Wednesday, October 25, 2006

y e a h r i g h t .

Part of our conversation...

~ChI3n~ says:
we are so close that we can even talk about our shits

~ChI3n~ says:

*JeSSica* says:
if u dare to say we're not close

*JeSSica* says:
i'll kill u

*JeSSica* says:

~ChI3n~ says:
luckily i dont dare

Sunday, October 22, 2006

* g a s p s *

Found some of these while browsing through the photos in my laptop.

The label ‘dead fish’ was written by my sister, together with the drawing. That was a kind of food you can find during moon cake festival and is not called a dead fish! It’s cute anyway =)

Some of the meat together with the rice bought from Ayamas. It’s actually called ‘honey chicken’ or something like that, but it looked more like ‘char siew’ (pork) to me… =P

p i c s

Well, I dunno why I can't upload any pics to the previous post ' d i n n e r' , so I have to create a new post for these. =.=

The Japanese food in Hilton Hotel...raw fish meat + sotong..

Below: desserts!!!! very nice + creamy... chocolate and cheese...

Pink and orange colour drinks! Each person 2 glasses of these..hehe..

The nice-coloured ice cream but not nice to eat. >.<

This is amazing...big big oysters and prawns all on ice! Oh, they're cooked =)

a u s s i e 5 !

Since starting of this year, I have been viewing my classroom as a kindergarten classroom due to the decoration left by our seniors from Hawkesbury class AUSMAT 16. My classmates did not do any decoration or changes to the decoration left by our seniors, so all the things I’m going to describe are the seniors’ pieces of art work.

See this? This is a paper-made koala bear on the wall at the left side of the whiteboard. I recalled the first day I stepped into the classroom and sat at my seat which is to the right side of the class and is of quite a distance from the koala. Both Siaw Tze and me, being short-sighted and not wearing our specks that time, saw the koala from our seats and thought that it was some kind of rubbish. Cannot see clearly ma. It was till a few days later that we realised it’s a koala! Paise paise…

The river of knowledge’. Actually below these words there’re some more words to form a nice sentence, but then they were all removed by some workers who came to our class to place the boards (like the one below the word ‘knowledge’). Oh ya, see the flag sticking out from the ceiling? There’re lots of Australia and New Zealand flags sticking on our ceiling…cool right?

This is the sea with some fish on the wall at both sides of our classroom. Fish kissing eh? Haha… what do you think?

Ducks in front of bushes holding the sign ‘Hawkesbury’ at the back of our classroom. Some parts missing, though… the duck is cute =)

So that’s all about the decorations in my classroom. Now do you agree with me that it really looks like a kindergarten classroom?

p/s: the door of my classroom is also decorated with shining metallic blue colour paper!

Friday, October 20, 2006

cockroaches.... E W W W!!!

Siew Ting went back Marudi yesterday at the wee hours of the morning. Her flight was at 7.25am. She called the taxi driver to pick her up at 4.30am to go to the airport. However, when it was 10 minutes to 4.30am, she was still not at her block downstairs. Ling Sing, who was to help her carry luggage, was already down there at her block. She called Siew Ting’s phone but then as the phone was outside of her room, Siew Ting did not pick up her call. So Ling Sing called Siaw Tze instead. Siaw Tze, being blur (as always) and shocked by the sudden ringing of her phone, picked up the call and said ‘hello…’ while Ling Sing blurted into the phone, ‘Siew Ting woke up already or not?’ Siaw Tze was puzzled (still blur that time) kept on saying ‘hello…’ and Ling Sing replied with ‘hello’, and this continued for about 6 or 7 times ‘hello’! Luckily she realised that it was late already, and just then Siew Ting rushed out of the room, got ready and left. ‘luckily got ling sing’(Siew Ting 2006). If not she wouldn’t be in time to board the plane! The reason she woke up late was that she stopped the ringing of her alarm clock which was set at 4am I think, and went back to sleep. Haha =P

