Monday, June 28, 2010

KB Come Sokmo~

Blogger is taking too slow to upload a FEW the post about Redang must wait.

Been going out almost everyday for yum cha/dinner/lunch/badminton with friends. That's one good thing about can see your friends everyday without feeling 'this is too much', you can plan the next gathering tonight for tomorrow afternoon, one person can be the driver for the other friends to the same gathering =P

Another thing is the food. Last night we were talking about the various types of food that Kelantan offers and I got inspired to blog about them. Maybe some time later I will introduce some of Kelantan's famous food. Not everyone (from other places) can appreciate the food but I think it is still worth trying them out, if you happen to come to KB. Have you tried rice that is red colour, green colour or blue colour? (I didn't put in yellow coz yellow is quite common in other states as well)...

And besides, do you still play kite(s) with your friends when you are 22/23 years old?

We do. (That's also because we don't have cinema here, haha)...and it's a 'normal' surprise to find a kite in your garden.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Counting Down

Next week, I'll be having nasi lemak as breakfast; and playing the piano will be my morning activity (that is IF I wake up early haha). Okay even if I do NOT wake up early enough, piano-playing will be my afternoon activity...better than just lazing around right =P

Annoying and joking with my sisters will replace my Internet surfing, yum cha will replace my drama marathon. See how important friends and family are~

Some pictures from our last study buddy of the semester...from
Adilah's new Mac =D

Group pic

Entering the radiation field

And we went on the roller-coaster

Then we reached Paris!