07/07/07 - Conney went back to Tasmania. This marks the end of my holiday - what I mean is that I should start studying for the coming exam on 16th July and stop enjoying so much.

This long post is brought to you by...


Monday, July 02, 2007

Thank you my friends!

First time got sick in Australia. Flu and cough. At first it was just sore throat, due to the reason that I didn't drink much water and the weather was really cold and dry. However, after the trip to Great Ocean Road, it became worse and developed into cough and running nose. Haizzz. Too bad la, coz my friends are visiting and I can't go out with them. T.T

So I stayed in my room yesterday online-ing and playing computer games. Tried to study but at the end didn't turn a page at all. Can't seem to remember things well. (That's the reason I spent about 2 or 3 hours writing the previous post on Sydney trip). Chean Ying er jie sent me a sms about wanting me to be 快乐 and I'm grateful for that. Later Daniel texted me to announce about MISU Sayang group function that night - watching movie at 11pm. I replied him that I would be going [as long as my flu didn't spread around]. He replied me saying that Yeu Sheng da jie would make a big cup of honey lemon, and again, I felt grateful for that.

During lunch, Zhi Han asked me whether did I take any medication and I said no because I didn't have any. She said that she would buy some for me if she's going out - yes I'm grateful for that too!

At dinner, Yu Wan kept asking me to eat more of the spaghetti because she said that I need more energy. The night before that, she even made a big pot of hot chrysanthemum tea for us to drink the next morning. [It's also from this incident that I realised Hsiu Li eats flowers =P]. I'm grateful that she's always cooking and making stuff for us to eat, such as jelly, red bean soup, breakfast...

Later at night when Ling Weng and Conney came back to my room, I asked them if they were going to watch movie at Deakin and they said they were not coz they were too tired. As I was coughing more frequently, I texted Daniel that I would not be going for the movie because my flu got worse. A few minutes after that, I received a call - it was Chean Ying using Daniel's phone (it was Daniel's pic which appeared when my phone rang and of coz I felt a bit surprised to hear Chean Ying's voice, hehe). She asked, 'Your flu became worse oh?' to which I answered 'Yeah' and she said, 'We make something for you la...[background voice: 人参] Sayang group later you go down and open the door [of your stairway] for us yea..' At that moment I didn't know what to say. I felt grateful to have such friends around =)

When the three of them (Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Daniel) arrived at my door, a thermos flask with a note sticked on it was given to me - it said, 'Get well soon!! From Sayang group. sayang u always' (da jie's handwriting). I was touched and wanted to give them a hug but I didn't do so because it was cold and I felt weak. So you guys remember yea, I owe you people a hug!!

p/s: Thanks Siaw Tze for that xx - but 2 presents mean 2 xx! =P

Sunday, July 01, 2007

S y d n e y T r i P

Pheww! Been busy for the last few days, now finally have a time to blog about the Sydney trip! Reason? Coz I'm down with flu and slight cough with sore didn't go out to city with the Perth gang who are here in Melbourne. What a holiday =.=

Anyway, back to the Sydney trip! Wheeee!

Date: 20/6/2007 - 28/6/2007

1. First of all, ME of course!
2. Nooi Hoay who gets cuter everytime I see her =P
3. Chau Wang who is crazy (but somewhat responsible?) about MISU stuff
4. Yeu Sheng da jie the cam-whoring queen
5. Ryan the cam-whoring king
6. Yun Ying who can't stop singing
7. Chean Ying whose 'house' is everywhere
8. Zhi Han doraemon
9. Ling Sing who seems to be my assistant (teasing people, holding umbrella for me while I took photos etc)

1. Ah Wong
2. Sze Ching
3. Wen Jun, Yoke Heng, Chong Wee, Yee Hong (same house near UNSW)
4. Quanyie, Yoong Wai, Selina, Chia Ling, Chean Yeaw (same house near Macquarie)
5. Audrey, Wan Mit
6. Weai Jiet

People we met:
1. The hosts of course!
2. Victor
3. Ru Xing
4. Yun Ying's friends from Sunway College
5. Nathaniel

Places visited:
1. Sydney Opera House + bridge
2. Circular Quay
4. Darling Harbour
5. National Maritime Museum
6. QVB (Queen Victoria Building)
7. Macquarie University
8. Royal Botanical Gardens
9. Chinatown
10. Featherdale Wildlife Park
11. Blue Mountains
12. Taronga Zoo
13. Nan Tien Si Temple
14. Bondi beach
15. University of Sydney

Some interesting details:
1. Itu 杨智涵学会自拍了!
2. Itu 翎欣的‘围巾’(她说:“围巾是一个很好的礼物”,我们听成“我已经是一个很好的礼物”!)和有‘女人味’的‘舒服嘛’(现在想起来还是有鸡皮疙瘩)
3. 妮蕙真的越来越可爱了!笑得真灿烂~要学习自拍哦!
4. 拉人和阿Wong两个‘两小无猜’……呵呵
5. 怎么悉尼男子头发都这么长!
6. 宇声大姐果然差不多每时每刻都在自拍(不可以不写‘差不多’,免得她打我)
7. 我学会玩poker了!
8. Quanyie 整天讲她脸像大便 =.=
9. 倩颍家(女厕所)四处都有!(男厕叫倩颍邻居的家)=P
10. 杨智涵真的什么动物都怕……羊也怕!
11. 我们在Sze Ching 家BBQ 过后玩PS2 玩了一个晚上!
12. 因为买错zone卡所以战战兢兢的搭巴士回Macquarie (四个晚上)要知道,一被发现就要罚款$200!

13. 悉尼城市很多栋高楼,夜景很美!
14. 我们之间的话题很多时候是……吃!!

15. Fried Mars Bar at Bondi beach...yum yum yum!!

16. 妮蕙的生日会好好玩!多谢倩颍姐绑给她的头发和那橙色的围巾!

Did I miss out any details?


Star again

Guess who~!

Yeu Sheng must be thinking: won't it be perfect if this is a guy's shoulder =P

Eskimo at beach calling for help

Are you this attentive during lectures? =P