Saturday, July 29, 2006

S p e e d

So here I am at my relative's house, using the phone line and my dad's Jaring account (since mine already expired long time ago) to go online. It's been a few days since I can get online 'smoothly' due to the poor/stupid wireless connection at hostel. 'No/Limited connectivity!!' What is this?? The pole is so near to my block and you tell me 'no connectivity'? Grrrr..

Can't wait to go back home to use that Streamyx was just set up recently in my house. Guess my sis must be real happy to use that super fast connection which she had not experienced before.. Like, click a link and you'll get to that link in a few seconds or a minute.. unlike last time, have to wait for a few minutes and you'd have to refresh the page again if it's 'not available'..

How important speed is.

Monday, July 24, 2006

W h y

CY- Cheah Yen
ST- Siaw Tze

In Chemistry class today...

Me: Lazy to copy the notes la.. textbook also got one.. want to copy or not ah?
CY: Copy lo.. since nothing else to do..
Me: OK.. (turn to ST) it's the same as in textbook..
ST: Same one? Then I don't want to copy la..
Me: Copy la.. if you don't copy you'll sure fell asleep one..
ST: (thinking) Why do humans fell asleep?
Me: Coz humans know how to feel tired.
ST: Why do humans know how to feel tired?
Me: =.= Coz.. we use energy everyday!
ST: Use energy..? Hmm.. Then why do humans eat?
Me: Coz humans get hungry.
ST: Why when humans get hungry, they know how to eat to gain energy? Like in the stone-age time, why do those people know how to search for food? Why do they drink water?
Me: (irritated) haiyo.. Humans eat coz hungry la! Humans know how to think! Why do you ask so many questions?!
ST: Why do we know how to think?
Me: Coz we have brains.
ST: Then what about animals?
Me: OK then it's because we are the higher-level ones..
ST: What do you mean higher-level? What about ants? When you block their path, they know how to crawl on the other side. Means they know how to think la?
Me: Ya ho.. like bees.. when they have found honey (flowers) they would fly in a 'S' or '8' path to show other bees the exact location of the flowers..
ST: Then do animals know how to think??
Me: (continue to copy notes, ignoring ST)
ST: Why do children learn things so fast? Like, they are fast in learning languages.
Me: Coz their minds are not filled up with knowledge yet.. still blank.. so they learn things easily.
ST: Don't they ask questions when you teach them?
Me: They don't know how to ask...? Or they don't know how to think to ask..
ST: Why not? You see.. those babies, they know how to cry when they are hungry..
Me: (kekdao) You'll know when you become a mum.
ST: Then I'll force.. ask my children why don't they ask questions when I teach them to learn things. 'Why don't you ask questions?!' Haha..
Me: They'll be scared of their mum who's so weird! =P They'll go 'why is our mum like that??'
ST: (laughs)

After Chemistry, preparing to leave for ESLS class..

ST: Do animals know how to think?? What's the difference between human's brain and animal's brain? They are made of the same material..
Me: (kekdao) Dunno! Go search encyclopedia or what la.. (walks away to my ESLS class)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A n g e L

Took a Tickle test called 'What's your goddess identity?'. And my result was 'You're an Angel!' Woohoo~ and the explanation of my result:

Just like the haloed and winged guardians of good, you truly have a heart of gold, sweet Angel. Whenever there's a chance to pitch in, save the day or just make life easier for the people around you, you're the one for the job.

You don't just jump in without planning - you use your angelic head to figure out how to do things right the first time, like only the most dependable goddesses can. Whether brainstorming a new solution to a problem, planning a surprise party for your parents, or lending your friends a wing to cry one, you've got the right instincts, so follow them whenever you can. As natural as it is for you to take care of the people around you, don't forget to treat yourself right, too. The best friendships, and loves, of a lifetime tend to blossom when you become your own guardian angel.

So don't listen to those who say nice girls finish last. People have always seen you as a goddess of thoughtfulness and good intentions, and it hasn't slowed you down a bit. All in all, Angel, you've got it made with your glowing attitude and ability to see from on high. So get out there and change the world!


