Saturday, March 31, 2007

last day of M a r c H

First of all, happy belated birthday to Hui Xuan!! Her birthday was yesterday and now she's 19...a brilliant girl with some mischieve at times, I wish her all the best in her studies and be happy everyday...hehe...(and continue to be mischievous =P)

Secondly, happy birthday to my old pal Yie Min who's at Perth, he's turning 20 today! Wahaha...much older than me now (since I am still 18) treat yourself to a nice 'veggie' ya?? =P


I finally found (and remember) nougat - Aussie's specialty! It's a kind of choc bar + sweet (I don't really know how to describe it), cost me $1.96 for 100g (which is about 20+cm long)...hehe...very nice to eat! Yummy~


This is what we need in our lives...




....all within the hearts of people~

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

28th March..

I remember that date every year, coz it's...........Angelene's birthday!

Happy birthday Angelene dear!!

(I plan to put a pic here but I don't have any recent photo of you..)

So you're 20 eh? *clap clap* more a little girl, but to me you are always a manja and cute girl with that sweet smile =) Even though now we're far apart, I'd still like to give my best wishes to you, hope that you'll be happy everyday, hope that you'll not be stressful of the load of assignment and revisions to do, hope that you'll be loved by everyone (and more!), hope that God bless you and your prayers are answered, hope that you will move on smoothly to get your degree and be a successful doctor, and also hope that you will miss me *winks* (just kidding, I know that you do miss me..)

You mean so much to me and I'd like to say that I appreciate you as a special friend and I value our friendship a lot. You turn up to me when I'm nobody and add colour to my life - like an angel sent from heaven - as you said so two or three years ago. I remember that phrase till now coz it's true..I'm happy that we keep in touch though we don't contact each other as often, it's always nice to hear news from you now and then by reading your blog.

Anyway, it's your big day...enjoy and have fun! (I suddenly realise that I never celebrate your birthday together with you...>.<)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am happy today!

Janet gave me a tight tight (notice that I repeat the word) hug today! It's then I realise that I haven't hugged anyone for such a long time...hugs are always so full of warmth, care and love...and the best thing is, they are free! =) Thanks dear for brighten up my day!


Last night we gave Ryan a surprise birthday party! He's the third in our group to turn 20 today. Our initial plan was to splash him with water to make him wet, but knowing that he's a bit sick and we are considerate and kind we changed our plan. Yun Ying and Justina blindfolded him and led him around the halls and the lake...walking down stairs, between tree trunk (this is soooo fun!) and a slope...we also asked him to do a frog jump but he wouldn't, thinking that he would land up in the lake...haha! We then asked him to squat down in front of the birthday cake and told him that the cake was 3.3metres away from him (it's actually only bout 33cm)...Who knows he really believed and was about to jump a few steps ahead but luckily we managed to stop him before he spoiled the whole cake. Before taking off the cloth over his eyes, we asked him, 'Who is the first person you want to see when you open your eyes?' He said, 'JUSTINA! Coz today not yet hit her head..' =.= What answer is that..

Anyway, we sang birthday song and gave him the presents - a book and a bottle of red wine. We sat down near the lake and started to have a long talk while eating cake. We even had a Q&A session for him! Each one of us asked a question (for more info please refer to Ryan's blog). We chatted till about 12am then retired to our rooms, exhausted coz lack of sleep.


I was feeling so sleepy since morning today. I don't like Thursday's classes. I don't like Syndicate tutorials, I feel that I can't learn much in that two hours. Afternoon was worse, we had 'Home' tutorial. It's about sociology, culture and stuff like that...which I am not interested in as well...and I was like dozing off every ten minutes even thought I sat directly in front of the tutor! I couldn't help it, it's like I was tak bermaya coz lack of sleep. I came back feeling tired and without energy or strength. I switched on my laptop and read some blogs...till I came across Angelene's blog and realised that she just did the 70 questions taggie.....and guess what?

Her answers to questions regarding me put a smile to my face...and suddenly I don't feel as lethargic anymore!

See now understand why I said she's an angel sent from heaven? =)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


After being tagged by Chien to do that 70 questions thingy, I tagged some other people, and they tagged other people....and now it's like I saw it on many people's blog! Like Nooi Hoay, Cheng Khoon, Yu Wan, then Ling Weng (Yijia tagged her), Jia Huei, Jing Guo...bla bla bla...sooner or later the Chinese in from AUSMAT 17 in INTEC will have done that super long taggy...haha!

Thanks to ME...I'm so proud =P

Sunday, March 18, 2007





都要有,因为 '好 '啊。


6. 被帅警察抓到你在偷东西时,你会选择色诱还是攻击来逃脱?为什么?

