Saturday, February 27, 2010

Macau & HK Trip

Okay...FINALLY someone requested a post about the family trip to Macau & Hong Kong! It was Princess Ong who asked me, 'Why you skipped the post about the trip?' And my answer was, 'Coz I was waiting for people to come bug me about it (as I have mentioned before), but you didn't ask me earlier, Angelene, Siew Ting also didn't ask me for that post' Haha now I know who is the faithful reader of this blog...jk jk~ =P

Well...that was quite a while ago so I might forget bits of here and there, plus it's hard to squeeze everything in 1 post...but I guess pictures say a thousand words right =)

First stop was Macau. We arrived around evening, so we went to a place not far from our hotel, called The Venetian, to have dinner and a look around. And it has a reason for being named 'The Venetian'....

We were first amazed by this virtual mermaid and she looked really real!

The Venetian is a big building complex that has hotels and resorts, and it is linked to another building called City of Dreams where there are casinos and shop outlets. But more importantly, The Venetian, as its name implies, has several 'internal' canals and a beautiful blue sky!

And of course nice boats too.... you can have even take the boat ride =)

The taxi driver who took us to the Venetian from our hotel told us that there would be a free dragon and lights show at the City of Dreams. Thanks for the tip sir, it was really a wonderful lights performance!!

The next morning we followed our tour guide who took us around Macau city.

There were so many people in front of this famous landmark of Macau but we were lucky to be able to take a family picture =)

Who would forget the famous Portugese egg tarts when you are in Macau?

These were great!

It was only a short while in Macau....we took the ferry in the evening across to Hong Kong on the same day after touring around the city of Macau~ luckily we were just in time for the ferry!

The beautiful night lights of Christmas greeted us when we arrived HK

It was quite late by the time we reached Hong Kong, and our tour guide from HK brought us to our hotel and discussed our schedule for the next few days. We stayed at Kowloon near Temple Street, it's a place like Petaling Street where there're lots of stalls selling many kinds of dinner and short shopping for us that night =)

Toured around HK city the next morning. Our tour guide was a very experienced and interesting lady, she told lots of jokes and stories during our journey, and also about the local culture and differences with Malaysian culture...from dining etiquette to daily living to cars and houses....oh yea, don't expect that you will have a spacious room when you stay in HK hotel (unless you book a suite?)...HK is an island and so don't really have much land, all the buildings are many many storeys high, hence apartments are common - you rarely see houses like terrace houses or bungalows or semi-D there unlike in Malaysia.

Landmark of HK...the golden flower

Remember this place when you watch TVB drama series?

Went to the temple near Repulse Bay beach after that.

Arena of Stars in the evening!

And guess what next.... Madame Tussads!!!!

I developed this photo and brought to Melbourne, someone (Miss Wong!) who saw this photo thought that I actually met her in person!

Kelly Chen~ one of my favourite HK artists =D Same surname, birth month and zodiac as me!

On the last day of 2009...

Went to Ngong Ping village in the morning/noon, have to take the cable car to reach that place

Main highlight of Ngong Ping village is the big Buddha statue

We were rushing time actually because of some delay with other tourists (who shared the same tour bus as us) in the morning....sigh, otherwise we could have spent more time in our final destination.... DISNEYLAND!!

We took a train to get there... it's a special train to Disneyland ONLY!

Main entrance

It was already about 3pm when we reached Disneyland. Thankfully the parade just started not long ago.

Christmas Parade....I'm still amazed by the decoration and every single detail of them

After watching the parade we went for some rides. Fun and thrilling!!

The castle!

Even the candy floss is in a Mickey shape!

At night we watched the spectacular fireworks....the last day of 2009 =)

Obviously there were more pictures and a lot more things that I could talk about and a single blog post won't do enough, but this shall do =)

Oh, my sisters and I bought these cute little things as souvenirs:

Which one have you got? *wink wink*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Allow me to SS....

...because I built a computer system on my own, with tips from some friends =) Not technically building, just choosing which hardware and software that I want, need to have a prior knowledge about technical short, I bought a new desktop! =D

Wheee...can work faster now with Windows 7 Professional, save a LOT of my time...and syiok to watch movies on a 21.5 inches screen!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Show TIME!

My new room =D

My room door. Let's go in!

First view when you walk into my room

Wardrobe provided by the landlord is small so I bought a garment rack

Study desk

Double bed

The other corner of my room

and and...

Tadah~ just above my bed! =D

Side view. Castle design, quite unfinished yet as I still have more photos

Walk out of my room and it's the living room at the side~

Do we still need a beanbag?

Overlooking the backyard

This is the warmest place in the morning!!


That's the floor downstairs of my house. The stairs beside the storeroom will take you upstairs where my 3 housemates' rooms are.

....forgot to take the picture of my house from outside. Next time then~

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!

And Happy Valentine's Day as well =)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Start of uni......

Came back to Melbourne last Saturday and got picked up at airport by Cheng Khoon and John =) then we made another trip back to the airport thanks to John and his GPS…haha just kidding! Thanks to them that I didn’t have to catch the taxi because I brought a 30kg luggage with me, or else it would have cost me about $80? Had a late lunch but it was all good. Then I was ‘transported’ back to my house…yes I move out this year! And currently still don’t have internet yet, will take about 10-20 working days to set up =.= so those people who are waiting for me to email them photos, be patient yea…

Had some lectures about Introduction to GP on Monday, and I didn’t have anything on yesterday so I walked to Clayton to buy some stuff. Haven’t really unpack and arrange everything in my room yet since the landlord is still refurnishing the other houses around and I haven’t got enough furniture; our house had a new coat of paint and carpet so it looks quite new, but there’s a lot of spider webs =.= and I desperately need a table lamp because the lighting in my room is yellow. And I need this and that and that that that…I’m quite particular about things when it comes to decorating and personalizing my room =P

Hopefully we’ll have internet soon, so that I can update my blog often and keep in touch with dear friends!