Wednesday, January 31, 2007

spread OUT your wings and F-L-Y

Two nights ago I dreamt that I have beautiful broad wings grown on my back. I was running on a vast green field while there were some other people chasing after me. I was running, running away from them as fast as I could, but at the same time I was enjoying the moment. The wind was blowing and the cool breeze caressed my cheeks till there was no sweat as I was running. That feeling was like, I was free. Free from everything. I tried to fly for a few times but failed. I kept tripping but managed to get up in time, and ran again. Finally, I ran to a slightly higher hill top, and then spread out my wings like an angel and flew. Flew freely in the sky... *whee*


b A c K

I just came back from KL, a few hours ago la of course. Have been busy the whole week - attending briefings, going here and there to get things done eg. medical check up (I got an injection here), buying books, shopping for winter clothes and necessities etc. And finally, phew! Almost everything is done yesterday, to my great relief. =) Talking about spending money these few days... I remembered that Amanda mentioned she being the 'fastest money reducing agent' in her blog, haha! Guess I'm one too, for this short period only la =P

A website I would like to share with my friends:

Monday, January 22, 2007

r e c e n t l y name came out in the newspaper! Go check out Nanyang Siang Pau, last page of the main section...not about me though, it's about the eggs that my mom bought! =P

Went to Wei Ven's BBQ party last Saturday; had lots a food to eat - chicken, hotdogs, crab, prawn, shells (I dunno what it's called), potato, mee and even ice cream! I love to play with her dog Ricky, it's so so cute!! Too bad it has a bit of asthma...

Received a small souvenir from Michelle (through her brother and my sister) a few days ago, so happy and very much surprised! What surprised me more is that Shuang Xiu said she knows Michelle! Wow, such a small world!

Friday, January 19, 2007

See what vincent said. =P

*JeSSica* says:
nvm la

ur amelene is rich


my amelene?

wat rubbish ar u...


wat rubbish?

my amelene la...

ur amelene is rubbish?



walao le..


change topic!!!

then, i m rubbish la?

so bad la u!!

sob sob

no no no

i m rubbish, ok...


n rubbish wanna visit tong sampah to sleep now..


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Woke up at about 7am today due to the sudden ring of my phone... I stretched my hand and took a look at it to see a missed call from Tze Xian..haih, giving me a morning call? Luckily I slept quite early last night due to some headache, or else....

Planned to continue sleeping but 45 minutes later got a message from
Ker Yung saying that he's going off to London (to travel)...One week ago he was just back from Japan and now he's going to UK! That's what rich people do...haha~

And so, seeing that it's coming to 8am and I couldn't get back to sleep, I came online...this is what I have been doing since the past few days...oh, should be whole month! Staying at home playing games, going online, playing the piano, helping my sisters...I really can't think of anything else to do! Luckily
Wei Ven is organising a BBQ party this Saturday...that'll be a ex-schoolmates gathering then! I remember her saying, 'We planned to do the BBQ on 31st December one, then my mom said no fish no prawn coz of the monsoon season, so don't want to do first...' And Hui Xuan and me were saying, 'BBQ need fish and prawn? I thought the main food is chicken! =.=' As we told Ker Yung about this, he said, ' people different..they BBQ seafood! Fish, prawn, crab...' Rich people, Wei Ven, ah yes...from the day I knew her in Form One till we were classmates in Form Five, every time we/teachers asked about her father's occupation, she would say, 'My father is a BURUH very hard...under the hot sun bla bla bla..' Buruh?? If buruh, then can move house so many times ar... (in fact, it's the third time she shifted in this two years I think)! Hehe...I'm just joking la Wei Ven, I know you are a good and smart girl...don't belasah me if you see me writing this oh! =P

By the way, I'm going down to KL on the 23rd...anyone interested to go kai kai after the briefing?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

some messages in my phone

There are some messages that I kept in my phone.. for example:

(1) From
Shu Wen - Digi saved my life by saving d cost, haha... (this is a good sentence for promoting Digi!) p/s: I'm a Maxis user though..