Hmm, I thought... when you become your own guardian angel.. when I become my own guardian angel?? What does it mean? I'm thinking of Angelene who's been my guardian angel since secondary school. She's always so sweet and nice, and capable of providing encouragement and comfort to those around her who need it. She told me that she's my God-sent angel (just like the word Angel in her name!) who'll always be there for me whenever I need it. She made me realise what sort of person I am, and she showed me the wonders of a great friendship as she showered me with her care and love. I appreciate everything that she did--listening to me crapping, admiring my work, helping me in Chinese, keeping me company and making funny actions in tuition.. It's those small things that made our friendship blossomed. As a saying goes, 'Friendship is made up of a million little things' (some sort like that, I can't remember the whole sentence). And she's the only one who asks me whether do I have any prayer request. =)

Awww.... I miss her so much. Haven't seen her for months though she's staying near to my relative's house in Sri Petaling >.<

Saturday, July 22, 2006

* A n a l y s e *

Today's Friendster horoscope for Virgo:
Look at any conflicts from an impersonal point of view. Remove your own emotions.

Stick to the facts today---logic and emotionless criticism are the only way to go. Some smart folks have been telling you that you must put a piece of yourself into everything you do, but today you need to remove your emotions from the equation. Your perspective is important and valid, but it isn't relevant to what's going on right now. It may also cause you to focus on stuff that isn't important to anyone else but you. Put yourself in other people's shoes today.


Sometimes things just don't come our way, not as we expected. When friends feel down, all I wish to do is to comfort them and be there for them. I want them to feel that they're still cared and loved, and that their state of depression actually worries me A LOT. I admit, I'm not good at expressing my feelings out, but the least I can do is to listen to their problems with all ears and understand their situation. Yet this is not always the case. I'd always hope that the people around me to be happy and joyful, but recent events suggested that perhaps my thought is just way too impossible.

There are times when people sort of misunderstand me because of my shyness. I just don't know why I'm not 'sporting' enough to show my thinking and emotions. I tend to keep them to myself. Is it the nature of a Virgo? Or is it because I always hesitate when I want to show my feelings? I wonder.

A dear friend of mine mentioned to me that I seldom praise people. I gave it a deep thought. I was thinking about the movie I Not Stupid 2 again. 'When was the last time you praised people?' I don't know. I'm just too bad at describing people and things. That's the reason why I don't like writing stories. I prefer writing factual essays using die-hard facts and reasonable explanation. I just don't have those flowery words and well-structured sentences in my mind to make stories flow like silver waves. And gosh, to think that I can't remember the last time I said 'you look pretty today' to any of my friends! That's kinda terrible. Sigh... I think I'll praise people more next time. To make people happy =P

I used to think that I am the listener, adviser/problem solver among my circle of friends. Even though I'm the youngest. *winks* Till now I still hold that role and I appreciate that my friends turned to me to share their problems with me. I gained experience from their problems, and I gained insight into how to solve problems better each time. I did learn a lot from my 'job/responsibility'. And I still need to learn.

p/s:I think I'm crapping this time..

Friday, July 21, 2006

Kinda sick of the poor wireless connection in hostel. Everyone here sure knows that..

Monday, July 17, 2006

d o u l o s + b o n . o d o r i

Went to Port Klang last Saturday afternoon to see the big ship MV Doulos with my dad and 3 friends namely Siaw Tze, Kia Miang and Ling Sing. There was a bookfair and it was really hot and humid as Angelene mentioned in her blog. I bought two books, one romance novel and an inspirational-kind of book. There were lots of international volunteers on board. According to Su Fei, we could try out some Korean costumes below the deck but we could not find any access to go down. All we saw was the 'No Entry' sign. Sigh..

Kinda lazy to blog I'd just put some photos we took~

me & Kia Miang in front of the ship

with some of the volunteers...ST looked so kekok beside 'her' handsome Hollander =P

There's hand painting outside the but we didn't do any.