(点名:亲爱的 妙倩!你看我这么好人只要你答六道题目!!)

Friday, March 16, 2007


點名遊戲 - 擊鼓傳花遊戲介紹:


Q1: 如果看到自己最愛的人熟睡在你面前你會做什麼?

Q2: 寫首自己最最喜愛的歌?

Q3: 當你最不知道穿什麼顏色的時候,你會選擇什麼顏色?

Q4: 2006年你最後悔的一件事是什麼?

Q5: 曾經有過最被感動的事是什麼?

Q6: 比較喜歡爸爸還是媽媽?

Q7: 你最想要的5樣東西是什麼?

Q8: 最後一次發自內心的笑是什麼時候:

Q9: 如果給你一個機會去世界上任何一個地方旅行,是哪里?

Q10: 如果時間能倒流你希望回到哪一天:

Q11: 最想實現的三個願望是什麼?

Q12: 我在你眼裏什麼樣?

Q13: 如果讓你擁有一種超能力,你願意擁有什麼呢?為什麼?

Q14: 最喜歡哪部電影?

Q15: 與喜歡的人見面,想要穿成什麼樣?

Q16. 你喜不喜歡我?

Q17: 如何向喜歡的人表白?

Q18: 如果你愛的人不愛你怎麼辦?

Q19: 你會選擇having *** before marriage嗎?

Q20: 世界末日,你會倖存,並且你可以救一個人,你會怎麼做?

Q21: 你在乎別人看你的眼光嗎?會為了眾人的反對放棄自己想要的東西或人嗎?

Q22: 想要擁有一個怎樣的聖誕?

Q23: 如果我們不認識。。你還想和我做朋友麼?

Q24: 對我的第一印象和現在的感覺?

Q25: 你約他(她)遲到多久你會等?

Q26: 在什麼時候會想到我?

Q27: 2007年最想幹什麼?

Q28: 如果有天你死了,希望是什麼死法?

Q29: 如果你愛的人沒錢,你還會嫁給他麼?還是找個愛你而且很有錢的人?(男生,你愛的人不是處女你還會娶她並且一如既往的愛她嗎?)

Q30: 朋友到底是怎樣的?

Q31: 如何拒絕追求你的人?

Q32: 最想做什麼動物?

Q33: 如果你和你現在的女(男)朋友在路上碰到你以前的女(男)朋友,你會怎麼辦??

Q34: 覺得一直和一個人呆在一起會有一天厭倦嗎?(朋友或戀人)

Q35: 鬱悶的時候怎麼辦?

Q36: 最適合你發呆的地方?

Q37: 你心目中理想的愛人是什麼樣子呢?

Q38: 你相信一見鍾情還是日久生情啊?

Q39: 在你的生命中,是友情勝過愛情,還是愛情勝過友情?為什麼?

Q40: 最想要的公司福利是怎麼樣的?

Q41: 願意離開家到很遠的地方去追尋幸福嗎?

Q42: 你在大家面前和自己一個人時,差別有多大?

Q43: 下面兩樣你更喜歡哪個?雪山還是大海

Q44: 你最崇拜誰,理由?

Q45: 如果胡錦濤讓位給你...你想如何改造中國?

Q46: 如果你坐在一個面朝大海的窗前,有一個寫字臺,上面有一張紙一支筆,你想寫給誰,寫些什麼?

Q47: 迄今為止,你幹過最尷尬的事是什麼?

Q48: 假如能讓你選擇兩個日期(出生和死亡) 你會分別選擇哪一天

Q49: 你覺得曖昧是一種幸福嗎?

Q50: 你覺得跟我認識是相見恨早還是相見恨早?

Q51: 你被我點名的時侯,有咩感覺??

Q52: 可以變身的話希望變成什麼?

Q53: 你覺得男人跟狗這兩種生物,有沒有什麼差異之處?

Q54: 你覺得呢個世界奸人多定好人多呢?咁點算好呀?

Q55: 如果你有10蚊澳門幣會做d乜?

Q56: 形容一下中國人

Q57 :: 由初戀到 e+ 最深刻係那一段感情 ??

Q58 :: 你覺得自己的異性緣強嗎 ??

Q59 :: 請說出一個秘密

Q60 :: 你認為世界上邊個最靚仔

Q61 :: 如果有機會你可以參加一次時光旅行,你會選擇回到過去還是去到未來?

Q57: 你覺得我有咩地方需要改善的空間

Q58. 記得我們怎樣認識嘛?情景是怎樣?形容下吧﹗

Q59. 想過一個怎樣的生日?
surprise party!

Q60. 想做靚女(仔)定想做一個叻女(仔)? 為甚麼?

Q61. 你有沒憎恨過人?

Q62. 有無暗戀過人?



Q65. 估我做乜會搵你??


