Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's Merdeka Day! Happy 51st birthday, Malaysia =)

For those having urban week - tell me how you guys celebrated Merdeka yeah when I get back!

So far the previous few posts have all been scheduled posts - I'm still currently at rural placement with no Internet connection, so I won't be replying to comments for 2 weeks...yet, feel free to leave comments (you'll make me happy that way) and I'll reply them when I get back to Clayton =)

Anybody missing me already? =P

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little things

There are often little things in life that make me happy =) As one says, life is full of ups and downs, but life is also full of surprises ^_^

Got this from Chau Wang last semester when he went to rural placement....stackable mugs!

Stack them get this

and this

Yu Wan cooked us meals twice while we were preparing for the exam last semester =)

Received this postcard from Chien when she was in Canberra

It brightened up my day though it was 3 weeks late

The staff and residents at the aged care home at which I went for community placement gave me this as a token of other group members also got theirs too =)

Life is full of surprises, right?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bon voyage!

Angelene's flying to Manchester today....

Have a safe trip dearest, and take care of yourself always.

Friends are friends forever
If the Lord is Lord of them
And a friend will not say never
'cause the welcome will not end
Though it's hard to let you go
In the Father's hand we know
That a lifetime's not too long
To live as friends

- Michael W. Smith, 'Friends are Friends Forever'

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This stack of coins doesn't seem to be a lot of money, but I can use this amount of money to purchase... (either one of the following):

1. 3 months worth of Hotlink credit in Malaysia
2. Pay 1 month of mobile phone bill (standard usage) in Australia
3. A nice dinner dress in Malaysia
4. About 9 meals (on average) in Malaysia
5. About 3 meals (on average) in Australia
6. About 22 copies of Conan comic in Malaysia
7. Pay for my KB house 1 month electricity bill
8. Buy a Zone 1 Metcard (10x2 hours)
9. Pay for two of my sister's tuition fees for a month
10. Buy a one-way ticket from KB to KL (or vice versa) on AirAsia


It's $30, or about RM90.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dilys' birthday

I should have posted this post before the post on 'Bowling'...

We celebrated Dilys' birthday last Thursday at campus centre. Congratulations for turning 20 =)

Dilys and her cake =) We arranged the 20 candles into the letter 'D'

With her pressies from us - the flowers are so nice!

Us girls with the birthday girl

The cool guys with the birthday girl

One of the carpets....I love the design! But Yu Wan said this carpet is for the toilet floor..


Yesterday went to play bowling at AMF Bowling in Knox City with Li Ping, Grace, Adilah and Ravind. It's been a very very long time since I last bowled...

Ravind, Grace and me...why that expression??

4 flowers

The champion of the day

Don't get frustrated if you don't get a strike =P

Due to my foot injury, I'm still walking with a bit of limp so we took the lift to get to the first floor for bowling. This is how the lift looked like...

It has a room-like kinda door

Inside the lift - it's so small! Just nice to fit 5 of us's also quite dark inside actually

After bowling it was already about 1.15pm, and we went to have lunch at Lemon Leaf, a Thai restaurant. I had Masaman curry lamb with rice...yummy~ We also had dessert after that.

The dessert - egg custard with ice cream

We went to shop for a while at Knox City shopping complex after that. It's not my first time there but the shopping complex still reminded me of Malaysia's style of shopping mall =)

Planned to take the 737 bus back but it was about 5pm by then and the next bus would be at 5.47pm. We didn't want to wait so we took another bus that took us to the end of tram stops (somewhere near Burwood), took a tram then took the 703 bus to halls. Reached halls at about 7pm.

It's really a fun day....we should go bowling more often!! (not AMF again coz it's kinda expensive =P)

Going for rural placement starting tomorrow. I'm going to Kyneton with Grace and will be fun! =D There's no Internet access there, but that doesn't mean that my blog won't be updated....hehehe~

Friday, August 22, 2008



[壹]. 個人題-10題

[01] 你叫什麼: Jessica 陈淑君
[02] 你的綽號: Jess Jess、洁思卡、切西瓜、bear
[03] 你的血型: A型
[04] 你的星座: 处女座 =D
[05] 你是男還是女: 女
[06] 你幾歲: 19!!! 快要20了 *hint hint*
[07] 你住哪裡: 现在在澳洲墨尔本,家在吉兰丹哥打巴汝
[08] 你的學校: Monash University 莫纳斯大学
[09] 你有沒有手機: 有
[10] 承上,那是多少: 两个

