Sunday, August 28, 2011

August in summary

Can't believe that I have not blogged for a month! Have I been that busy? Not really actually, finished my general medicine rotation (miss the free lunches for three days per week) and just started a new rotation last week...anaesthetics, pretty interesting!

Everyone tends to look forward to weekends nowadays (more so ever than before), as it is the only time we get to catch up.

1st week (Thursday): Indian dinner at Carlton with our Scoopon vouchers bought earlier in the year


a few mains and dessert

us girls

accidentally found this place in the changes colour!

2nd week (Thursday): Adilah cooked us nasi lemak a few days after she came back to Melbourne!

yum yum nasi lemak

3rd week (Friday): went all the way to Coburg for Middle Eastern food....kebab and baklava!

Middle Eastern desserts + baklava

with Tam and Camy who are doing BMedSci this year

the almighty mama Adilah =)

3rd week (Saturday): first time to Chelsea beach.



trying to produce some 'unique' photo...


we played frisbee

3rd week (Sunday): Grace suggested we go to Jells Park because it was a sunny afternoon.

we played frisbee (in the mud =.=|||) and had Grace's yummy vanilla slice

4th week (Friday): Adilah invited us to bake raya cookies at her house.

sugar high

Today: had fun making star-shaped pancakes!

I love to decorate and take pics of my food!

Winter is coming to an end....