Later at night Siaw Tze sms-ed me. ‘Yo… lonely gal… alone now? Wanna come to sleep with me? I mean on st’s bed la... haha... want want?’ I replied her, then she persuaded with me with her second sms saying something like ‘…u come here la.. don argue with mummy o.. come come…’ Well I thought, OK then, since both of us would be alone in our rooms. So I brought my toothbrush and toothpaste, some math exercise and graphic calculator to her place. Chean Ying was quite surprised when I arrived at her door, apparently Siaw Tze did not tell her that I was sleeping over at her place. Chean Ying said, ‘Har? Siaw Tze scared to sleep alone is it?’ Hahaha!!! I went in and sat at Siew Ting’s desk to do the math exercise. Siaw Tze was doing some biology exercise while Chean Ying was doing some chemistry exercise. Just then Christine came and gave me my birthday present, which she said should give me one month ago, hehe! She gave me a nice pink photo frame and a bottle with tiny scrolls in which she wrote some wishes and nice sentences. So romantic la…haha…I love them so much! Thanks ya Christine!

After Christine left the whole room became quiet again as we concentrated on our work. Then we realised that she left her phone on Siew Ting’s desk. So I sms-ed Puai Yee to call Christine to come back for her phone, to which she replied, ‘Haha.. she screamed with anger just now.. haha..’ no doubt for it as she had to climb to the 5th floor again! So she came, took her phone and left for the second time. The whole room resumed its quietness (like so scary la so quiet). Suddenly Siaw Tze screamed at the top of her lungs. I was so startled that I quickly stood up and jumped away from the chair. ‘COCKROACH!!!’ She screamed, while rushing to hide behind the door of her bedroom. Chean Ying also moved away from her desk as the cockroach was crawling at the side of her desk. She went to Ling Sing’s room to borrow Shieldtox and sprayed it to the cockroach which was moving into Siaw Tze’s room. Eventually it became dizzy and passed out behind the door. Siaw Tze was already holding a broom and a dustpan, ordering me to sweep away the deadly cockroach. ‘You come and sweep la…’ I said. ‘No la no la, you sweep la…’ She said in a timid way. Sambil menggeleng-geleng kepala I took the broom from her and swept the creature into the dustpan then threw it into the dustbin at the balcony.

After that we continued with our work. A few minutes later Siaw Tze screamed again while running to hide in her room. Again, both Chean Ying and I were so surprised because of her sudden screaming. We saw that there was another cockroach crawling on the ceiling near the balcony! ‘Why your place so many cockroaches one?’ I asked. Siaw Tze said, ‘Dunno whether this was the first cockroach or not…’ Just then the brown-black bug flew! As expected, more shouting la. It flew to Ru Xing’s white board, to Siew Ting’s desk and crawled on her water bottle, my eraser, paper and even my phone! ‘Hey that’s my phone la!!!’ I shouted while not knowing any way to chase it away. Chean Ying had newspaper in her hand and Shieldtox in the other. Siaw Tze was on the move – she dialled Ling Sing’s number. ‘Faster can and save us!! Got cockroach!’ She talked into the phone. And our heroine came! ‘Where is it?’ Ling Sing asked. ‘Tuu… beside Siew Ting’s table…’ she took a look and asked for some tissue paper. ‘Tissue?! Why you use tissue??’ I asked. ‘To catch it la!’ Wah, so geng! Catch cockroach with tissue is not something that I would do! Cockroach is just so disgusting! Finally she caught it and showed it playfully to Siaw Tze who was scared of cockroaches, haha… ‘You’re our hero!’ Chean Ying said, she even sms-ed Yeu Sheng and told her what happened. I was laughing non-stop when Chean Ying referred toilet paper as ‘bang sai zhua’ in Hokkien. She took a short video of Ling Sing catching the cockroach. As Siaw Tze and I watched it through her phone, Siaw Tze said, ‘You see people catch with own hands, you should learn from her ma…’ I said, ‘You don’t say people la, why don’t you say yourself, only know how to scream and hide behind the door!’ I wonder why people like HER who is quite big-sized (taller) than us, older than us, has big bones and big handwriting (in short, mostly everything BIG) would be scared of small not-welcomed insect called COCKROACH. Haha! Well I admit that cockroaches are disgusting, but then you don’t have to SCREAM when you see it ma… >.<

Phew! Another cockroach gone from our sight! It was nearly 1am that time, then Siaw Tze said, ‘A bit hungry la… scream too much…’ =.= She’s so teruk… oh ya, I had to use wet tissue to wipe my phone, eraser and file, and also wash Siew Ting’s water bottle, all because of that irritating horrible cockroach. After that we went to sleep. I looked through some of the photos beside Siew Ting’s bed while chatting with Siaw Tze for a while before we said goodnight to each other and slept.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

if boring, go find siew ting them... why use the name siew ting? (hint: siew ting is sweet!)

