Saturday, November 18, 2006

Somehow we just drifted apart.

Sometimes things are not like we expect them to be
Sometimes things go on in a way that you don’t like
Sometimes things just don’t happen in a nice and beautiful way

Somehow we contact each other less often
Somehow we just don’t talk to each other as much as we used to
Somehow we just smile and say a simple hi to each other and that’s it
Somehow our paths crossed but we never meet
Somehow we just forget how we used to have fun together

Sometimes I wonder is it me or is it you
Sometimes I stare blankly into the big dark sky
Sometimes I am alone in a dark room thinking of you
Sometimes I don’t get it
Sometimes I want to ask why but I cannot get any answers
Sometimes I am confused by the way things move on
Sometimes I feel something is missing

Somebody get me outta here
Outta this place, outta these memories…

How do you think of this poem? Comments welcomed =)

FirST day after eXaM

On Thursday morning I followed Ru Xing, Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Ling Sing, Hsiu Li and Chien Yen to Sungei Wang. My friends were planning to buy dinner dresses while I was looking for a shawl as I already had a dress. We split into two groups, Ru Xing, Hsiu Li and Chien Yen one group and the rest of us another group. We went into many boutiques, looking up and down at many dresses with different beautiful designs and colours. At one shop I even saw triplets! I was wondering whether they were the three gals from my batch in Chung Hwa or not…the triplets whom most of us know as ‘zhen shan mei’, coz the gals really looked like them! We spent the whole day there while waiting for fate to let us meet with Siew Ting, Conney and Ling Weng (Christine followed them I think), but we did not bump into them at all. Instead we met Ru Xing’s group for two or three times at some boutiques. Guess we had no ‘yuan fen’ with Siew Ting they all that day…

We had a heavy lunch at Nando’s, then continued shopping. I found a shawl that I wanted and bought it at RM31.50 after 10% discount coz Chean Ying and Ling Sing bought their dresses at the same shop. Yeu Sheng bought her dress earlier. I can’t wait to see them wearing their dresses with their accessories and high-heels! It’s so fun to wear nice nice to attend a function…haha~

We walked till our feet were tired. We stepped into a shop selling lamps, pretty and never-seen-before lamps with many kinds of designs. The old lady of the shop talked non-stop with us in Cantonese, introducing the lamps and showed how beautiful they shone out the light…what she said was quite meaningful, ‘the light shines your future and your path to you…’ and later on she talked about the origin of Christmas as there were some small Christmas trees with lights in her shop. While she was talking about the birth of Jesus to Chean Ying and Yeu Sheng, Ling Sing and I were looking at some other lamps…got star-shaped, heart-shaped, lava lamps, lamps that shaped like airplanes, cars etc. Ling Sing bought a red star-shaped lamp as a birthday gift to her friend. By the time we left the shop it was about 5pm, so we continued to shop for high-heel shoes.

Finally we decided to get back to hostel. We went in the first shop we stepped into to have a good look at the accessories to match with the dresses. And guess what… I saw the shawl that I bought – same colour but DIFFERENT price. It was priced at RM19.90 in that shop! OMG… I was like, what the… wasted my RM10. Oh well, I just thought that I gave away that RM10 as donation so that I wouldn’t feel so kek tiok. Hehe~

Back to blogging!

Exam time is over! Yet seriously I didn’t feel extremely happy, not like the time when SPM was over and my friends and I were overjoyed. This time everyone’s feeling after exam is like ‘so-so’ and ‘just normal’. Weird though. Maybe it’s coz we had exam very often, quizzes and topic tests all the time till our feelings after exam became numb. Haha! Anyway I’m glad that I don’t have to face books all day anymore. I’m FREE! Free of memorizing die-hard facts and knowing processes and applications, free of doing statistics, free of drawing chemical structures, free of studying (at the moment).

