Sunday, April 26, 2009

eoe Online

Siew Ting introduced me this website last month:

Basically it's where you can e-Print photos...what you need to do is to upload photos that you want to develop to the website (create your account first), and depending on how many photos, they will work out the cost and deliver the photos to you 'right to your door'!! Delivery is free for orders RM35 and above!

Currently there is a promotion as well, print 4R photos at RM0.30 each and 5R photos at RM0.50 each!

It is easy to upload photos to the website - it has Easy Upload (only compatible with Internet Explorer) which allows you to upload multiple photos at a time, plus it also has editing photo functions such as image rotate, edit brightness and contrast. How convenient is that =)

And the reason I'm writing this....

eoe Online Blogger's Review Program!!!

Just write a review about eoe Online and you will have a chance of getting 50x4R and 2x8R photos prints for FREE!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holiday in Adelaide!

I spent my second half of my Easter break in Adelaide! Flew there together with Li Ping, met old friends, made new friends as well =)

We stayed at Chien's place in the city. We arrived in Adelaide in the late morning on 15th (Wednesday) and had lunch at an Italian restaurant called Scoozi. Doreen called Chien Yen to join us for lunch...I haven't met her ever since I left INTEC!!

*Biew Chien*Chien Yen*me*Li Ping*

We toured around the city of Adelaide for the day...places we visited included Rundle Mall, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia (UniSA), the State Library, some parks (Torrens river?); and we took some pictures in front of the South Australia Museum and Parliament as well.

One of the 4 famous pigs of Rundle Mall...they even have a name each!

Hogwarts Library!! Haha it's part of the State Library =P

One of the buildings in University of Adelaide

In front of the building of UniSA that links to many other buildings

Can you see the similarity of the kind of buildings both universities have? Traditional-kinda-old architecture which Li Ping likes... (I like such buildings as well)...but Monash doesn't have buildings like that! It must be nice to be able to see these kind of buildings when you walk to uni everyday...can appreciate the architecture and have the feeling of being in an 'overseas' university =P

Parliament...come to think of it, I never take pic in front of the Parliament of Victoria

Doreen told us that Adelaide is the City of's true because we could see many churches around the city. Yet I would like to add another name to of 'statues'....because there are so many statues around too!!

Two of the many statues we took pictures with

Had dinner at a Korean restaurant then coffee/hot chocolate at Chocolate Bean. Planned to go clubbing at HQ after that but there was a long queue and we didn't wanna wait, so we went to the Skycity Casino instead. Observing people playing Blackjack and poker is interesting actually =)

The next day we went to a German village called Hahndorf. Su Fei and Kar Yee joined us!

I like the colour of autumn leaves =)

Some of the little treats we bought

Cute chocolate packagings

A good reason for not feeling guilty for eating too much chocolate =P

Had a fabulous lunch at a restaurant called Hahndorf Inn...we shared a German platter which included German sausages, jagerbraten (huge chunk of pork meat), pretzels, coleslaw and German potato salad...

Massive lunch which said 'serves 2' on the menu...2 German blokes?? haha

Li Ping, me & Su Fei...let's dig in!!

INTEC friends reunited...Doreen, Kar Yee, me, Su Fei
p/s: notice the empty plate with only bones left =P

We walked further down the street to a strawberry farm called Beerenberg. We didn't pick any strawberries....but we bought some jam and sauce there =)


Took the bus back to the city after visiting Hahndorf. Chien, Doreen, Li Ping and I went to Glenelg for the beach by tram, just to spend time and take pictures there as it was still quite early for dinner. We saw 2 camels and a pony!

Another statue in Glenelg (did you realise that Glenelg can be spelt backwards as well?)

Dinner at Ajisen Ramen

Walked to Victoria Square after dinner to take pictures, we had lots of fun!

The fountain at Victoria Square

Met up with Siew Mei at Gelatissimo...haven't seen her after I left INTEC too

Doreen, Li Ping and I shared this...yummy~

3rd day...road trip to Barossa Valley. Had brunch before we went - Vietnamese beef noodles....

Special beef noodles with filter coffee makes a great brunch!

First stop, The Toy Factory, which has the world's biggest rocking horse...

We went up the rocking horse's really high up there @.@ and oh it doesn't rock like a rocking horse haha

Li Ping, me, Chien, Desmond

There are sooooo many wooden colourful toys!!!

The Toy Factory also has a farm that has 'little' animals which we can feed...



They have goats, kangaroo/wallaby, ducks, chickens and ponies too.

Went to the Whispering Wall after that. It's a dam actually...called Whispering Wall because what a person says at one end of the dam can be heard on the other end. Really amazing!

Huge dam

It was late afternoon so we quickly moved on to some wineries before the closing time (5pm).

We bought some wine there...

Posing with Desmond's really looks like a scene in Malaysia, right?

Desmond drove us to have a look around Mawson Lakes where one of the campuses of UniSA is. Then we went to North Adelaide to have Mexican dinner =)

Nachos and tacos

Had ice cream at Dairy Bell after dinner. Then we went back to Chien's place to play cards till midnight. Someone is learning to play in casino hehehe

4th day - last day. Chien and her housemate Gin brought us to Central Market and Chinatown. After lunch at Rundle Mall, Desmond came and drove us to the airport...