(2) From
Cheah Yen - I officially declare the Magic Moment of everyday in Shah Alam will be at 3pm. For it is at this hour that the rain pours down heavily together wif loud thunders! (she's right)

(3) From
Christine - U r like trigerin my curiousity n let me die in the trap a. Wat did u do to ur hair? No credit oso have to reply. Haha. Since i spend 20sen to sms u, acordin to d theory of equivalent, u should reply to fulfil my wish. Heh. Btw, u take k lah, so delicate n bulied by virus. (this is so christine-ness...oh about the last sentence..she was referring to me being sick that time)

(4) From
Amelene - Jess. Help! This house is so quiet. I cannot tahan. Can i play your zuma? (she was alone in hostel to prepare for her exam while I was out shopping with others...haha!)

(5) From
Siaw Tze - i also got firework! it's a heart shape! my heart is always shining out an invisible shine to bring warmth to all of u. (this msg...I saved it in my lost phone...but I can still remember it, not bad huh?)

(6) From
Jen Yun - Jess......miss me??! (such a short msg, yet meaningful enough to be remembered. =P)

(7) From
Yeu Sheng - Dear friends, i am on d way balik kampung dy. Bye bye and take care la. (another meaningful's like an announcement! So happy that she remembers me)

(8) From
Chean Ying - I go back liao. Tata.. muacks :-D (quite surprised coz got a 'muacks' behind.. from 'roti' some more...hehe!)

(9) From
Siew Ting - Muacks! didnt realise that i have message la, packing my stuffs ma, sorry sorry! miss u already eh... (this gal...that time I just left Akasia for a few hours..going back home..then she said she missed me already!^_^)

(10) From
Sin Lin - Mushi mushi jess, o-genki desu ka? (my goodness...suddenly got an sms with a language I don't understand...haha) a few more touching ones...but I am so not gonna type them out! Hahaha~

Monday, January 08, 2007

I have a Bachelor of Science/Education with Honours??

Yesterday I accompanied my sister to go to the bookshop to buy some SPM reference books, and I saw this...

Look at the name of the author near the right hand lower corner of the book.. can't see it? Take a closer look...

See? Suddenly I'm an author of a Chemistry SPM reference book!! Muahahaha!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Enjoy your beachie day.. (Tze Xian 2007)

The wind is strong these few days. And there's rain now and then. However the weather yesterday was fine. Coz...we're going to PCB beach!! The 6 of us - Chien, Chui Shen, Sze Ping, Jen Yun, Tze Xian and me went in Chui Shen's car and arrived at the beach at about 5pm. We bought some corn and peanuts on the way there and our plan was to fly kite as suggested by Yun. As expected there were no Chinese could be seen...only us. There were a lot of Malays around. Upon arriving, we bought two colourful kites and a small bottle of liquid for blowing bubbles. I was thinking that the man who sold us these surely thought that we were like little children who went to the beach to search for our 'childhood days'. Tze Xian and Sze Ping even recalled those days that they used to ponteng sekolah and come to the beach to have fun. haha~

After spending some time strolling around the beach, we decided to sit down and eat our food. We put the lines of the kites between some stones and started to enjoy our corn and peanuts. We even bought ice cream! Double-coned ice cream at only 50cents each...surely you can't find this kind of price at KL. The other 4 gals went further down the beach after eating their food, leaving
Yun and me behind. As we were about to join the rest, Yun realised that the lines were tangled up!! Oh my goodness...that was terrible. The whole mess was so complicated and we called for the rest to help untangle it. Chien was really good at this...halfway untangling the lines, Sze Ping blew bubbles and due to the wind, the bubbles all landed up on Chui Shen's face..hahaha! This made Chien and Tze Xian laugh non-stop..So kite-flying turned out to be line-untangling eh?

By the time we untangled the whole mess of lines it's already 6.30pm.
Chien suggested that we had some snack at the stalls near the beach. We ordered 3 coconuts, 2 persons shared one each..The coconuts were huge compared to what I ordered last year in KL. And it's RM2.50 each - again, a price you cannot get elsewhere. As we were finishing our snack suddenly it started to we quickly paid and ran back to Chui Shen's car then back to my house.

Some things I realised:

-Tze Xian's hobby at the beach: find small crabs then crash them into pieces...

