Thursday, July 24, 2008

A July birthday celebration...

We celebrated Shea Chuen's birthday after dinner yesterday at the common room of Deakin Hall =)

Yup, we had 'lok-lok' (I never know it's called lok-lok...)

The beautiful girls

The cool guys of some football team

The lovely cake with lovely candles

The birthday boy

Jamie Oliver: Happy birthday, Shea Chuen!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What a surprise! =D

How will you feel when you receive a birthday present?

How will you feel when you receive a birthday present just before your birthday?

How will you feel when you receive a birthday present 52 DAYS before your birthday?


Well, Li Ping and I were walking up the stairs in CMHSE for PCL class when she suddenly said that she had something for me. A gift, she said. I was totally puzzled. It's not that I don't like gifts (who don't?!), it's just that I can't think of any reason nor any special occasion for the gift. Anyway, this favourite buddy of mine can be crazy sometimes, so I accepted the gift, feeling confused and curious about what's inside the gift and why.

"This present is for you, but you don't open it first ya...go back only open..." she said.

"Why...?? It's not even September yet! Did you remember wrongly?? Tell me, it's a birthday present or what?" I asked, while recalling that she just asked for the date of my birthday last night (and I was wondering why out of sudden would she ask for the exact date of in September). I was really puzzled and I kept asking her why.

"Tell me la, don't let me be curious for the 2 hours in PCL!" I wondered what's inside the gift; and I wondered what's the occassion.

"You go back only open la, then you will know already..." She repeated this twice, I think.

"Okay okay I won't open it, go back only open...but what's the occassion?"

"Yala, it's YOUR birthday present..." She gave in.

I was even more surprised! "What? But....why?" I was starting to feel that she's really funny coz my birthday is still months away.

"You go back open then you will understand." That's the only reply she gave me. [I think you should just tell me to shut up and accept the present LOL]

And then we went for our PCL classes (yeah we're not in the same class anymore huhu)...for 2 hours, I did not touch the gift that was in my bag; for 2 hours, I wondered and kept thinking whether it's really my birthday present (she put it in a plastic bag and I didn't take it out from the plastic bag); most importantly, for 2 hours, I was curious-yet-can't-open-the-present...coz I promised her earlier! >.<

Anyway, finally PCL ended and I got back to halls soon enough. Took the gift out from the plastic bag...and it's really my birthday present! I read the card attached to it...and I was laughing because it's so funny! The reason she stated was: “我却迫不及待想让你收到这份礼物!”

I love the present paper!

I slowly opened the gift, and....


I went 'WAAAHHHHHH' when I saw the present she gave me!


It's also my very first album collection! Yay =D Thanks dear! Been listening to his songs till now, not bad wow~~ ^_^

p/s: 你都把你的爱人送给我了,难道还不爱死你吗? =P

Long time never hear those names!

Found this funny MSN conversation 2 years ago when we were planning what type of room to book as we were staying overnight in a hotel after the Merdeka countdown. It was a group conversation with Ryan, Chean Ying and Yeu Sheng. Halfway through the conversation...

*JeSSica*: brb dinner

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: so late??

*JeSSica*: today only

cheanying: brb?

*JeSSica*: haha

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: where r U??

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: in akasia??

*JeSSica*: home la

cheanying: wats brb?

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: ok

cheanying: wana go eat? [coz I was going to eat dinner and you felt like eating too eh? =P]

cheanying: haha

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: BE RIGHT BACK [answering Chean Ying's question earlier]

cheanying: ohhhh new knowledge [this girl baru realised the meaning of brb]

cheanying: haha

cheanying: m goin out soon

cheanying: gt 'meetin'

cheanying: haha

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: HEY..any one gt credit card??

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: easier on booking

cheanying: i dun hv

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: yeuyeu???

pisces: yaya [finally she said something, she had been quiet all the while]

pisces: got result? [rupa-ruppanya she's just waiting for us to discuss finish and tell her the result]

pisces: hoi...don call me yeuyeu la

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: cute cute yeuyeu

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: haha

pisces: roti, i change spec d [changing subject!]

pisces: new look

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: but u r still yeu yeu

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: =p

pisces: i talk to roti la

pisces: roti=chean ying

cheanying: hoi

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: i tot roti go out ady

pisces: finally

cheanying: m talkin v cousins thru skype juz nw

cheanying: haha

---CHiNYEN--==Ry@n L3E>>>>..: roti wat is ur skype acc??

cheanying: juz bought microphone v earphone ma

cheanying: 1st time use [yeah, skype was just starting to get popular back then]

cheanying: so excited

pisces: i wan also

cheanying: n neglected msn juz nw lo

cheanying: haha

[and so on...]

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It has been the second time already.

The card that I sent home for my sister's birthday last week hasn't reached.

Last month, I sent a Father's Day card for my dad and it didn't reach either. It's weird, coz I sent the Father's Day card on the same day and same time together with another birthday card for a friend. Both are addressed to Kelantan, Malaysia. My friend received her birthday card yet my dad didn't.

Felt so pekchek. It's odd and I couldn't think of a good reason why the cards didn't reach home. I put sufficient postage for those cards; I wrote the correct address....I even sent my sister's birthday card through the post office (while paying the stamp for it) directly and not into the mailbox for the postman to collect.

I guess next time I won't be sending cards to Malaysia anymore. =(

*hopefully the parcel I sent few days ago will reach, please God*

Monday, July 14, 2008


....and new sem starts today.
3 weeks of holidays gone in a blink of an eye (I'm exaggerating, but it's a really short winter break).

Siaw Tze went back to Perth last Saturday. She's been a nice 3-week roommie, asking me to sleep early and wake up early haha...sometimes her words and actions actually reminded me of my mum =P

Always my big sis


Thanks to Chean Ying, we gained weight during the holidays... *thanks for the desserts, I love them, yummy~*

bubur cha-cha

the cook

egg tarts!