This morning Cheah Yen sms-ed me asking whether I’m okay or not alone in hostel. Her message goes like this: ‘Wei wei wei... wat u doing there? Ok anot staying alone..? If boring, go find siew ting they all la... Sleep over at their place la...’ I replied her that I am in my relative’s house. In another message she sent, ‘u lucky la, so many friends like ME tat sms u scared u boring…’ haha, yeah~

Went to Mid Valley just now to ‘cheong k’ with Chean Ying, Siew Ting and Yeu Sheng. It was fun as we took some pictures and I took a video of them singing the song ‘You Are My Superstar’. Yeu Sheng was very great at singing; she knew how to sing most of the songs at correct pitch! Must call her to go cheong k again next time, haha… After singing karaoke and paid, we left and went shopping (girl’s nature!). I treat Siew Ting ice cream as promised (last night I told her that I would belanja her ice cream if she go cheong k with us). The Baskin ‘Robbin ice cream was very sweet, a little bit too sweet I think, and it melted quite fast. We walked around, going in and out of shops selling clothes, hair bands and those girls’ stuff. Chean Ying bought a pair of pants (I told her that the guard would say ‘seluar ketat’ if she wears that to INTEC =P) while Siew Ting bought a white t-shirt. We went to the lower ground floor and bought some bread (they bought for breakfast next morning while I bought to fill my stomach before dinner). At 5.15pm we went to Kenny Roger’s to have dinner. The three of them ordered quarter meals with 3 side dishes each while I only ordered a vanilla muffin as my relatives were going to have a barbecue at night.

*Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Me....*

*.....and Siew Ting, she's so sweet right?*

As I finished eating my muffin and started to transfer the photos we took to Chean Ying’s phone, a Chinese old lady approached us and spoke in Cantonese, calling us to buy her pens at RM3.50 each and kept saying things like ‘给我钱买饭’, and said that she didn’t have money to eat chicken like us. We ignored her initially but she kept on pestering us to buy. She even said, ‘你们没有良心,衰人来的…’ something like that! I stared at Siew Ting as the old lady blurted those words, shocked that she would say so. I turned to my right and saw a waitress and I made eye contact with her so she would come and call the old lady to go away. Then Chean Ying took out RM3 for the old lady, she did not have enough coins to make up the remaining RM0.50. The old lady said, ‘Don’t have RM3.50 then give me RM4’… Siew Ting took out some coins and gave to Chean Ying, summing up RM3.50. The old lady put a pen on the table, saying thank you and walked away to the next table while the waitress followed and told her that she could not do that in the restaurant. Yeu Sheng said, ‘一看就知道是骗人的,衣服穿到这样美…’ we agreed. But maybe there were some other reasons which we did not know. ‘How come this kind of thing always happened when we come out and eat ar? Last time at Sungei Wang also like that…’ Siew Ting said, adding, ‘See us like small kids then tackle us la…’ Chean Ying frowned. Well, hope this won’t happen again in the future…

d i n n e r

Now I know rupa-rupanya a lot of people care about me being alone in hostel. The night before leaving, Amelene asked me, ‘You okay or not staying alone? Call Siew Ting to come over here and sleep la…’ I said that it’s ok and told her that I didn’t call Siew Ting to come over as I didn’t want to trouble her. The next day after they left, Cheah Yen also went back home, and I was alone in my room till my dad came and fetched me to my relative’s house. At about 5pm Josephine miss called me (she usually miss call me as a sign to talk at the balcony). I sms-ed her telling her that I was not at the hostel and asked if there was anything. She replied that she just wanted to ask me out to have dinner together. Haha... Guess she thought that I was bored. Later at night when I was enjoying my dinner (gonna elaborate on this later), Siew Ting sms-ed me asking whether I was bored and wanna go to her room and play or not. Apparently she, too, didn’t know that I wasn’t in hostel and was in Hilton Hotel having dinner… haha…

