Monday, January 19, 2009





p/s: 大家知道我想要做什么吗?和旅行有关 =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Spent the last 5 days at books, meet friends and shopping! =)

Stayed overnight at
Siew Ting's place the first night I arrived KL, coz Conney was there too!

It reminds me of Kem Bina Insan in 2006 when 3 of us were in the same tent too! And this time history repeated itself again...I was the one sleeping in the middle =.= Slept from about 3am to 8.45am (me being the earliest to wake up then couldn't continue sleeping so started kacau-ing the other two beside me =P)

Went to Sunway Pyramid the next day. Had a mini gathering with
Ying Chuin, Wei Yong, Jen Yun, Li Shan and Poh Xuan. Ying Chuin is going off to Auckland soon....have a safe journey my dear friend!

Hope to see you guys during CNY!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

First tag of 2009

#1 Describe 10 things about the person who tagged you.


1. A friend who is called Danial spelt with an 'a' instead of 'e'.

2. Ex-classmate of Tauranga & Aussie 5 wooo!

3. birthday just 1 day after mine

4. ...which led me to realise he is another guy I know who is a Virgo hahaha

5. Seldom talk but can talk a lot if on an interesting topic. (Am I right?)

6. From Terengganu! (as far as I remember hehe)

7. Studying at Monash Gippsland, been to Melbourne a few times but I have never met him =.=

8. SS jugok saya rasa.

9. Minat badminton...even knows Lee Chong Wei's blog

10. haven't seen you for so long, so dunno whether you have grown more horizontally or not hahaha (but I do know your hair is long!!!)

#2 Describe 10 things about you

1. I read Conan comic

2. I love photography (wanna learn how to take nice pictures or artistic ones, come find me hahaha)

3. I am a fan of Fish Leong! Have a lot of her songs in my laptop, and I can play some of them on piano (just give me the piano scores) =P

4. I wanna play badminton but it's raining the past few days/weeks...going to flood soon...please don't!!

5. Currently in holiday mood, very lazy to online

6. I thought I need 8 hours of sleep but actually I don't

7. Would like to learn to drive an auto car but my skills of driving a manual car is not good enough....yet

8. Pekchek at slow things eg slow Internet speed, slow computer, slow loading processes...

9. Can have a lot of things running on my mind at one time

10. I don't expres myself or tell things directly to people unless I really have to.

#3 At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names...

Whoever on holiday!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year 2009!!!

It's January already! Gosh... >.<