Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dreams come true

Believe me, dreams do come true. As long as you have hope =D

Whenever there is a slight possibility, even the slightest one....never doubt it!

Bottom line is, I was planning to go to UK for my elective placement...and now I am really going!! I got a reply within 1 hour of sending the email which said OK! Wow, that was the FASTEST reply ever!

And, the best thing of it is.....it's at Manchester (does this ring a bell?)....where the guardian angel is......where Angelene is!

We now don't have to make 'hypotheticals' or 'imaginations'....all the talks of shopping together, cooking and baking together, 'having' meals together etc etc...it IS all going to come true now =D *hyper-excited*

Monday, May 24, 2010

This is Melbourne

A quick post about meeting up Conney when she came over Melbourne to bring her sister and cousin around....it's most unfortunate that trains didn't run from Clayton and Oakleigh AND even Huntingdale (I almost typed Huntington there =.=) that I ended up meeting her at Victoria Market at 11.30am instead of 10am!! Anyway, we ended up having lunch at a Thai restaurant and walking around the streets of Melbourne city, later realising that there were 'parades' of people protesting rights of same-sex marriage......

I saw these patterns on the floor, didn't really know what they meant, but they're cool

Even though we were full we still went to Max Brenner's at QV for some nice hot chocolate =)

hug mugs! (that's Conney's mug with 2 marshmallows in it which looked like brain o.O)

Lotsa chocolate products

My gifts to Conney and Brat for their birthdays...cute right??

Last picture before we sent each other off at Southern Cross station (they to airport and me to take the train)

Melbourne is really a good meeting place....and I'm going to meet
Christine this July! To Siew Ting, Ling Weng and Siaw Tze (if you read this), don't be jealous yea~ =P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When you have finished all your assignments,

when there is nothing else that is compulsory to be done within the time limit (i.e. posting on MUSO discussion boards)....

when you don't have other 'true' obligations...

all you are doing now is just waiting for time to pass by.

In my case, it's waiting for holidays to come...time to go home!

Had a purple-coloured (sweet potato) ang ku kuih at a team meeting just now. The lady who made the kuih is an 'ex-Malaysian' =)
...I haven't had kuih for so long!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bits and pieces

We were given this large pen (1 each) from the same old lady (whose great grandson wrote 'I love you more than ice cream' for her) last Friday, the last day of our rotation there.

See, they are almost the same length as my notebook!

Just to show you how huge it is compare with a normal-szied pen...

She told us earlier that she would get a pen for us each but we didn't really take it seriously...until Friday when she took out the pens from her handbag and asked us to choose a colour each....awww, so touched~~


Had a buffet dinner at Sante, Crown Casino last Sunday (yes on Mother's Day) to celebrate
Justina, Yun Ying and Cheng Khoon's birthday....I forgot to bring my camera but there are some photos on Facebook =)

Free cake from the restaurant...a very huge cake but we didn't manage to finish even half of it

And free glass of wine for everyone as well. We were the loudest group when we shouted 'Yaaaammmm Seeeenng!!!!' hahahaha

It was really a fun night, though the desserts were a bit too sweet. The restaurant is a good location to have a great view of the hourly Crown's fireworks show!


I found an easy way to make milk foam!!! Now I can enjoy my home-made nice warm hot chocolate in this cold weather =D