[貳]. 朋友題-10題

[11] 你最要好的朋友(限1個): 要限一个的话太不公平了,我是很大公无私的 =P
[12] 你最討厭的人(限1個): 好像没有呢
[13] 你最正的女性朋友(限1個): 都说我是大公无私的,每个都很正
[14] 你最帥的男性朋友(限1個): 嗯,要我从这么多个朋友选一个,有点难 =P
[15] 什麼樣的女生你最討厭: 想了很久,我还是觉得:做作的女生
[16] 什麼樣的男生你最討厭: 自以为是的男生
[17] 你的好朋友有誰(不限): 多了
[18] 你經常和哪位朋友出去: 芸颖和劲彦 (每个星期grocery shopping);最近很少出去,很难说还有谁
[19] 你身邊最憨的朋友(限1個,不能自己): 憨是的意思是blur blur吧?那就莉彬啦
[20] 你身邊最可愛的朋友(限1個): 秀婷

[參]. 感情題-15題

[21] 你有沒有喜歡的人: 喜欢很多人哈哈哈
[22] 如果有,那他叫什麼: 你你你你你啰
[23] 如果沒有,那你希望什麼時候有另一半: 等我明年的21岁生日过先吧
[24] 到目前為止,你跟多少人告白過: 没有
[25] 到目前為止,你被多少人告白過:没有
[26] 到目前為止,你交過多少個男/女朋友: 没有
[27] 你現在有另一半嗎: 没有
[28] 你最好的同性朋友跟你告白你會怎樣: 应该是会很好笑的情况下吧,当然会配合她高兴一下嘛哈哈
[29] 你初戀情人突然跟你告白你會接受嗎: 应该不会吧
[30] 你為什麼會喜歡你現在喜歡的人: 所有我喜欢的?就因为喜欢 =)
[31] 你跟你的另一半牽手過嗎: -
[32] 你跟你的另一半抱或親過嗎: -
[33] 你跟異性牽手過嗎: 哎哟,以前上幼儿园谁没和异性牵手过
[34] 是誰,你們什麼關係: 同学啦哈哈
[35] 現在有人在追你嗎: 没有

[肆]. 混合題-10題

[36] 如果有天,好朋友離你而去: 会很心痛
[37] 如果有天,好朋友背叛你,你會怎樣:当然觉得很不爽
[38] 如果有天,好朋友對你喜新厭舊了,你會怎樣: 会很伤心  
[39] 如果你很受不了你的父母,你會離家出走嗎: 不可能的事
[40] 你上課認真嗎: 算认真吧,上了一年半的lecture才真正了解到应该怎样在lecture专心听课
[41] 你上課都在做什麼: 听课啊!有时候很累,会不小心睡着了……
[42] 你功課好不好: 还好吧
[43] 你打開電腦都在幹麻: 听歌、上网、玩游戏、做功课、打字(我喜欢打字)
[44] 你的即時通裡有多少個同性: 谁会酱无聊去算
[45] 你的即時通裡有多少個異性: 请参考第[44]题

[伍]. 兇手題-10題.

[46] 傳給你這份問卷的人是誰: 芸颖
[47] 這個人對你好不好: 要说她对我好,不然没晚餐吃了 =P
[48] 這個人是你的誰: 一起煮饭的同党 (还有另一个是劲彦)
[49] 你有喜歡過這個人嗎: 好朋友之间应该有喜欢才算是好朋友吧
[50] 你們認識多久了: 差不多一年半
[51] 這個人是怎樣的人: 友善,容易给我欺负的人 =P
[52] 這個人正/帥嗎: 正,不酱说劲彦会打我哈哈
[53] 這個人有沒有喜歡過你: 问她啦
[54] 這個人跟你有沒有在一起過: 住同一个宿舍呢
[55] 萬一你喜歡這個人,你會怎麼辦: 请参考第[49]题

[陸]. 聯想題-10題.