The last day of exam was Wednesday. After our Chemistry exam in the afternoon, I joined my friends to go Sunway Pyramid to watch movie. There were 8 of us namely Zhi Han, Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Ling Sing, Jaishree, Ryan, Shea Chuen and me. We gathered at the bus stop outside Kolej Akasia at 4.15pm and discussed how we should get to our destination – by KTM and later bus or by taxi. Jaishree called up a taxi driver, Encik Zakaria who is known to charge cheap taxi fares. She told him to come and fetch us but she forgot to tell him that there were 8 of us and would need 2 taxis. Zhi Han said, ‘Wah you very smart ar…’ And so Jaishree had to call up the taxi driver again and what we heard she spoke into the phone was something like ‘Bang, bawa dua taxi mari…’ and we burst out laughing. She made us think that he would be driving two taxis. Unfortunately the taxi driver said that he knew no other people that could fetch us, so he would be using his own car instead. We were thinking, ‘wow! Such good service de…’ We waited for a few minutes till a silver Avanza stopped in front of us. There came out Encik Zakaria, a friendly and nice taxi driver. The 8 of us jumped in the car and off we went, enjoying our journey under air-cond and having fun chatting.

Finally we reached Sunway Pyramid. After some discussing about where to have our dinner, we agreed on Sushi King. Poor Chean Ying that she had to follow us coz she did not like (could not) eat raw food. All of us ordered a set meal each which consisted of cooked food and the raw ones were on the moving conveyer belt. Zhi Han took a plate of sasuke cake while Ryan and I took a plate of ‘red sotong’ each. I really love to eat Japanese food! We wolfed down our food in about half an hour as we were hungry. At 6.30pm we rushed off to the cinema to watch The Prestige. Quite complicated at the beginning and confused in the middle, but at the end everything was clear. It was an interesting movie I would say. We even saw Hsiu Li, Chien Yen and Gouri at the cinema. When the movie finished, Zhi Han kept asking us what it was all about in the movie, saying that she could not understand a thing about it. We asked her, ‘you bring your brain in to watch that movie or not? After exam so fast blur liao…’ ‘Aiyo I didn’t bring my brain lah! Faster tell me, why like this…like that…’she replied. =.=

Jaishree went back earlier while Zhi Han accompanied her as she had to catch a bus back home at 10.30pm. The rest 6 of us just simply walked around without any specific purpose. We planned to play bowling but there was a tournament and all the lanes were full. So we went to play video games! (the type that need coins) we played a type of ball on the table game where you have to hit the ball to your opponent’s goal to win. It was really fun. Later we spent the last 2 coins on a basketball game before the guard said that it’s closing time. Chean Ying said that she was hungry, so we walked out of Sunway Pyramid and crossed the road to the other side where there were lots of Chinese food stalls to have some drinks and food. Close to 10.30pm, Chean Ying received an sms from Jaishree asking whether we want Encik Zakaria to fetch us or not…and Chean Ying and my friends were laughing at the sms. I didn’t know what was happening till Shea Chuen asked me, ‘you know what is zakar or not?’ ‘Olor I know that la and I know Encik Zakaria’s name got that word but what has it got to do with the sms?’ Chean Ying then said, ‘Jaishree wrote uncle zakar!’ Adui…*blink*

We went back in Encik Zakaria’s Avanza and reached hostel at about 11pm. So that ended the day after exam~

Friday, November 03, 2006

e X a M

Yesterday my mom forgot to wake my youngest sister up for school. When she woke up it's already about 9am, and she hurriedly went into our bedroom to my sister's bed. She wasn't sure whether my sis's exam was over already or not. Here's the conversation...

Mom: Hey it's 9am already...forgot to wake you need to go to school already la..
Joanne: (blur) har..
Mom: Today got exam or not?
Joanne: (still blur) Got...
Mom: (frightened) What?! Got exam ar? What subject??
Joanne: (very blur) Islam....
Mom: =.="

When my mom told me about it I had a good laugh for a few minutes while I was doing my revision. Well SSABSA finals will start this coming Monday, beginning with ESLS till 15th November which Chemistry is the last subject. After that those who are doing Form 6 will be facing STPM. Guess I won't be able to update my blog during this exam period...

So, GOOD LUCK to all! This sentence simply flashed across my mind... 'Try your best and God will do the rest' (Angelene 2004)

Speaking of Angelene, she's the only one who calls my sister 'Jo', like 'Ah Jo nih?' Jo here Jo there...hahaha..while I prefer to call my sister by her Chinese name =P