Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last Monday afternoon I was at the Urodynamics clinic with a Chinese doctor who is a Fellow in O&G (no idea where he's from, just that he's a Chinese and I know he understands Mandarin because he mentioned about a Chinese proverb with 'thousand hands' in it...)...

On Tuesday morning I went to the Urogynaecology clinic and saw him there again, so I sat in with him to see patients.

Yesterday morning I was scheduled to join the surgical team at the operating theatre, so I changed into scrubs (you know when you're in scrubs and the 'shower cap' it can take a while to recognise someone..) I was walking towards the threatre I saw a Chinese guy sitting near the table....we were staring at each other for a few seconds before he said, '又是你' in Cantonese! Hahaha what a surprise when he suddenly spoke Cantonese to me.

Then later in the afternoon I went to menstrual clinic to see patients with a registrar. We were allocated to a small stuffy room. As I had runny nose and cough he asked me, 'Are you okay?' while looking at me with a purposely-made sad-looking face....super funny and cute hahaha =P (yeah I was surprised)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Melbourne, the meeting place

Have been quite busy since the start of the semester, to the point that the usually-even-busier Yu Wan actually said to me, 'Why are you so busy?!' Haha coz I couldn't join them for lunch with Doreen, but we managed to have dinner together the next day at Chinatown =D

was here last weekend too, staying at my place for a few days before moving to Amelene's place in the city. Guess she must have missed Melbourne a lot now...haha~

Can you see how strong the wind Docklands

In front of the Parliament

Penny was here with her friends too, and a few of us from Monash went to have dinner with her at Lygon St. Haven't got the pictures yet...

It's only been 2 weeks back but I felt like I've been here for like forever =.=

Monday, July 05, 2010

Redang trip

It was a really fun and relaxing trip. I was impressed by the friendliness of the staff of our resort; they welcomed us with open arms and helped us carry our luggage to our rooms! We also had a welcome drink of a glass of orange juice each.

Blue sky, blue sea~

You can enjoy sunbathing by the beach...which isn't really the acitivity of my choice =P

There were LOTS of dead coral by the beach (actually there were a lot of dead coral under the sea too...)

That's me and the fishes - we went for 3 snorkelling trips

Colourful live coral

Reflected rays of sunlight on the sea surface

There were little animals on the island too!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Served like a queen

Emirates serve a lot of food and drinks. First I had a packet of savoury biscuits and my first glass of apple juice. 1.5 hours later at 5pm Malaysian time, I was served my dinner of seafood meal. [And I was like, what....I just had my lunch 4 hours ago!]

My first tray of food - entree: salmon salad with the round bun and butter; main course: mashed potato, fish (not sure what kind) with broccoli and mushrooms in olive oil; dessert: I'm guessing it's red bean pudding with some orange sauce? (YUM!)

So as you can see why would I not be full after finishing the whole tray of food? That's a LOT of fish! (The salmon salad was a few large pieces of smoked salmon too, quite a big portion) I was also offered a drink so I requested for a glass of orange juice this time. I didn't touch the mini tub of mineral water on the tray yet, I put it aside.

I continued watching my movie, finished one and then started watching the second the mean time I drank the mini tub of water. 4 hours after dinner when I was well absorbed into the movie, I was surprised by the air stewardess who brought another tray of food for me! It's supper! Totally didn't expect this coming!

It's a round sandwich with salmon (again!) inside....and on the corner of the tray is another dessert of chocolate mousse cake! And yes, another mini tub of mineral water. This time, I was offered a drink again - so I asked for another glass of apple juice!

I finished the tray of food anyway and continued watching the second the meantime I also requested for a glass of water when I saw an air stewardess walking pass with a tray of glasses of water coz I was quite thirsty.

Was sleepy before finishing the second movie so I had a nap. Woke up and looked up the ceiling, only then I realised....

I see stars in the plane! *grins*

Now I fully understand why you enjoy sitting in the plane, Angelene!