Well, at about 4 something we left the ship and headed back to Shah Alam...not to Section 18 (hostel) but Section 21. There's this Bon Odori Japanese Carnival held at the Panasonic Sports Complex (Masushita Sports Centre), and we were the first few to go in!! Woohoo~ Each of us got a paper fan. There were lots of Japanese food and many people wore kimono, including locals.

with a Japanese woman~

Well...there's a photo that I would like to upload but it seemed that there's a till next time then, hehe!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Last Wednesday we had mashed potato, fried chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. I prepared the mashed potato while Amelene fried the small pieces of chicken leg and dumped the vegetables in the rice cooker for the soup, which Kia Miang had washed and cut earlier before she went jogging. Siaw Tze was supposed to come and help us at 5pm but due to some unknown reasons she didn't. Never mind, we thought.. there's still one last job for her to do.. WASHING the plates!! =P

We finished preparing the food at about 6pm. I misscalled Siaw Tze to ask her to come and eat. Few minutes later she turned up at my door, saying, "So nice.. I can even smell the chicken from ground floor downstairs!!" Amelene said, "Of couse lah, I cooked one ma... You have to see who's the cook!" I faced Siaw Tze and told her that she had to wash ALL the plates after eating. "Yerr.. Don't want.. Later I have tutorial practice.. No time to wash.." was what she answered. "I don't care~" I said playfully. She excused herself and said that she wanted to take her bath first, had her materials for tutorial photocopied, then only come and join us for dinner. We said OK and waited for her..but we were so hungry, so we ate first. The mashed potato and fried chicken were marvellous.. and the soup, too. There were 9 pieces of chicken, and Amelene who initially didn't want to eat because she had a sore throat, said that she wanted one piece.. So I ushered her to take one. I took 2 pieces for myself, and left 6 for Kia Miang and Siaw Tze, 3 pieces each.

Amelene: Oopps.. I took one already and you only have two to eat.. why not you take one more, give Siaw Tze two pieces only since she didn't do any work..

Me: Never mind lah..Give her 3 pieces..It's OK..

Amelene: Waahh, you very sayang her noh..

Me: =^_^= *smiles*

SEE?! I sayang her so you know that, big sis?? =P

Anyway she did wash up all the plates after dinner. For goodness's sake.

A r g h h h .

Went to campus this morning just for Issue Analysis which would take ten minutes. After that I had no class except 3-5 Math class in the afternoon.

My turn would be at 9.20am. As I was heading to Mr Lokman's office at Block F, I saw two of me ESLS classmates. And they said, "IA cancelled. He doesn't have the tapes for recording."

How surprised I was!! I quickly said, "Eh, betul ke? Jangan tipulah.."

Jameela said, "Yalah, mana ada tipu..tak ada IA..ours maybe next week." I turned to my other classmate and said, "Arghh...wasted my time here...I don't have class after this!!" And she told me the same thing, "I also don't have class!"

So we went to cafetaria for food. Met Roger and Yoong Wai and told them the news. Yoong Wai exclaimed, "What?! Arghh...Wasted my effort in preparing the whole thing.." (his notes were very detailed and long compared to mine). Roger was laughing because he, too, like me, did not prepare as detailed as Yoong Wai did but just wrote out the points and our notes were quite short. Hahaha...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

G r a d u a t i o n

Yes, it's graduation day today. We haven't completed our studies, not even had our finals and yet we graduated today. Weird huh? That's what the valedictorian Amir said in his speech which was described as beautiful and inspiring by the director of INTEC. wow...

Each and everyone of us went up on stage, one by one, to receive a scroll which was red colour with golden ribbon. I liked it..notice why I use liked instead of like? Here's the reason: We were not supposed to take back the scroll. When we went down the stage and out of the hall, we had to put back the scroll in a box.. =.=

Many people wore beautifully to campus today. Christine and Puai Yee even bought new baju kurung! And I heard Christine bought her baju kurung and shoes for about RM170! She's really the shopping queen~

And here's some photos we took...

