Saturday, November 27, 2010

A 'weekday getaway'

At Lakes Entrance, Victoria =D

15 of us stayed in this house....seemed like a normal size house from the outside 

the house has 2 floors...this is the outside of first floor....we had a great BBQ night here on the first day

it's a huge area and has got a nice view of the beach; everyone loves relaxing here

view from the balcony

the kitchen and dining area

downstairs (duplicate of everything upstairs including dishwasher, washing machine, living room, 1 bedroom with bathroom)

and did I mention that we had air conditioning on both floors?

Activities to do:

Enjoying ourselves at the beach




high school themed party

I dressed up as a transfer student from Japan =P

another classroom pic

yaaaaaaaamm seng!!


relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze

And of course, food, food, and MORE foooood

pig in the blanket - morning tea for the first day on the way to Lakes Entrance

Our lunch on the first day, thanks to the great cook + organiser Chean Ying (倩颍是canteen来的 - Ang YS 2010)....because she planned and prepared all the meals during our stay (yes we got help her nah)

bbq on the night of first day....we had sausages, chicken wings and thighs, lamb chops, onions + mushrooms

breakfast on the second day...tomato soup + pasta + luncheon meat

part of the ingredients for lunch the second day (make your own sandwich)

our dinner for the high school themed party (eat together with rice)

and not to forget, desserts too (we had fruits and ice cream and agar-agar and yoghurt) =D

No this is not our food. We caught this crab when we went crabbing, kept it overnight and it died the next morning....

more photos on Facebook =)

Monday, November 22, 2010


Sorry Joanne, this pic is just too funny (please ignore the fact that I don't like Sam)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I lost count of how many spiders I have killed (with tissue paper) and how many flies I have chased out of the house (with badminton racket) this year.