Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I passed my driving test!

Okay I know this is kinda late...many of my friends have gotten their P license years ago, and many have also gone through the 2 years period of holding the P license...and me? Still waiting to get mine! Yet it is a relief. At least I won't feel guilty when my friends come and pick me to go yum cha just because I can't drive. NOT ANYMORE! Haha...you can rest for some time now, my best driver =P

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Recent events~

Went to Sri Petaling pasar malam on Tuesday with Christine. The usual shopping queen bought quite a few t-shirts for house wear. We also bought some food while walking around. I didn't really have anything in mind to buy. We bought a jelly-shape-like red bean ice cream each before walking to the nearby The Store. I helped Christine to look for curtain and bed sheet for her room. There was a promotion on household stuff. While we were browsing through the various colours and designs, we heard the sound of drums – there was a lion dance going on. Many children and their parents soon crowded the entrance. As it was really loud and noisy, we went further in the supermarket to shop for bed sheet. We spotted two lovely ones, one with hearts and love while the other one pictured a bride and bridegroom. Christine was unsure which to choose, so I said, "I think it's better you take this one (the hearts and love) rather than that one (the bride and bridegroom)... hmmm, if it's Siaw Tze, she sure take that one (the bride and bridegroom)..." She too agreed, and told me that just that morning Siaw Tze and her were discussing about age – going on 21 and 22. Feeling old dy eh, big sis? =P


Around 11am on Wednesday, I went to Mid Valley to meet Wei Yong, Michelle and Ker Yung. We had lunch together (I forgot what's the name of the restaurant... Yoshi something) and chatted on a lot of stuff – old days, school, friends and the coming Chinese New Year. After lunch, we walked around the megamall... actually it was just like a 'jalan-jalan cari makan' day. First we went to look around the newly opened The Gardens. There were still many shops not open yet and we found that it was really a 'high class' place for people of the higher society. Even the Golden Screen Cinema only offers Golden Class and Premium Class at The Gardens.

After a walk around the place, we went to Ground floor to have gelatissimo. Four of us shared a cup of two-flavoured gelatissimo. Cool and yummy!

We then walked around again, talking about doughnuts and cream puff (no we didn't buy any of that). An hour later we went to Haagen-Dazs as planned... to drink water with a bit of lemon flavour.

Haha actually we ordered a plate of 'flower blossom' with six flavours of ice cream. It was my first time eating Haagen-Dazs ice cream. It was superb!

Flower blossom which cost about RM30... Look at the cute heart shapes!

Wei Yong and me

About 15 minutes later...

At 4pm we bid each other goodbye and went on our way back. Wei Yong and I took the KTM train – it's the first time I got onto KTM train after coming back to Malaysia for so long. As usual, it's crowded with people and the heat was unbearable. I saw couples that cling onto each other for support. I remembered the times while still studying in INTEC; the KTM train was often our means of transport to go shopping around in KL.

Anyway, three times eating in 4 hours! It's really a 'fruitful' day =)

Friday, January 25, 2008


Tag : Gong Hei 8 Choi
Tagged by: no one, coz I have some spare time so feel like doing it (got this from Chien's blog)

8 Random facts about me:
- I don't have a favourite colour but I dislike fluorescent colours (except highlighters)
- I love animals
- I usually add a bit of cold water to my hot drinks eg tea, Nescafe, Milo...
- I have a collection of stickers, cards, bookmarks which I have kept for a few years
- Somehow I realised that I feel touched easily
- I express myself better in English compared to in Chinese (sad case!)
- I save messages which I find very meaningful and memorable to me (including those that are funny)
- I think a lot (some say it's too much!)

8 things that scares me:
- being at high places
- deep water
- walking back alone at night
- exam
- losing a friend
- when someone misunderstands me
- failure
- computer kena virus attack!

8 Favorite Music Artists at the moment:
- Fish Leong
- S.H.E
- Guang Liang
- Kelly Chen
- Rainie Yang
- Gary Cao Ge
- Lin Yu Zhong
- Nicholas Teo

8 Things I like most:
- friendship
- hugs
- care and love
- surprises
- food
- travelling
- photos + my camera
- your smiles =)

8 LUCKY people to do this:
- Christine Wong (I know you are waiting for a tag!)
- no one else

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Wow, it's new year 2008 already! A brand new year, brand new start? Nah...I think it's just the same for me. I'm still learning driving, having to wake up at 7.30am everyday, still goyang-ing kaki at home while re-organising my notes, still playing piano...yet, it's new year. I'm going to be a second year medical student. More things to learn, more lecture notes to revise, more assignments. And when I think that I'm going to be 20 this year, I kinda feel myself getting...old. BUT I won't have to worry because I know that my friends are going to be 21, and a few 22! Haha =P Anyway, as long as we are young at heart, age doesn't matter right? RIGHT?

As it's 2008, I start to change my 'way of talking' a bit. For example...

"Those last year's newspapers.." (even though it's just a few days ago)
"Still doing last year's holiday homework??" (yesterday to my sis)
"Last year's pasta is in the fridge.." (one or 2 nights ago)
"I learnt driving since last year.." (Hmm..this sounds like I have been learning for a very long time already)
"We clean the house from last year to this year eh, mummy?"
"I have been overseas for one year already" (Oh my gosh, time really flies)

There have been quite a few friends gatherings ever since I came back KB. After Christmas, we celebrated Tze Xian and Zia En's birthday. Happy 41th, gals.. =P (21st + 20th = 41th)

At Golden Bean cafe (it's the first time I went there and I actually never heard of this cafe before)

They have gotten prettier over the years (Muahaha =P)

During New Year's eve, a few of us went to yum cha...and I was so surprised to see Kong Seng (aka OK Seng)! We chat non-stop pass midnight and it was also then I realise I was really too studious during secondary school for not knowing things that happened around me...haih...guess my antenna isn't really long compared to now =P

From left: Sze Ping, Kit Seang, Li Shan, me, Kong Seng, Wei Yong - friends I spent with pass midnight of 31/12/2007 to 1/1/2008

So....that's it. First post of 2008! Happy new year everyone!