Amanda the violin girl and me

ESLS class Yanchep (read young chap, hahaha)

= us girls =


Thursday, July 06, 2006

M o d e l s ~

I have some friends who have the potential to go modelling.
They are like advertising hair shampoo in a somewhat devilish way. Hahaha =P

This is Yeu Sheng...get bewitched!

And this is Ling Sing...she looked so happy huh! =P

Chean Ying, felt so contented is it?? Hehehe...

Ru this is cool~

Hmm...Siaw Tze! I love this one =)

This is Siew Ting with her smooth long hair...

From another angle... ^_^

Ooppss...Looks like I forgot someone...and she's crying!

Poor dear Amelene.


No offence gals...I just wanna bring joy and laughter =D

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

P h e w w . . .

Finally that Monash interview was over. My interview was at 2.30pm, and in the morning I was actually feeling calm as usual...until when it was lunch time about 1pm I started to feel nervous. My mind kept popping up those answers to the possible questions that the interviewers might ask. As I sat in class thinking nothing, Siaw Tze started to kacau me by singing those songs (sounds) that always accompany those scenes in cartoon where the character is going to do some dangerous I suddenly remembered that it's the Pink Panther's song. Later my roommie Amelene came in and asked whether I had prepared well. She told me some questions that she heard from other interviewees, then started making jokes which made us laugh (but she herself laughed the loudest). Cheah Yen was also laughing and she said it seemed that Amelene was more nervous than me. Hahaha... Siew Ting also came to join us. We discussed some possible questions and they suggested some answers for me. Thanks gals!!

At 2pm I left my classroom and headed straight to Block V with good-luck-wishes from my friends and my self-confidence. Waiting seemed longer than usual especially when I had nothing to do except WAITING. I browsed through the Monash University brochures on the table beside me, talked with Justina for a while, and spent my time away looking at the lecturers and officers walking in and out of the office. As I got tired of waiting, Joanne came out of the interview room feeling so relieved. And I thought, oh it's my turn now. 5 minutes later one of the interviewers came out and called my name, so I went in, shook hands with the two friendly and nice interviewers (one man and one lady) and took my seat. Funny that I was not feeling nervous anymore. =)

Halfway through the interview, when it was the man's turn to ask me questions on a reading passage, I realised that the woman was feeling sleepy...her eyelids seemed so heavy that she kept closing her eyes and trying to be as awake as possible at the same time!!

Half an hour later the man announced the words that I wanted to hear: 'This is the end of the interview.' Hehe... I was so happy when the lady said that it's nice talking to me~ =P

Sunday, July 02, 2006

1st A n n i v e r s a r y ...

Yesterday (30/6/2006) was the first anniversary of my friendship with the friends I made in INTEC. We planned to go to eat sushi at Subang to celebrate but changed our mind instead when we reached there. The 10 of us went to eat at Nando's at Subang Parade. It had been quite some time since I last went out with so many friends (more than 5). It's such a pity that big sis didn't join us, but we did enjoy ourselves anyway. I noticed that there were some of us who were wearing shirts with the same colour: Yu Wan, Puai Yee and Christine were wearing pink, Josephine and Esther in red, me and Ling Weng in green, Siew Ting and Doreen in orange...except for Amelene the odd one in purple. =P

While waiting for our orders to come, we started taking photos...our nature, hehe. ST was so bored that she started taking pictures of things in the restaurant...tissue and the menu! And she even took a picture of the sparkling apple she ordered.

Nando's tissue...the hearts are cute~

me & Siew Ting (look at her cheeks)

Doreen & Josephine's turn! They looked so cute =P

In pink: Puai Yee, Christine, Yu Wan

So finally our food came..we gobbled up everything, it was simply delicious!! hehe...

Hope we can go out to eat again other time...perhaps next weekend? =D

Oh ya, happy 1st anniversary, my dear friends...