Ok, about the dinner at the hotel… the hotel is near KL Central. My uncle, aunt, cousins, grandpa, dad and me went there coz my cousin brother’s girlfriend works there (and perhaps she got the permission to let ‘relatives’ to have a chance to eat there, haha). While on the way there in my dad’s car, I actually didn’t know where we were heading to that time and the journey was quite long, so I dozed off. When I woke up half an hour later I realised that we were in a parking lot. I saw a sign ‘Hotel Lobby’. ‘Hotel lobby?? Where am I?’ I thought. As we got down the car and walked towards the entrance into the hotel then only I realised that it’s Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I was quite blur coz just woke up and on seeing the classic and high class surrounding I was excited. Like, wow… we went up to the 6th floor and were led to a dining room with a round table. There was a buffet and there were lots of people walking around with plates and food - waiters and waitresses, chefs, businessmen, guests and some kids. It was buka puasa time. There was a nice box with two dates inside and two glasses of drinks for each of us on the table.

I followed my dad wandering around with a plate in our hands. I saw a big tray of oysters, lobsters, prawns all on ice. There were also many trays of Malay food like curry, chicken, fish and beef. On the other section there was a corner where they serve Japanese food and desserts in the other corner. I took an oyster, some duck meat and steamed fish.

After finishing the first plate of food a waiter came into our room and took our plates away. I walked out of the room and went to the Japanese food section, taking some raw fish meat and sotong with soy sauce and wasabi. They were simple delicious!

After that I went out to take another plate of desserts which were some cakes with chocolates. They were really soft and lovely, they just melted in my mouth… =P

My cousin sister took a cup of ice cream which consisted of 5 scoops of ice cream flavour, banana, corn, strawberry, mango and lime flavour. I tasted some of it together with my cousin sister and another cousin, and we thought that only the corn tasted nice (more like corn) while the other flavours were quite weird, they were quite sour and the banana ice cream was like blended banana. My cousin sister ate it and gave me a disgusted kind of look, haha.

We were very full after stuffing so much food into our stomach. My cousin brother’s girlfriend who was working came into our room to chat a while with us. From the conversation I knew that she works there from 10am to 11pm a day, which is about 12 hours a day! It must be tiring especially during this Ramadan month.

We went home at about 9pm and I was very satisfied. ‘You are lucky that you come back this weekend,’ my dad told me. Well, yeah!

p/s: going to upload the pics later. connection problem now..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

a name which did not appear in my blog for some time

Finished the McFlurry that Calvin belanja me...haha...thanks ya!! (or should I say, no thanks coz he owed me that for such a long time..)

Hmmm, no idea what to blog.. I kept asking Ling Weng to give me some ideas on what to blog. I know what to it goes.. while you are reading, notice that there's a sentence that appeared 3 times..

Yesterday after class at 1pm, I went to the place to wait for the bus to go back to hostel..

Elycia: Where is Siaw Tze?
Me: Waiting for...... (doing a you-know-I-know look)
Elycia: Oh...

In the bus while waiting for the bus driver..

Ramanen: Where is Siaw Tze?
Me: You know I know lah..haha.. =P
Ramanen: Oh.. (pause a while) she seems happier nowadays.
Me: Really? How you know?
Ramanen: Well, you know right, when a person changes...

Later in the bus again...

Christine: Why you alone?? Where is Siaw Tze?
Me: (sort of staring at her)
Christine: Why you look at me with you eyes so big like that?
Me: Haha..

Back at hostel..

Amelene: I know you come back alone again... Just now I saw Siaw Tze with Calvin.
Me: Yeah, haha..

- e v e n t s -

Here I am blogging for the second time today (I dunno what happen to my first post, after i clicked 'Publish Post' it somehow ended up gone and I was so frustrated). I just had my ethics final exam this morning. Say bye bye to ethics!!

