Monday, August 30, 2010



p/s: 图画只是来陪衬这个post,不是书的封面,我看的小说是soft copy的。

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Makan makan

Fried fish for the first time! (salmon doesn't count as fried fish)

Malaysian curry chicken with potato....

What a funny shape. Any guesses?

Friday, August 13, 2010

The different colours of rice

I was browsing through my old posts out of boredom and came across the post that I said I would write about Kelantan's food. In this first post I'll be introducing the different colours of rice available in Kelantan....

Let's start with Nasi Dagang, which is red in colour.

A quick search on the web revealed that Nasi Dagang is a local food both in Kelantan and Terengganu. So it's a food of the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia =)

You mainly eat it with kerutuk daging (beef), or chicken curry, or fish if you like.

This looks exactly the same as what I usually eat in KB as breakfast!

Next up is nasi kerabu, blue colour rice.

As you can see this is mainly eaten with raw vegetables (e.g. bean sprouts and cucumber), some spices/onion (I am not sure what is it called), fish...and you mix everything together and eat with keropok~

Then we have kau-jam, which is green in colour.

Similarly, we mix the rice with raw vegetable (mainly cucumber) and raw onion, and eat with fried fish or chicken, and keropok. What is different is that kau-jam originates from Thailand (kau = rice, jam = mixed). (Fact: Thailand is just across the border of Kelantan, so you can find a lot of Thai food in Kelantan as well)

Keropok is a popular local food in can eat it with almost anything~ you can find keropok made of fish, sotong, and I think maybe prawn too...and in any colour and size as well. (I eat it quite often coz my mom always fry it at home, as snack for afternoon tea or when my friends are yea, come to KB!)

Oh, one more thing that I should mention...kau-jam and Nasi Kerabu is best eaten with your own hands.....mix everything together and nom nom nom =P