-Chien's laughter rupa rupanya is similar to the main character in Nightmare Before Christmas

p/s: Sorry no pics. Have to get them from Chien later =P

update: This is the pic of the coconut we ordered..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

=D =D =D

I got offer from Monash!! My dad sms-ed an hour after noon time and said he went to IDP to check that out for me. Yahoooo! He even said he met Amelene at Asia Cafe. Haha~ fate fate..

No words can describe how happy I am now, knowing that 15 other people are going together with me! That means I am not alone! YEAH!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

this post is for YOU...

Nothing special occurred in KB or in my house recently, so I'm going to blog about someone I knew..

She is one special person to me. It's her inner beauty that draws me to be close friends with her... She never fails to pour out her care to friends around her, showering her love upon them. She is really one caring friend who is always ready to help anyone in need. Almost everyone in our secondary school knows her, either by person or by's because she has many admirers around! Haha... even teachers also know her as she is always asking questions in class as well as in tuition. An apple to the teacher's eye, eh?

I was in the same class with her in Form 2 and 3 but in different class from her in Form 4 and 5. Maybe you will think that we were close friends since Form 2 or 3, but ironically it's when we were in different class that we started to get closer. I think it's thanks to the tuition classes that we attended. I don't know since when or how we started to have this kind of 默契.. she's so SS and tends to be manja at times. She did things that people didn't normally do. For example, in tuition class, everyone would be listening tentatively to the teacher (minus the chatting part).. and sometimes while the teacher turned to write something on the board, she would turn to me who was sitting behind her and smiled or said a soft 'Hello'. so cute! Mind you, that's during tuition! How many people would do that when the whole class was so quiet? Another example would be in another tuition class which she always sat beside me... she would suddenly use her pen to hit my arm lightly just to grab my attention... and when I turned to her with question marks on why she did that, she would chuckle and gave me that sweet smile of hers as an answer.

Sometimes in school she would come to my class, either to look for some people or to pass something or a message from teacher...Every time I would smile at her as she came in and went out as a sign of polite gesture. Sometimes I would call her before she walked out of the classroom to whisper things at her ear...hehe! If I pretended not to look at her or didn't pay any attention to her as she walked into my class, before leaving she would touch my head then left without saying a word, leaving me feeling quite embarrased coz being treated like a small kid, plus my friends would laugh at me. Was that a way of saying 'hi'? I thought.

During the two years of Form 4 and 5 she taught me a lot of things. She encouraged me in my studies while I gave her moral support to face her piano exam.. She would look for me when she had any problems in Additional Maths, and she would listen to me patiently as I told her problems that I was facing at that time. She's like a God-sent angel to guide and help me whenever I need it... (read till here, sure can guess who's she right? =P) Most importantly, she influenced me to open my heart. I have to admit that she's the one who taught me the power and the meaning of the word 'love' in a strong-bond friendship..that is, friends are always there for each matter what happens, right? (at least not something against the law then cukup lo..)

Well, I'm glad that I'm still close friends with her...though I don't get to see her often, she never miss giving me a hug whenever we meet! =D

See what you have done that make me feel so touched, dear!
Those were the memories that I would never forget, you know?

p/s: When can we meet? I miss you so much...Angelene!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm gonna miss them...

Thinking of what I have done in 2006...those days in Akasia hostel and studying in INTEC...

-study like crazy, memorising things and keep looking at the books and whole text...but at the end still zzZzz.. (at hostel or study room is the same for me)

-rushing up the bus which is always packed like tuna (everyone has this experience!)

-go to cafe and 'da pau' lunch

-walk to Giant to buy groceries and food

-have lunch/dinner at Baker's Cottage, Restoran Darul Ehsan, Kopi Corner, KFC, McD bla bla bla + chatting non-stop

-birthday surprise parties...

-shopping! Sungei Wang, Mid Valley, Times Square, Petaling Street, Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid...

-cheong k and ice skating

-badminton at Akasia badminton court

-computer games (I know most computer games come from me, haha! thanks to Chui Shen here)

-Monday pasar malam! I miss the cold drinks.. =P

-BTN, Kem Bina Insan, Pangkor trip, Kelantan trip, Sarawak trip

And I have seen through all kinds of emotions on different people..

