Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Angel prayer.. =)

"Dear Lord, I commit Jessica my dearest sis into Your mighty hands.

Lord, You understand how she feels now, the worriedness and the anxieties.. Lord You have bring her so far, and this time I pray again that You can lay Your hand upon her again.

Let her feel Your holy spirit is with her.

Remove her nervousness and grant her with a good understanding as she does her revision.

Lord, give her good memory to remember what she has studied so that she will apply them appropriately on exam later.

Father I also ask that You will grant her with good rest every night and feel fresh the next morning to fight the battle for You and eventually bring glory to Your name.

I just pray that You will calm her now and let her not feel stress or scared about the giant which is the exam for You promise us that You will help us and just have faith in You.

So finally Lord, I pray she will continue to place her trust in You and draw strength from You when she feels tired or weak for You are always a caring and loving Father.

Thank You Lord, in Jesus name I pray, Amen..."

She typed the prayer sentence by sentence, choosing her words carefully as she went, and by the time she finished her last sentence my eyes were already soaking wet. She always made me feel touched with little things that she had done. She was patient with me though she was busy. We were so far from each other but it's great that we can be connected by one God, she said.

During the holidays last year I read a book and came across such an angel prayer..

"Angel dear, my guardian dear, to whom its love commits you near, ever this day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide."

Here I'd like to thank God for letting me to meet and recognise my guardian angel early in my life. I'd also like to thank you, my guardian angel, for everything you have done, and I pray that your prayers will be answered.. =) You are always my guardian angel *hugss hugss*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We should do this again!

Today we went to the big field to have some fun. Planned to play frisbee but the wind was too strong so we only played frisbee for a while. So I went to the sports centre to borrow a soccer ball as suggested by Zepeng. We weren't playing soccer - we were playing 'Captain Ball'. Some of us had a go at throwing Yu Wan's boomerang (her birthday present which we bought from Sydney!).


Again, Yu Wan being the photographer...
From left: Nooi Hoay, Chean Ying, Cheng Khoon, Ryan, Zepeng. Front row: me and Yun Ying.

After that we went to have dinner at Mess Hall. The last time we had dinner together at Mess Hall was the day when all of us came back from rural placement. It's great to have everyone eating and chatting together...the sense of 'connectedness' (Hassed 2007) =P


Today's my dad's birthday. I called him in the afternoon and wished him Happy Birthday. He sounded surprised as he went 'Ohhh..' so I asked him, 'Did you forget??' And he said, 'Aiyah, when you are until a certain age you wouldn't want to remember your birthday...' I jokingly said, 'Why? Coz too old already?' 'Yalah...'


Friday, October 19, 2007

Last day of uni

This also signifies that we have completed 20% of our course! Well, almost actually, we still have OSCE and the end-of-year exam to go. And after that....3 months summer break wooohoo!! (Okay okay I shouldn't be thinking so far ahead but I can't help it!! Who won't?!)

Last week was quite a busy week, been looking around for houses with 3 of my friends. We spent some effort looking around, walking under the hot sun, inspecting houses...and finally till early this week our decision was: we're not moving out next year. The whole MISU gang will be together for one more year at the Halls (except one or two) before we go our separate ways (different hospitals) in 3rd Year. (Again, I would like to say time really flies.)

It's the start of our 2 weeks of study break now. Imagine staying in room whole day and only go out for meal times and taking bath or to answer the call of nature.....will I get *emo*?? o.0

Monday, October 08, 2007


The light in my room was getting dim. I sensed that I would somehow need to report to the office to change the light these few days. Minutes passed by, and the light started to flicker. OMG, I thought. Such coincidence?! I checked the time; it was 6.45pm. The MRS office was open till 9pm. I got my jacket and went down, walking straight to the office while thinking that the fluorescent light tube would only be changed by tomorrow morning (within working hours). The lady at the office asked me to fill a form and said that she would send someone to change it in an hour or so. I was surprised but thankful at the same time. Surprised that the workmen still worked at that hour; thankful that I could study in my room at night.

While waiting for the man to come, I watched Ratatouille in the dark. I remember the times in Akasia when there were repairs needed to be done in my unit (door, lights etc) and my housemate and I would go to the Cemara office and report them. But they would only send the workmen to repair them the next day or sometimes a few days later.

As I was halfway through the movie there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and there stood a 50-something-year-old 'repairman' in his workman uniform, asking me, 'Is this the twilight zone?' How interesting! After changing the light tube, I thanked him and he said 'It's our job' with a smile.

Such efficiency =)

Friday, October 05, 2007


We didn't have a lecture after 3pm today, so we decided to play frisbee for one hour!!

At the beginning...let's do some exercise...

Now let's start! Here are the participants of the game:

Yeu Sheng (see that she's trying to catch the frisbee)


Chean Ying


Yu Wan

Yun Ying


Halfway through the game, our frisbee landed on top of the roof so we had to go up and get it...

Yu Wan and Ryan on both sides of the fence

Continue... (notice that we took off our jackets!) Seems that frisbee is not too bad an exercise for us to sweat =P

I won't let you grab it!

Chean Ying again....without jacket...

Yun Ying without jacket...

Let's end this post with this cool picture taken by Yeu Sheng...