Q65. 把這句的xxx給作好成一個句子"世界上最遙遠的距離,並非是生與死的距離,而是xxx"絕不能模倣張小嫻同泰戈爾的版本,世界上最遙遠的距離,並非是生與死的距離,而是...


Q68. 請講一件我令你印象好深刻既事

Q69. 一件可以令你暴走的事

Q70. 現在在你眼中的我是一個怎樣的人?

被點名的 : 玲智!友望!Cheng Khoon! 妮蕙!秀萍!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't lose your Standards~

It's been one month since I came to Australia. Wow, time really flies...and it's already Week 3 of my course! More and more group work and assignments to do...more things to learn, more stuff to read, and more people to know (especially when doing group work). Well we still move around in campus as an INTEC-Monash gang (Nooi Hoay 2007) with the addition of Yun Ying who studied in Sunway College (she's a JPA scholar as well) and Daniel, a guy from Hong Kong who grew up in Melbourne. We usually have lunch together on campus everyday, sitting on the floor and chit chat. During these 2 weeks there had been FREE stuff given out to encourage people to drink less alcohol..I think the government is running a campaign. So we got free T-shirts, (note the 's' as the list goes on), free bags (2 types), free CD holders, free magnets...haha!! The theme is 'Don't Lose Your Standards''s something like this printed on every stuff that we have..

It shows a man fainting and a woman vomiting coz of excess of alcohol..hehe...drinking alcoholic drinks is a culture here but I don't drink. I tried a bit of beer yesterday but it tasted bitter. I hope to try some wine next time. I was so surprised to hear that Chien Yen is joining a drinking competition!!

STPM results are out today. Congratulations to Ker Yung, Song Yee, Jen Yun, Wei Ven, Yun Siew, Yin Siew etc (19 people!) for getting the anugerah cemerlang. Another congratulations to them for obtaining all As and breaking the school's record. You guys are so geng!!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going back to the past...

I planned to read last week's lecture notes this weekend but I only managed to finish half of them, coz when I'm alone in my room my mind tends to wander off somewhere...

I remember the time when we celebrated Pn Amani's birthday in class and the way she laughed..
I remember the time when I bought the same pair of shoes with Amelene..
I remember the time when Kia Miang used to sing in her room and we could actually hear from outside though she closed the door..
I remember the time when I used to go pasar malam on Monday nights with my ji muis..
I remember the time when we hate to wear jackets to college during hot days..
I remember the time when Amelene used to call my name again and again when she's bored..
I remember the time when we used to play badminton together..
I remember the time when Ling Weng used to sneeze a lot...anywhere..
I remember the time when Yee Fang used to come to our room to chit-chat..
I remember the time when I used to call Conney leopard..
I remember the time when I used to play Siew Ting's hair..
I remember the time when I was cheated to play badminton at midnight for my surprise birthday party..
I remember the time when I used to go da pau in the cafe with Siaw Tze..
I remember the time when I used to tease Josephine..
I remember the time when we went shopping with Christine..
I remember the time when we listened to Cheah Yen's stories..
I remember the time when we ate ice cream with Agnes before Math class in the afternoon..
I remember the time when we rushed for the bus every morning to college..
I remember the time when we went to DUMC every Saturday evening..

I remember a lot of things. And I miss them. Those moments. They're the sweeteners in my life.

But now I feel...complicated. Confused. In doubt. Don't understand why some things happen. I need a listening ear...

I wish my pillar of strength is here with me.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is my 100th post!

This morning Yu Wan, Nooi Hoay, Yun Ying and me gathered at the junction as usual and walked to the bus loop to meet Rebecca. When we reached there, I called Rebecca and asked where she was, and she said, "You're at the bus loop?? Didn't you see me?" Just then I saw her and laughed, walking towards her and commenting that she's small sized that's why we didn't notice her. =P We met Janet too, she's going to Chadstone for some shopping with her friends.

There were several people with Rebecca, obviously they're an organisation or something. Jing Jing was our driver and she drove us to our desination. We met other people there and was touring the place when Justina, Ryan, Shea Chuen and Yeu Sheng arrived. We were shocked to know that they spent $100+ on shopping for groceries + kitchen utensils! I wonder what did they buy...

We chatted with Aunty Augusta and helped her a bit to prepare snacks. After that we went to the games room to play some games. We then had our lunch at the dining room, and some talk by Aunty Augusta and Uncle Kin then moved on to play games again. This time it's team work. We had fun blowing balloons and stepping on group came second and we got a prize of chocolate bar each..hehe..

At the end of the event, Aunty Augusta called us to da pao the food back for dinner (she's always so nice! The last time we went to her house for CNY eve dinner, she also did the same thing)...and then Richard drove us back to our halls.

