Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wonderful weekends

Have been spending time together with friends (and good food!!) last weekend and this weekend, which is great =)

Went to Afghan Gallery restaurant at Brunswick to celebrate Amirah's birthday last Saturday...luckily I managed to find the place with my phone's GPS as I had absolutely no idea where the place was! And first time being at Brunswick too, and it was so dark at night....*shudders*
Afghan food

the boss of the restaurant brought this sparkler out with the dessert we ordered when we told him we  were to celebrate Amirah's birthday....what a sweet surprise!

5 of us....trying out my newly bought camera remote~

And today (Sunday), we had breakfast together at a place in Richmond as suggested by Gina...errr I mean brunch =P

'leafy' coffee to kickstart our day!

our brekkie

love this pic!!

with Gina and Ravind

I went to the city in the afternoon to meet up a junior of mine from secondary school and INTEC, Shu Wen.

postcard pic, yes?

*Shu Wen and me*

Just nice to catch up with a friend whom I haven't seen for almost 5 years and talk about what's been happening with our lives and friends around us. [Her guy friend who went with us mentioned to me that us people from KB just seemed to know whoever from KB no matter whether we actually know that person or not e.g. my friend and her friend's friend know each other hahaha.] We went to Degraves St (yes second time for me!) for coffee (I had hot chocolate since I already had flat white in the morning) then walked around the streets, took some pics here and there then came across Brunetti cafe and decided to have some cake =)

cakes at Brunetti cafe
Weekend well spent =D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

End of Rotation 4

Just finished a week of new rotation at a different hospital. On the last day of the previous rotation (last Friday), I went to the city with some friends for coffee and dinner =D Finally went to Degraves St for coffee after staying in Melbourne for 4.5++ years...haha so many of my coursemates were shocked when they realised that I had never been to Degraves St before this (I usually just walked past and didn't really go inside any of the cafes to sit down for coffee).

By the time we reached the city it was almost 5pm and the sky started to turn dark (short day time in winter, remember...) We made our way to Degraves St and Kelly said that the waffles are a MUST-HAVE.

the famous waffles at Degraves St

First time at Degraves St underground tunnel and first time hanging out with Hamon, Gina and Kelly

We went to one of the coffee shops and ordered some cake....yes dessert before dinner =P

really rich chocolate cake

two cakes to share among the 5 of us

my cappuccino =)

with Syahir!! My Rotation 1 buddy =)

After that I joined a group of my other friends from Monash Malaysia for dinner...we had been talking about it throughout Rotation 4 and we finally organised this =)

with my new friends from Monash Malaysia (JB Clinical School)

Pizzas for dinner

crispy and yummmyy

Li-Mae, my clinical partner in Rotation 4~ good times~ hopefully we can meet in Malaysia!

'supper' at Lindt cafe after that (I was so full that I didn't order anything)

and with the guys =P
It was an extremely cold day, but it felt warm to spend time together with friends =)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

我的一班 "好友"

Comments taken from Facebook:

This was about a month ago.....

Ai Wei: Jenyun Koh....Nw Dr. Yunsiew Tay ask me go her convo at next year as her cameraman d....... T.T


Me: yerrr at least yun siew can still ask u be her cameraman, i dun have anyone pro to be my cameraman ler, all pro one grad together with me lerr..

Ai Wei: jess, u sponsor me a flight ticket then i volunteer as ur cameraman~ hahaha

Wei Yong: Jess: I know i got limited skill in becoming the photographer, but i think sister needs her p.a wherever she 2 tickets please :D

Me: 趁机敲诈啊你 =P

SuGar Tye Si Nie: jess: i must follow where my lover one more please

Me: ...............

Yunsiew Tay: jess: i need to help out to carry total up would be 4 tickets...tq!

Me: that also can...u guys...really good frens hor..hahaha

SuGar Tye Si Nie: of course lar.good fren so join ur convo lor

Loo Chuishen: my skill is better than mrs lin, so i can be a backup for aiwei, oleh sebab itu, one more ticket la nah jess! hahaha

Li Shan Loo: jess: me ticket number 6,other expenses i keluar myself,haha


And recently......

Ai Wei: Loo Chuishen! Jessica Tan say wan intro us her ang mo coursemate if we go her grad !! muahahahaha !!

Ai Wei: Bt after tat she says: Bt got gf liao...a few married dy...

Me: not yet finish my sentence....still got some single

Ai Wei: OOOOooooo !!!!!! then i wait ur ticket sponsor me as ur photographer!! im swear i will keep shooting u v my hand n my eyes keep kap lengzai~ lol!!

SuGar Tye Si Nie: jess,we wan ticket too~

Loo Chuishen: wowowow! +1

Wei Yong: here 1 please!!!!

Me: walau u ppl....趁火打劫again!!

Michelle Pohxuan: another one pls? lol

Monday, July 04, 2011


June was a good month for friends' gathering, new friends and old pals alike =D

First was Italian food at Sofia with Kheng Wei, Justina's secondary school mate, my first new friend I made in June.

fritto misto - never miss

3 different types of pasta (on the menu it says this is for 2 people!) HUGE portion as usual!

not forgetting something sweet in the end - gelato

Justina, Kheng Wei and me

Next up was Greek food at Dion restaurant in the city, meeting up Kia Miang and her friend, and also celebrated Nooi Hoay's birthday at the same time.

dips for starter

my new Korean friend Sena

my ex-housemate from INTEC, Kia Miang!! Nice to catch up! =D

lamb yummy

Greek sausages

the restaurant prepared the sparklers specially for the birthday girl

group pic [partially]

Just last week Cheah Yen came over to Melbourne (finally!) and she decided to cook dinner on the last day of June...for the 12 of us!!!

home cooked food

baked potatoes with cheese and herbs

caramelised oven baked chicken wings....nicely arranged and decorated with parsley too!

creamy pasta suace with ham, mushrooms, sundried tomato, parsley..

garlic bread

I haven't met Cheah Yen for yearssss and it's certainly nice to see her again and to catch up! She is one amazing woman....she cooked everything in the above 4 food pics ALL by herself! All prepared with passion and love =D Cheah Yen actually blogged about this at her blog~
my other ex-housemate from INTEC, Cheah Yen (she was Kia Miang's roommate that time)

Cheah Yen, Yu Wan and me

group pic ^_^

We had breakfast together last Saturday morning at Glen Waverley with my housemates.
breakfast at Coco Lounge

we shared this together...I love poached eggs!

while Justina and Shea Chuen ordered Starvin' Marvin' each

number ONE~~

It is always fun to catch up with old friends and reminiscing the moments we shared....I was talking to Cheah Yen about the times in INTEC when she used to cook baked beans with eggs and it smelt really good....and how in 2007 when we first came to Australia she used to send random MMS which were funny and thought provoking e.g. 'naked' chicken bathing in water, first big autumn leaf etc...even though we haven't seen each other for the past 4.5 years we could still talk and laugh like old times and not feel awkward =) importance of keeping in touch, hahaha~