Tonight the usual lot of us (Conney, Siew Ting, Christine, Ling Weng) and probably Yu Wan and i-dunno-who-else-going will be having dinner at McD with Amelene and Kia Miang. They're going back to Kuching at the wee hours tomorrow morning, one week earlier than the rest of us, skipping class for one week (note: geng!!) I recalled yesterday when Conney, Siew Ting and I went to bazaar together, Conney mentioned about the two going back earlier than us...and later she was like sms-ed most of us asking, 'tomoro want to have dinner together with amelene them or not?' So I told Amelene, 'You see Conney miss you so much eh, keep mentioning your name and when want to have dinner together...feel touched or not??' Amelene did a crying act and said, 'Waa...I so great ar you guys wanna have dinner with me..hahaha!!' and she turned to Kia Miang and said that both of them are so 'wei da'... >.<

Yesterday at 12pm my classmates thought that we'd be having Physics class, so 3 of my friends went back to hostel, skipping Physics (Physics is kinda boring..) Who knows, Pn Amani came in and we were quite surprised. 'Chemistry?? Not Physics meh??' Pn Amani, who was writing the solutions and answers for our trial paper on the board, turned to us and said (while writing), 'E = mc 2 (square)' ..making us laugh. She told us that she used to teach physics, maths, history and some other subjects at tuition centre. Wow..! After class ended, Pn Amani approached me and asked, 'Do you know where Daphne, Hsiu Li and Cheah Yen go?' I was like, 'Errr....I think they went back..' Pn Amani tapped my shoulder and laughed while walking away. Well, that was the second time they skipped class unintentionally...hehe..

Hmmm, I'll be alone in my room for the next whole week.. Cheah Yen is going back home after the exam briefing tomorrow morning. Anyone wanna come and accompany me? =P

Monday, October 09, 2006

t r i p s

After much discussing. finally it's settled!! Yeah!

Now 8 of us are going to Mulu and Kuching in December! Haha~

Initially the plan was to go to Mount Kinabalu and Kuching, then we could not get the permit (in addition my mom did not allow me to go climbing) we changed our plan. There were much to discuss and think of, the plane tickets, price, date, how many days we gonna spend there etc. And we met from time to time, Ryan being the 'messenger' who sms-ed us when and where to discuss, and Wong being the organiser of the trip.

And now the plan is to go to Mulu and Kuching. Mulu to visit Mulu Cave (some caves, one is called Deer Cave if I remember correctly), then Kuching to visit some places and my friends.

Oh yeah, after the final exam and before the grand dinner (there's one week in between) some friends and I are going to Cameron Highland and Ipoh. many trips coming! I'm so excited =P

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mooncake Festival

Well, it's mooncake festival on Friday but we didn't really celebrate it... Early in the morning about 10am, Kia Miang, Amelene and me went to Mid Valley to watch Rob-B-Hood. It's really a funny and touching nice movie. After that we went to eat Portugese Ikan Bakar recommended by Zhi Han. Wow, very spicy but I still can tahan la..hahaha.. Then we went to shop around. I bought three shirts while Amelene bought a bag for her brother and a jeans, saying that she's such a good sister who buys things for her brother. (I was like, o.O =.= yala yala whatever..) Kia Miang bought a pair of trousers from Romp. I think I spent a lot this week, sigh..

We had our dinner at Kenny Roger's. That meal was very fulfilling...the muffin very soft, chicken and side dishes delicious and mouth watering..and the service is good, unlike the service at Kenny Roger's at Times Square. The waitress even apologised to Kia Miang when the waiter who served forgot to provide her with fork and knife, and she brought two sets for her! Haha.. Thinking about it now makes me hungry... =P

We went back to Akasia at about 11pm, nearly passed the curfew time. And I was very happy to see my friends celebrating Mooncake Festival by lighting some candles which formed the Chinese word for moon, 'yue'.. Christine, being as kepo as usual, checked what we bought... I gave Siew Ting a tortoise handphone keychain which I bought for her, hehe! After that we went back to our rooms and it started raining.

And so that's how this year's Mooncake Festival... I didn't play any lanterns, though.. Didn't even see the full moon..

Monday, October 02, 2006


Went to 1 Utama yesterday with my dad, I gathered with Amelene, Christine, Cheah Yen and Ling Weng while my dad went to shop by himself. Us 5 gals spent whole day shopping and looking for dinner dress and shoes. I spent about RM176 buying shoes, clothes and some hair bands.. first time spending more than RM100 per day per outing!! At about 6pm I went back to Sri Petaling with my dad while the rest of them continue to shop, they even went to fun fair and had a thrilling ride!! And it's there that Christine lost her dolphin necklace...sigh..

I can't wait for my KB friends to come this 12 October! They're coming to KL to attend some Form 6 seminar, and if they have some extra time I can meet them up! Yeah~~!!