[56] 說到正妹你會想到誰: 用“正妹”这个词的话想不到谁,如果用“美女”就会想到Jenny Cui (倩颍的影响啰)
[57] 說到帥哥你會想到誰: “一闪一闪亮晶晶”(某某某会明白我在写什么)
[58] 說到憨你會想到誰: 都说莉彬了
[59] 說到白癡你會想到誰: 没有
[60] 說到暗戀你會想到誰: 最近没听到谁暗恋谁
[61] 說到愛出去玩你會想到誰: 不知道eh,不过我本身很爱玩 =P
[62] 說到聰明鬼你會想到:可荣
[63] 說到无聊仔你會想到誰: ah leng!
[64] 說到笑點低你會想到誰:泽鹏
[65] 說到愛笑你會想到誰: 玲智

[柒]. 學校題-11題.

[66] 你的班導是誰: 没有
[67] 你的座位是第幾排第幾個:不固定
[68] 你最喜歡的老師是誰: John Rawson,很喜欢他的notes
[69] 你的英文好嗎: 英文是我的第一个语言,你说嘞?
[70] 你的體育好嗎: 只会打羽毛球
[71] 你的數學好嗎: 好,很喜欢数学,可是医科没有数学这一科……
[72] 你喜不喜歡你的校长: 没看过呢
[73] 你的學校好看嗎: 好像芸颖说的,会比较喜欢古老城堡式的大学
[74] 你的班級是: 每个tute都不一样班
[75] 你的班級在幾樓: 一楼和二楼的CMHSE

[捌]. 點名題-10題

[1] 莉彬
[2] 玲智
[3] 妙倩
[4] 秀婷
[5] 琳雯
[6] 黄秀萍
[7] 一明
[8] 宇声
[9] 翠娴
[10] 嘉恩

p/s: added photos for the previous post on cYc's birthday =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's a special day...coz...


And it's also special coz my foot improved a lot this morning =)

What happened was I fell down on Monday morning while walking from halls to uni. It was quite a shock to me coz I didn't expect that I would slip at the junction. I was walking with Chean Ying and I just fell after crossing over the 'chain-like thingy'. Immediately I felt intense pain at my right foot, and there was a bruise on my right hand. Luckily I had my friends with me who helped me. Nooi Hoay offered water to clean/wash my wound and Yun Ying put plaster on my hand. Ryan offered to carry my bag but I said that I could still hold it. It was getting late so I suggested we move on. I limped all the way to South 1 lecture theatre (which is the furthest lecture theatre from halls) and all of us were 10 minutes late for the 8am lecture. However we were lucky that the lecturer hadn't started the lecture yet. For the first half an hour of the lecture I couldn't really pay full attention because of the pain; I took off my right shoe and there was still pain. The bleeding from the wound at my hand was not much but the plaster was already full of blood.

My right foot got more painful as time passed; during PCL I was feeling not up to the mood that I did not plan to pick any task (I chose to do a role play instead so that I wouldn't have to prepare anything hehe). It was again another torture when I had to limp my way from CMHSE to South 1 lecture theatre for another lecture (even though CMHSE and South 1 lecture theatre are so near to each other). Li Ping was sitting behind me and she said, 'Hey I arrived earlier than you in this morning's lecture!' (She used to arrive late for morning lectures)...and then I explained what happened. She then asked, '你有哭吗?' I was quite startled because no one ever asked me that kind of question before. I gave her an indirect answer - I didn't cry, but the pain was so intense while walking to uni that I held back my tears.

By lunch time the pain was quite unbearable that I had to take the lift to go up to first floor of campus centre instead of taking the stairs. I couldn't sit on the floor at 'airport lounge' so I went into the dining room with Nooi Hoay. Li Ping was buying lunch at Grain Express and she came and said, '你看起来很难过eh……不要酱难过嘞' and gave me a pat on my shoulder. I was like, awww...did I look that sad? Perhaps it was due to the pain that I no longer carry the smile on my face like I used to...

Everyone was asking me what happened to my leg. I kept telling Chean Ying that I didn't quite understand why did I fell (it happened in such a split second). Yun Ying and Ryan suggested me to go to the Monash University Health Service to see the doctor, which I hesitated at first (luckily they forced me to go in the end). I was walking very slowly from the lift to the Health Service at ground floor of campus centre with Yun Ying accompanying me. Yu Wan and Ryan took the stairs and we met at the Health Service. As we were queueing up someone patted me from behind - I was surprised to see Li Ping standing behind me (because I thought she was eating her lunch at a very much slower pace than usual LOL). There were only 10 minutes left to the next lecture at 12pm. After a few minutes queueing I went in to see a nurse who helped to clean my wound and put ice pack on my foot. Yu Wan then called to tell me that they would be going to the lecture first (carrying my stuff there). 10 minutes or so later a doctor came to check my range of motion and then told the nurse to put bandage on my foot - she helped me to put on my socks and shoes after that, to which I felt quite embarrased because I couldn't do it due to the pain. When I walked out of campus centre it was already about 12.40pm and I didn't feel like limping all the way to the lecture theatre again, so I went straight away to the venue for the next lecture. I felt that somehow the bandage made my walking worse =/ It's a terrible day, I thought, what a day to start the week.