-happy, joyful, laughing non-stop coz of...err..lots of crazy stuff and jokes + teasing people

-people in bad mood coz of homework/project/lecturer

-people who were sad coz of exam results/quizzes marks/tests

-people who were usually quite talkative suddenly became quiet

-people who cried in front of me.......

And, undeniably, I certainly have learnt a lot of things besides those in textbooks. I learn how to be independent. I learn how to help around in the house. I learn how to take care of people.
*this is a long process* I learn how to be patient. I learn how to tolerate some things. I learn how to be a good listener and adviser. *this is one of my role since secondary school I think?* I learn how to give people surprises and make them happy. I also learn how to seek help from lecturers especially when coming to application to universities. I learn how to give and receive in friendships. I learn how to do things fast (my nature, hehe!).

Oh, I miss some other things
-Amelene's stories in class + laughter (no one can beat her witch-like and loud laughter I think)
-Cheah Yen's jokes (she and Amelene always refer to each other as 'your sis' when talking to me) eg, she said, 'Jess, you see your sis (Amelene) doing this..bla bla bla'
-Kia Miang's singing..haha..and also teasing people..but why the victim was always me..
-Christine's kepo-ness + talkativeness + crap
-Conney's laughter (another one, crazy laughter...difficult to imitate)
-Siew Ting's smile...she has a dazzling smile..
-Chean Ying's kek tiok face when people call her 'roti'
-Christine calling me 'small kid'
-Amelene's cooking
-Siaw Tze's blur-blur-ness + silly-ness
-Josephine's act of hitting people (especially me) luckily it's when I teased her, haha...
-Siew Ting's once can beat her on this I bet
-Ling Weng's non-stop sneezing..always more than one time at once! In bus, in exam hall, in TV room..hahaha..her sneezing sound very cute one..
-a lot more things, just can't list them out here~

That's how 2006 was to ME =)

HapPy nEw yEaR!!!!

Happy new year to all!

As it's now 12.41am, I'm gonna blog about what I did yesterday...

It was the last day of 2006, which was also Hari Raya Haji... my friends and I had already planned to visit our Form 5 English tuition teacher Mdm Pak. We planned to meet at
Hui Xuan's house first, then to KB Mall opposite her house to buy some chocolates for teacher. Song Yee and I reached Hui Xuan's house at 2.45pm which was the suggested time to meet. The three of us waited for Wei Ven to turn up, but as usual the 'Queen' who's always late arrived at about 3.15pm! And she said, 'KB Mall is not open la... want to buy what?' I said, 'What?! KB Mall not open?' We then agreed to buy fruits. So Hui Xuan and I went in Wei Ven's Harrier while Song Yee drove in his Kancil. We went all around the town but not even one shop was open. Frustrated, Wei Ven drove to the central market... but as expected, it was not open too! (KB Bandaraya Islam ma, almost all shops not open coz of Hari Raya Haji...even the shopping complex was not open!) Can you imagine how quiet the whole town was? Haih.. =.=||

Luckily for us, we spotted Cintaku cake shop was open.. so we went in and bought a fruit cake. It was already 3.56pm and we straight away shot off to Teacher Pak's house. She was quite surprised to see us though my youngest sister Joanne had already informed her that we were coming. Teacher said, 'I thought it's your sister Rachel who's coming...coz Joanne said 'my sister want to come' .. , didn't expect that it's you!' Haha~

We spent about 2 hours there talking about lots of stuff while looking through some photos of Mdm Pak and her family taken during a trip to Europe in June. They went to 6 countries in 2 weeks! Wow... I would like to have an opportunity to go to Europe sometime. Teacher cut the cake for us to eat, most of our talking topics revolved around our studies and our batch of students...Angelene and her gang (Kim Fong, Han Syn etc), Ker Yung... then we went on to talk about our courses and Form 6 studies (
Song Yee and Wei Ven studied Form 6 while Hui Xuan took A-levels). Time really flies now that all of us had finished our course..

At about 6pm
Wei Ven's mom called to ask where she was (as usual la..), so we thought that it was time to go.. we said goodbye and then went home.

p/s: We're going to meet later today! (1st Jan 2007)