Doreen was so excited and said that we should have Cocolat before we went back Melbourne

so the five of us shared this delicious chocolate

Some of the other stuff I brought back Melbourne besides wine

It was really a fun and memorable trip though we only spent 3.5 days in Adelaide. I'm glad that I met so many friends during this trip...thanks Li Ping whom I dragged along even though she didn't know anyone before this =) And also biggie thanks to Chien, Desmond and Doreen, you guys certainly made our trip to Adelaide an enjoyable one!! =D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First half of Easter break

What I did during the first half of Easter break:

- shopping shopping
- met friends from New Zealand!!
- had dinner with our 'family' who welcomed us during CNY in 1st year

Hui Ling and Christine came to visit Melbourne and they came to Clayton last Saturday. Hui Ling joined Li Ping and I for sho
pping together at DFO. We met Danial there as well =)

Ex-classmates of Tauranga!

After shopping, us 3 girls met up with Nooi Hoay and Christine and had dinner at Stalactite together with John. We then walked around the city for a while before heading to Docklands to take pictures.

Docklands is famous for these white 'statues' thingy

We went to Southbank near Crown Casino for cakes at Greco after that. Everyone was so tired by the end of the was already about 12.30am when we left the place to catch the last train at 1am back to Clayton. It's been a while since I last spent so many hours (about 12 hours) in the city!

Decided to stay home on Sunday. On Monday evening, Chau Wang, Shea Chuen, Justina and I went to the city for dinner with Augusta, Rebecca, Sarah and other friends =)

Nice little reunion =)

Tuesday was shopping day with Li Ping. We both bought a new pair of boots each! Hehe. Came back to halls together because we needed to discuss about our winter New Zealand trip with the rest. Terence was our 'consultant' who gave us tips/advices on our trip.

It's been more than 2 years since I last saw him in INTEC

First half of the break and I've met so many friends! Happy happy =D

Next up will be on the second half of Easter break - trip to Adelaide from 15th (Wednesday) to 18th (Saturday)~

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Holiday is here

Today is the last day of my general medicine rotation. I baked banana cake for the med team and staff, and some for my friends =) And there are still heaps left!

"It's really good!"
"Thanks for the banana cake Jess"
"Can you please take this away, it's too addictive!! I can't stop eating"
"These are soooo good"
"How did you make this?"
"Can I have one more piece?"
"Oh did you make this? It's great" cetera et cetera. I didn't eat much of it myself, but I'm happy that it turned out great =D

Easter break is here! This will be our last mid-sem break....forever if not mistaken. I have some plans for this the moment I'm thinking of shopping, movies/dramas, eating out, and also STUDY....yes study!

I know people tend to sleep in during the holidays, same goes for me...but last weekend when I tried to sleep in (planned to wake up around 9 or 9.30am), my biological clock just woke me up around 7.40+ to 8-ish a.m instead!! I actually surprised myself when I saw the time =.= I know it's good to wake up early, but it's unusual for me to automatically get up at 8am during the weekends....oh well~


Happy Easter everyone! =)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Bought this last Saturday.

Was happy when I brought it back to my room around noon time after I came back from grocery shopping. It was about 80cm tall, beautifully wrapped by the florist.

But I didn't straight away put it in water. Instead, I left it on my chair for a few hours without unwrapping it.

Then it became like this.

Its proximal stem was turning softer unlike the distal end which is firmer, due to lack of water. And it looked dehydrated too. The petals looked like they were going to fall off any moment. It was actually worse than as shown in the pic as the leaves were curled up as well. I never know sunflowers wither this fast! =(

I then placed the whole stem in a pail with water only enough to cover its base, removing only the lower end of the wrapping paper then left it again for a few more hours because I was rushing out for dinner. I came back around midnight to find the flower 'nodding' down because the stem was getting softer and could no longer support the weight of the flower.

Please don't die so fast, I thought.

Don't wither so fast, you are a sunflower.
You are supposed to shine like the sun! (Does this make sense?)

Anyway, I figured that it wasn't absorbing water very well because of its height - water has to travel long distance to reach the leaves and petals. So I cut off the stem, cut and cut till it fit into my empty bottle of pasta sauce. I filled the bottle with water till it was half full.

The leaves have already withered when I put the sunflower in the bottle. The stem is so so short now, only about 15cm. Please don't die, miss sunflower...


One day later.

Miracles do happen.

Woke up in the morning to find that miss sunflower is smiling at me!

Isn't she cute? =D

Wheee! I never know flowers can make me so happy =D

Especially when you have rescued them from withering/dying =P

It has a unique shape =) Look at how broad and strong the petals have grown! And the stem has grown firmer too!

I then realised that flowers really have strong willpower =)
You made it, little sunflower!

Is it just because of water?
The weather these few days have been cloudy and rainy with little sunshine.
How did it grow so well?
Is it because of you?


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Travel, travel

Time flies so fast, it's been 1 week since I last updated my blog!

The past few weekends have been fun (weekdays are fun and interesting too but I spend my weekdays at hospital so nothing much to write)...have been eating out almost every weekend. (I still cook everyday okay)...Basically I'm enjoying life here hahaha

Easter break is coming soon! Some friends from New Zealand are coming to Melbourne....and I'm going to Adelaide after that yay!

Oh and 10 of us are going to New Zealand (South Island) during winter break in June! Our first destination will be Christchurch...not sure about the whole travel plan yet~

By the way, daylight saving ends today. I gained one hour... =)