The water-proof 'plaster'

It was rural briefing after that, and when we had to walk to the other corner of the lecture theatre to sign some form. Grace and Adilah helped to bring the form to my seat for me to sign (suddenly I felt that I was like a VIP hehe). We then discussed about taking the V-Line train to go to our rural placement and how would I be able to move about with the condition of my leg. Luckily (and much to our relief) that a girl came up to us and offered to drive us there because she had enough seats in her car. I felt so thankful =)

I didn't feel like walking all the way to the Histology lab for practical/Histology lecture after that. I even asked Daniel to wait for me as he was driving back to halls - but after asking whether the Histology practical was worth my time to go (we had exam coming up and most people would rather spend the time studying previous weeks' stuff), I told him to go back first while I continued discussing/making decision whether to go or not with Sheryl, Lin, Karolina and Ryan. We spent like 10 minutes to make the decision of not going =.= Sheryl then drove us back to halls - she also lent me her analgesic cream for my foot =)

Li Ping called me to ask how did the doctor's appointment go. 'So you are, like, immobile now?' She asked. 'Yeah...immobile.' Hmmm. Ryan helped me to walk up the stairs to my room. I told my parents what happened to me in the morning and they replied with lots of advices on how to massage the foot with oil, asked me how's the injury like etc. I took off the bandage from my foot and only realised that there was swelling =( and the pain! After applying analgesic cream, I 'elevated' my foot on my bed (the nurse advised me to keep my foot elevated) and continued studying for the exam.

By evening I realised that I could no longer walk properly and I could only hop around to get to places I wanted to. I had trouble going to the toilet and the kitchen which were only a few steps away from my room! =( I never knew that the situation could get that serious! I then realised I needed a crutch - but where to get one at that hour?? I was feeling terrible but there was nothing I could do. I asked around and got to know from Hashrul that I could borrow a crutch from the Monash Pharmacy. Hmmm...nobody's going to uni on Tuesday, so I could only get a crutch on Wednesday, after the exam, I thought. Ryan and Yun Ying had to bring dinner to my room (we usually have dinner upstairs). '你很大牌,' Yun Ying said jokingly. Yeah, I said, it's like hotel service =P I called my dad at night to talk about my injury. I was so very surprised when Siew Ting called me at around 12am!!! All the way from Malaysia! '哇,我脚受伤你就会打电话来哦……' Felt so touched =) [You rarely get international calls when you are overseas....]

The next day (yesterday) I didn't go for my community placement. Didn't sleep well the previous night. I woke up and spent 45 minutes just going to toilet then to the kitchen to prepare and have breakfast. I hopped along the corridors with my left leg. Yun Ying came to help me prepare lunch. Spent the whole day studying. Called Kaiwen to help me to walk to the exam venue the next day, and Daniel to give me a lift to uni. When it was dinner time I had dinner delivered to my room again =) Was really hoping to get a crutch after the exam next day.

Today when I woke up, I realised that I could walk better....and with less pain!! Felt very happy. Daniel and Yeu Sheng walked me to the Histology lab for the exam (theirs was at Engineering Halls). Apparently Kaiwen didn't see us walk past her room in the morning so she didn't join us in the car ride =.= But I could walk without much help anyway =) After the exam Ivie walked me to campus centre, and just then I decided that I wouldn't need a crutch anymore! So I ended up not using a crutch after suffering from pain for 2 days. I still walk slowly and with slight limp now, but there is not much pain anymore. Thank God =)

Went to Pinewood with Yu Wan, Ivie, Li Ping, Adilah, Grace and Ravind to have ice cream. Planned to watch a movie but the next screening was around 6pm (about 1.5 hours away) so we left. Yu Wan came to my room and we chat till dinner time. I could walk upstairs and have dinner now! =D

