Saturday, January 23, 2010


Should I apologise for the lack of updates despite no one pestering me to update? Haha..anyway, was supposed to blog about the trip to Macau & Hong Kong but poor internet connection didn't allow me to post up pictures on my blog, hence I'll just skip that post then unless I have any request from people to blog about it =P

Went to KL last week to do elective placement and to meet up some's always comfortable to spend time with familiar faces, we can really talk for hours and hours if not for the classes and work the next morning that we have to attend to.

'stole' this pic from Facebook...Grace, Li Ping, me and Adilah at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid

Li Shan, Ker Yung, me

with the girls (ehhh except Michelle who was the photographer)

Thanks guys for turning up for the dinner at The Gardens (and supper - thanks Ker Yung for belanja-ing us!), I know you all stay quite a distance away but still made the effort to come =) I feel special now hahaha! (note to Ai Wei: I think I can tell the others how to 'threaten' you to come next time in case you ffk again, hehe)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas BBQ party

It's been a while since I updated my blog...coz it's holidays and I'm lazy...erm actually it's coz nobody kacau me to update =P Let's start off with what happened on Christmas Day last year....Miss Perfect Lady Loo 'Wan Mei' organised a BBQ party at my house! We went to Tesco in the morning to buy the ingredients without Sze Ping who 放飞机 coz she was still asleep =.= Yun's mum bought the chicken drumsticks and chicken wings from the big market for us, and all the chickens went through slimming process for 3 hours at 许家抽脂中心 and so they were all 'low-fat' chicken =P

Chui Shen aka 完美小姐, Ai Wei, Chien, me and Yun

After BBQ-ing till about 11pm, we started cleaning up...washing plates, throwing rubbish, keeping tables and chairs, washing the floor and the BBQ set...good work everyone =P Then we went indoors for cakes and wine =D

Li Shan bought this cute cake from KL - she just landed in KB on that very day and came to my house right away for the BBQ...well to BBQ chicken for people =P (名言:丽珊BBQ的鸡最好吃!)

LUCKY guy! (and the youngest)

That was the best Christmas party I've ever had =D