Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Food, Friends and Fun

Amirah invited us to her house for Raya last Wednesday =) Made me miss the food back in my home town...never mind, just few more months to go!

yummillicious food!

Raya sparklers

last Raya celebration in Clayton

Shean Wei came to Melbourne with his dad for holidays, and we got to meet up on Friday!

at the Shrine of Remembrance

Went to the Olympic Park and AAMI Park unexpectedly after walking out of an exit from Royal Botanical Gardens....I have never been there before and I used to wonder how to get there, and then somehow we were at the place!

colour-changing lights

Melbourne Cricket Ground
We took the train back to the city for dinner, and while we were walking towards Chinatown we bumped into ah Buu's brother! It has got to be fate....Shean Wei's dad was just saying that it is easy to meet Kelantanese when travelling while Shean Wei said it would be quite impossible in Melbourne, and that he would treat the person to dinner if he did meet any - well we did meet one this time! It's just funny to recall that Angelene and I bumped into ah Buu at Amsterdam airport few months ago....and now his brother (I didn't know he has a younger brother)....fate fate =)

The next day I went boating with the Monash gang, at Studley Boathouse.

ducks ducks ducks


row, row, row your boat...
After rowing boat for an hour, the 13 of us sat down in front of the cafe to chill...it was a fine sunny Saturday afternoon and we had warm coffee and hot chips. It feels great to just relax and catch up with friends that way...just then, I thought I saw someone familiar...all of us turned and looked, it's a Prof we all know from Paediatrics last year! None of us dared to go up to greet him as he probably wouldn't know us anyway, knowing that our cohort consists of 300+ students and we are just the few out of that 300+....but Yu Wan went to say hi before we left, haha...

On Sunday evening, Grace came to pick Christina and I up to Amirah's house - Grace planned to make tofu burgers! I brought avocado pudding over but I -absolutely- forgot to take a picture of it (nothing special anyway, just a bowl of green stuff) but it tastes really good (and really easy to make too)!

making tofu burgers

Christina's own recipe of fried Chinese mushrooms

Tofu burger with mashed potato as side

Unfortunately I couldn't taste how good the tofu burger was (it must have tasted really good with the lemon juice and herbs) as I was (and still am) down with a cold! Didn't get to taste much of my favourite avocado pudding either but I knew how it tasted like coz my dad used to make it at home (it's his recipe anyway)~