Thank you everyone who have offered a helping hand (cooking and bringing me dinners, helping me carry stuff etc etc), thank you for those who have showed concern and care, and thank you for the prayers... Really appreciate everything ^_^

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black + White = Grey

We celebrated Ye Chia's 21st birthday at Sofia near Burwood last Wednesday night =) The colour theme for the night was black, white and grey...Yu Wan came out with the idea that girls must wear dress/skirt for the dinner (the colour theme was also her idea). We took the 703 bus to Blackburn from halls, walked a while to take the tram and walked a while again to Sofia Restaurant. Us girls were shivering because of the cold wind...(and again it's Yu Wan who said 'next time don't wear skirt already')...

Ye Chia had reserved a place for 16 of us earlier so there were enough seats; I was a little bit surprised when Zhi Han and Ling Sing turned up for the dinner too =) So altogether there were 18 of us! Basically we had pasta/garlic bread/pizza - all in VERY large proportions (the waiter told us that we could 'da bao' the leftovers!) I shared a table with Yu Wan, Chau Wang, Zepeng, Yeu Sheng and Daniel. We ordered a large garlic bread with cheese and three types of pasta with different sauce each (spaghetti, risotto and linguini)...yummy~

The very big round garlic bread with cheese on top

My dinner shared with 5 people and we couldn't finish it

The group of us

The XX's

The XY's with Ye Chia

cYc with her cake and flower

Group picture

I uploaded this pic coz it's so cool (like engaged couple la haha) her bf gonna kill me for this

Ye Chia & me! =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have been dreaming a lot lately.

Not that kind of day-dream if that's what you are thinking...the dreams that I meant are dreams that you make when you are sleeping.

It's funny how you would dream of people whom you see everyday or very often. I dream of my friends around me. Sometimes I dream of people who I have thought of earlier in the day. Not that I can control who will appear in my dreams, right?

Almost every one of them gave me the same response when I told my friends that I dreamt of them.

End of last year when I was back in Malaysia I dreamt of Angelene a few times. I sent her text messages to 'inform' her. Her replies were like, "You miss me too much I think", "You must be missing me badly"...

Last week I told Li Ping that I dreamt of her. Her response was, "Oh, you miss me ar?"

Few days ago I wrote on Cheah Yen's Facebook wall that I dreamt of her calling me. Her reply was, "I am so glad you miss me so much!!"

See what the responses have in common? =P

And last night I dreamt of Kaiwen!

Monday, August 04, 2008


都说处女座另类,双重性格,甚至有点神经质,其实原因只有一个,处女座的一切都要随自己外显的性格而转,姑且称之为'状态'。处女座状态好的时候,可以将自己聪明、细腻、能干、温情、幽默、有内涵等优良品质完全外展,此时他们显得如此完美,光芒四射,并且可以表现得非常外向、健谈,容易与人打成一片(这本非他们的性格)。而一旦处女座状态不好,便会变成另一个人,甚至非常窝囊,一事无成,不过通常此时他们都躲避外在的干扰, 所以让人感觉有点间歇性自闭症。 因为同为水星守护,所以处女和双子一样善变,但双子善变的是心思,处女善变的却是情绪




而且,大家都知道处女座的人有严重的完美主义倾向,所以就有了所谓的 '处女座的人最喜欢若即若离'。原因很简单:他只想给你一个最好最完美的自己,而不愿让你看到他无助脆弱的一面。所以请记住,有时处女座对你冷,绝不是你说错做错什么,这是他们正常的生理现象,他们只是不想让严寒和冰霜伤害了你(可事实上这种做法已经伤害)。不必难过,因为他们在乎你的话,他们的内心比你还要难过、自责和内疚!他们所能做的,只希望快点调整好情绪,回到你的身边。









处女座很纯真,但绝不单纯,他们内心复杂得让人难以想象,很多不经意的事可能都是他们精心布置的。处女座也总在纯洁和好色之间徘徊,这一点最难说清。不过他们真正的内心是极其善良的, 宁可自己苦也不愿伤害任何人,心灵如水晶一般晶莹剔透。












处女座喜欢和人说些暧昧的话,对心仪的对象却不好意思表白。 处女座希望别人了解自己,却又只将能公布的那一部分对外展示。 处女座是最有责任感的人了,可很多时候却害怕承担责任