It's really nice to know them as they are good people; we can seek help from them whenever we need. They've been overseas students before and now they are here to help us settle down and adapt to our new life. May God bless them always!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yesterday we went to Brandon Park (yes, that shopping centre) to get our printers which we ordered earlier...hehe...finally I have a printer! Now it's easier and more convenient for me to print my lecture notes and stuff =D

At about 10pm when other residents from my hall were having fun joining the Toga Party, suddenly the fire alarm went off. It was so deafening that I got out of my room to see what happened. There were many people in front of the common room especially those from the Toga Party who only had white cloths (not shirts) on. Someone told us to go to the evacuation area which is the car park. We went there and soon the fire brigade arrived. Obviously there wasn't any fire as there was no smoke; some stupid fool must have pushed the alarm (with intention or accidentally? I dunno.) The firemen then went inside the buildings to check if there's anything wrong, and they found out that there was really no fire. A girl spoke up and said that it cost $800 for a firetruck to arrive if there's no fire, and since there were two trucks, it cost $1600. She said that whoever knew who was that person who caused all these inconvenience and trouble should report to her (I think she's either the deputy college head or the college head).

We learnt a lot of biology this week, sadly to say that I forgot some of the stuff. I seriously need my biology notes last year..haha..or maybe I should just read and read and READ....duh..

This morning I was awaken from my dream by the ringing of my room telephone. I had that bizarre dream. If the person I dreamed about knows it, she/he will certainly be happy. So what's that dream about? I'm so not gonna I have a belief that any dreams told to others will not come true. So..hehe... (but really it's kinda...sorta telling me that it'd come true...)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

city again~

This morning we went to Brandon Park at Glen Waverly. It's a shopping centre and not a park as its name shows..we woke up early and went there by the free shuttle bus provided by our uni. Our objective was to buy fruits, vegetables and some meat. I saw a sign that displayed dog meat! Eww...

After that we went to Melbourne city to go to Victoria Market. There were a lot of things sold there - it's sort of like a pasar malam which sells food like vegetables, meat, fruits etc and stuff like clothes, shoes, souvenirs, jackets, toys etc. There're quite cheap, for instance, I bought a blouse at $2 and a pants at $3 and a pair of shoes at $15! My friends and I made a conclusion: if we live here and earn money here, we don't have to spend as much as we do in Malaysia...and my friend said that first-world countries are like, so nice!

We had our lunch at Hungry Jacks - a fast food restaurant which is similar to McDonalds. Their burgers are large, luckily I ordered junior's already very fulfilling!

Our next destination was Yarra River. We saw jellyfish! Unusual right? The river is near to the Federation Square which has a unique building structure. It's also a distance from the casino - as long as you're over 18 you can go into the casino! Unlike Genting - you have to be 21 and above to go in..hehe..but we didn't go in the casino though coz of time constrain. Well we did what we love - taking pictures!

The famous Yarra River (though I only know that it's famous after I came here =P)

They have this on the side of the bridge! And some other structures too..and names of coutries with some descriptions on glass panels beneath them...

Such a pity that Yu Wan didn't come with us.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

last day of february

We celebrated Chean Ying's birthday last Wednesday. All of us woke up very early in the morning though some of us didn't have class (like Justina and me) to perform our task..we had a nice plan for her. All of us gathered outside Calvin's room then silently went up the stairs to Chean Ying's room. At the moment she opened her room door we sang birthday song for her. She was surprised as she didn't expect people to sing birthday song at such an early hour, haha! After that those in Group A went to their tutorial class while Justina, Yu Wan, Yun Ying and me who are in Group B went to Clayton town. We told Chean Ying that we wanted to buy printer but apparently she didn't know that we had other motives. We went there to buy a jacket as her present for her and a tiramisu cake. The bus was late but we managed to get back in time before Yu Wan and Yun Ying's class started.

The whole day went on like any normal day. After dinner of BBQ organised by the Campus Christian Movement at Sports Centre, I went back to get the cake and waited at Calvin's room. Yu Wan prepared the card. Cheng Khoon came and called other people to gather and discussed about our next step. We wrote our wishes to her on the card while Yeu Sheng wrote a special one on toilet rolls! Reason? I'm not telling...lalala..

We went to hide at Yeu Sheng's room while Cheng Khoon called Chean Ying to go to his room for some help on computer stuff. After Chean Ying left, we sneaked into her room which is just beside Yeu Sheng's room (see both of them so lucky can be neighbours), switched off the light, lit the two candles and waited for her to return. When we heard footsteps, we kept quiet, and...TADA! She was so surprised!

And so the process went on - blowing candles, cutting cake, eating cake, giving presents..So she's the second member in our gang to turn 20!