Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello Cameron!

Someone (you know who you are =P) has been bugging me to update my blog for quite some time, so here I am!

Just something short on my recent trip to Cameron Highlands, with my KB friends =)

It was a quick decision to go on the trip. We discussed about it during roti canai session at night and we went off the next morning! It took us about 4.5 hours drive to reach there. It was chilly, rainy and wet but that didn't dampen our spirits!

It wasn't our first time in Cameron, but we still visited the 'must-see' places~

many cacti
And of course, pics and pics and pics
A sea of red

Mushrooms in different colours and shapes and sizes
group photo with the big strawberry!
And then, afternoon tea with strawberry-type of food: strawberry milkshake, strawberry muffin, strawberry waffles, strawberry pancake, strawberry yoghurt, scones....

afternoon tea

As it was raining, we went back to our apartment....for MAHJONG =P (yes we brought the mahjong set all the way to Cameron!)

according to Wei Yong, mahjong is an important tool to mengeratkan hubungan
We had steamboat dinner, then went to Starbucks for coffee/tea while chatting the night away....that branch is probably the closest branch for us from KB!

warm night with coffee and tea and good company

Next morning we went to BOH tea plantation and had a sweet breakfast (yes, cakes and tea)


sugar high
Then we walked around the market stalls to shop for vegetables and food stuff to bring home. After that it was bye bye Cameron.....

We stopped by at my aunt and uncle's restaurant in Gua Musang for lunch...yum yum 


stingray bakar with special homemade chilli sauce
My aunt must be thinking that she is feeding 5 giants...hahaha...because she cooked so much!!!

Post trip thoughts:
Nice quick getaway to de-stress.
We should have annual trips from now on =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So for the past few months I got asked a lot of times what I have been doing.

'Nothing,' was what I wanted to say. But instead I told them that I was growing mushrooms.

Angelene thought I was growing these:

I was like, 'HELLO?! Do you think I can really grow REAL mushrooms?!'

Cheah Yen, on the other hand, started talking to me about this show she watched about how to grow mushrooms, specifically 'the famous shiitake mushroom'.

Which are these:

'During early stage they need sufficient water one wor, only when they reach certain size then only stop watering.'

Err okay. I told Cheah Yen that the mushrooms on us already reached that size that don't need watering any more.

Thank goodness we both don't have to wait any longer now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

hello again

It has been a while.

Since the last post till today, many events have occurred. I have finished my studies, went on the graduation trip with my friends to North Island of New Zealand, attended graduation ball, graduated, and bid goodbye to Australia.

Arrived KL on the evening of 22 December 2011, then flew home the next day. Thank goodness it is still the monsoon season - or else I would have complained of the heat =P

Hopefully I can upload some pics around CNY. I still don't have my faithful desktop with me yet - it is still unassembled (like how Daniel helped me to dismantle it before I came back to Malaysia), and in KL. I shall be patient.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Forgot to blog about my trip to Tasmania. Tasmania is one of the places in Australia that I wanted to visit before I graduate, and I am glad that I managed to do so...according to my awesome hosts Conney and QY, Hobart and Launceston are the second oldest and third oldest cities in Australia respectively.

I arrived at Launceston at night around dinner time and we had this:

Dinner on the first day - udon with tempura and green tea mooncake

On the second day we started our journey to Hobart, which is about 2.5 hours away from Launceston. We made a few stops on the way:

1) Ross
Conney told me that it is famous because of Ross Village Bakery & Inn, which happened to be one of the places of inspiration for Japanese artist 宫崎骏 (you know, the guy who drew Totoro) in his cartoon 'Kiki's Delivery Service'. The bakery sells woodfired bread and a range of pastries.

in front of the bakery

QY bought a loaf of woodfired sourdough bread....really fragrant

us in front of a church

no idea why it is called female factory

crossing train tracks

2) Richmond
Famous for Richmond Bridge. We went there to feed ducks.

Richmond Bridge

And then we finally reached our destination Hobart. Had a fulfilling lunch at Kawasemi Japanese Teahouse....

bento box with miso soup (there was also entrée)

green tea pancake dessert with green tea ice cream

It wasn't really of good weather that day as it kept raining and it was really windy. We went to a few places around Hobart, mainly sight-seeing and some pictures.
Hobart city casino 

The next morning we went to Salamanca Market.

they call this fruit is edible, sweet and chewy

We also walked around the harbour front and then drove up to Mt Wellington. It was snowing!
Hobart city in the background

hello snowman

Back to Launceston in the evening. The next 2 days spent at exploring around Launceston... (including buying groceries)

Cataract Gorge

we made nasi lemak at home

with Niva in front of Launceston casino

our last dinner together...kangaroo steak

and homemade green tea + red bean cake!

Thanks to Conney and QY for making the trip fun and memorable =)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Exploring Melbourne with Christine

Haven't been updating my blog for a while since my birthday last month. I thought I should blog about what Christine and I did when she came over to Melbourne. It's her second time visiting Melbourne and I thought we should explore more makan places together (since she had already visited those touristy places)...and we did =D

Turkish lunch at Brunswick

Lebanese pastry from Balha's at Brunswick
Christine and I at the Shrine of Remembrance

First time trying out Koko Black hot chocolate

sunset in Melbourne
sushi burger....yummy but a bit expensive though

us at the Royal Botanical Gardens

desert 'garden'

coffee at the famous Brother Baba Budan
look at the ceiling of wooden chairs

Flinders Street train station at night

We went to Brighton Beach too one morning =)

we love the beach

colourful beach huts

We also went for a day trip to Great Ocean Road....and surprisingly it was HOT when we were there!

the must-take picture

the view is absolutely stunning

with few of the Twelve Apostles that were left

pretty isn't it?

they call it London Bridge

I love this view, it's just amazing

I am glad that we had so much fun together and certainly happy that I got to see her before I graduate. We managed to update each other with our lives and happenings around us, which is great =) Hope we will meet again soon!