That's not only it...she also made banana cake, tong sui, butter cake...but I didn't have the pictures of them. 'Holidays is the only time when you are free and feel like baking,' she said.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I saw snow!!

We went to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat yesterday. Rented a Hyundai Sonata and Ryan was our driver for the day (thanks Ryan!). Thanks to Calvin who read the maps, thanks to me who brought chocolates (hehe), thanks to Yun Ying who kept our driver company, thanks to Siaw Tze for letting us tease her =P

It was really cold in the morning. It got colder when we were reaching Ballarat, the temperature was about -2 to 4 Celsius! And guess what, we saw snow on the way! We were so excited that we stopped for a few minutes to take pictures despite the freezing cold wind and us shivering...I forgot to bring my gloves! My hands were as cold as ice, couldn't really feel anything with my hands because of the decreased sensitivity =.=

This is how snow looks like if you look at it closely - does it remind you of ais kacang?

We went on and went to have a look around Kryal Castle before entering Ballarat. There was also snow around the castle! And it's sooooooooooo COLD!!!

Like those scenes you see in movies...

In front of Kryal Castle...

with my guards...

We didn't enter the castle coz the ticket was a bit expensive, besides, our main destination of the trip was Sovereign Hill. We continued our journey and reached Ballarat city centre. We had lunch at Pizza Hut. It's my first time eating at Pizza Hut in Australia. It was quite a disaapointment when we found out that there was no mushroom soup (as you would expect when you go to any Pizza Hut outlet in Malaysia)...

After lunch - Sovereign Hill! It's sort of like a gold mining village...

I think this is the only group pic with all of us together =)


Traditional Chinese shop

We saw a horse...

We saw a donkey too

Horse carriage!

Yeah we went to New York =P

In front of the 'gold mining tower'?

And it started snowing!! But this time it's artificial snow LOL

We played bowling!

Yeah, I made it! Only 3 left standing!!

ST found another type of gold...

With our car!

We went to the Gold Museum which is just opposite Sovereign Hill after that, then headed back to city centre to have dinner of charcoal chicken. Bought a bit of stuff at Coles, then went back to Sovereign Hill to watch the Blood on the Southern Cross show. No cameras were allowed, so no's a spectacular sound and light effects show but I think it's kinda a bit long (about 45 minutes) that most of us nearly fell asleep!

It's 8pm after the show. Ryan drove us back to Clayton...we were concentrating on the speed limit signs on the side of the highway and freeway (110 km/h for a whil, then 90km/h, then 100km/h, then back to 110km/h, then 80km/h etc...) Why did it have to change so frequently on a highway/freeway? I wonder.

It's much warmer in Clayton =)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

BBQ in winter

Had BBQ last night at Farrer's Hall BBQ area (there were people using the Deakin Hall's BBQ area so we changed location). About 20 people turned up - we invited Kimber, Elycia, June and Jessica (yeah she has the same name as me) who were here on holiday here too! We spent the morning buying the stuff needed for BBQ in Brandon Park - as listed in this shopping list written by Nooi Hoay.

Have a closer look...

Cute right?

After sorting out our groceries, Ryan, Yun Ying and me started to marinade the chicken wings and beef. It was a marinade recipe we created ourselves on-the-spot, we were thinking that it should turn out great. And it did! =D

It was really fun barbecue-ing. We chat, we laughed, we ate as much as we could. It was really funny when we, who were barbecue-ing the meat, tried to stop Yu Wan from putting too much butter.

Yun Ying (seeing Yu Wan putting butter): 友望,不要涂酱多 butter 了!(trying to stop her)

Yu Wan: 可是我要涂啊!做么你们不给我涂?!我从那边被赶来这边……

me: 友望,够了够了,你已经涂很多 butter 了……

Yun Ying: 去去去,赶你走 =P

me: 没有人要请你涂 butter 了

Yu Wan: Arggghhhh~~!!

When Ryan and Yun Ying was cleaning the barbecue grill (I don't know what you call it so I used the word 'grill'), I poured some water on the hot surface - immediately there was white smoke as expected, and I ran away a few steps.

Someone (can't remember who asking me): 你做么跑得这么远?

me: 因为我看到巫公和巫婆!

Towards the end of the BBQ, we were talking on the topic of social dance, and we asked Wen Ter to demonstrate the dance steps for us! Chau Wang was his 'female' partner for the dance LOL!

I really enjoyed times like this spent with friends...especially when you have good food around =P


Chocolate drink at San Churro (30/6/2008)

Went to San Churro after our dinner with Amelene at Stalactite (great Greek food but I didn't take any pictures of the food!)...I ordered mint chocolate, tasted good =)

Sushi making (3/7/2008)

Suggested by Chean finish our packet of sushi rice (left over from Nooi Hoay's birthday celebration). Not my first time making sushi, but it's still very fun - coz this time we actually arranged the sushi to make a nice decoration!

1st plate

2nd plate

Front view of 2nd have a better look at the 'tall' sushi =P

me and Chean Ying with our sushi! Spent more than 2 hours on them!

Chocolate (again!) at Max Brenner (4/7/2008)

Went shopping with Li Ping to Queen Victoria Market and DFO, then went to yum cha (erm..should be chocolate) at Max Brenner in Melbourne Central.

Our hot chocolate drinks in hug mugs

With the waffle we it =D

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pictures say a thousand words

It was a day trip organised by Monash Residential Services last Saturday.

Old Melbourne Gaol

In the bus

Eureka Skydeck 88

Yarra river, I think


Flinders Street railway station...see that train, looks so small like a model =P