Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hooray!! Trials is FINALLY over. Now I can rest and relax...well at least for the time being. Final is coming soon, 30++ days actually..haha..

Oh yeah, yesterday after Physics my friends (Conney, Siew Ting, Ling Weng, Amelene, Kia Miang, Kimber) and me went to Sungei Wang to sing karaoke!! It's so fun!! We spent 3 hours singing non-stop at Red Box, throwing all over pressure and worries about studies/exams away from our minds... It's my first time singing karaoke with friends...

After that Conney went back home while Siew Ting went to her brother's place, so left 5 of us. We walked to Times Square which is quite near to Sungei Wang for some shopping. It was already about 7pm that time... and surprisingly all of us were not very hungry. We met Christine, Chien Yen and Gouri buying ice cream there.. 'weird combination' (Siew Ting 2006). I was really surprised to see Christine coz she said that she has to do math presentation and so did not join us in singing karaoke, but.. she's there right in front of me! I tapped her shoulder, she turned and was also surprised to saw us. After buying ice cream the 3 of them went back while we continued shopping around. Few minutes later Christine called me and asked where I was, saying she wanted to join us. Seemed like she had not shop enough, hehe!!

Till about 8.30pm I said that I was hungry and I wanted to have dinner. Amelene and Christine accompanied me while the rest, not feeling hungry (coz of drinking 2 glasses of drinks and eating some tidbits at Red Box) continued shopping. So 3 of us went to Kenny Roger's. We sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant waiting for the waiters to serve us and provide us menus. But they didn't!! There were 2 or 3 of them walking around and none came to our table!! Amelene called one of them for the menus, and he said 'a while'... we waited for another 5 minutes, then stood and left. 'What kind of service is this...' we thought. Then we went to have Teppanyaki, oh my, the food proportion was so much! It was more than the usual teppanyaki I eat! We wolfed down the food in about half an hour while chatting with Christine (she didn't eat coz she had her dinner earlier) till it was about 9.45pm, we paid and left to join Ling Weng, Kia Miang and Kimber. 6 of us left Times Square and went back to KL Central by Monorail. And guess what, we stopped to shop again at the pathway between KL Central and the Monorail Station till it was nearly 11pm!!! Our curfew time!! We then rushed to buy KTM tickets at the KTM machine (the KTM counter was closed) and were shocked to see the last train to Pelabuhan Klang was 11pm. And the machine seemed to be joking with us when the tab flashed 'Please use syillings only' .. WHAT THE...???!!! We did not have so many syillings at that time and we were rushing to get on the last train, and you this machine come tell me please use syillings only?! So we changed to use another machine, and this machine again seemed to joke with us as it did not accept our RM1 note. 'Come on, accept la..' I said. Finally we managed to get the tickets (it took so long time just to get 4 tickets, =.=) after it 'swallowed' our 10 RM1 notes. Thank goodness..

And guess what, we reached hostel at nearly 12am. Initially the guard did not let us in..we called him but he seemed to just ignore us. The front gate was locked. It was raining slightly. We walked to the other gate, a few metres away from the front gate and attempted to climb over it. BUT the guard turned and saw us (I dunno whether he saw Christine and Amelene trying to climb over or not).. so we walked back to the front gate and realised it's no longer locked. So we went in and apologised to the guard for coming back so late, while creating a story saying that Christine lost her purse and we had to help her find it. As expected we received a short 'lecture' from the guard, luckily he did not scold us. Hehe =P

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Tomorrow I'll have my physics trials...which will be the last paper. Hope it won't be that hard. Coz physics is difficult to study (for me lah)...coz of all textbooks, Physics textbook has the most words. You can see one whole page of text bla-bla-ing and you won't understand what is the whole thing about...well unless you like physics and can understand physics better than me lah. 'You read the whole thing and you'll realise that what you are reading is a bunch of fei hua' (Amelene & Ling Weng 2006). I can't agree more. When I read the textbook I realise that it's like talking to me, telling me this and that, how this works, what is this principle about, and the theory behind it...etc etc.

Now you know how much I don't like Physics. And I have no choice but to take it as it is a compulsory subject.

Oh, and to think that those art stream students have gone back home coz their last paper was ESLS (today). And we science stream students have to wait for tomorrow...suffering coz have to wake up at about 5 something in the morning to sit for the 7am paper. And in that super-extremely cold air conditioned great hall for 3 hours shivering with your fingers grasping the pen (and jacket) as tight as you can. Duh...

Hope that the same situation won't repeat for finals...

Monday, September 25, 2006

another friend going off...

My aiya bro Shean Wei is leaving for UK today. And I can't be at KLIA to send him off. *sigh*

I have known him since Standard 5, he was sitting behind me in class. He's always making fun and jokes. I still vividly remember one of his naughty acts during Standard 5.. There's this girl called Mei Xian sitting beside her, and one day while she left her seat to get something from the teacher, he took a dead lizard and placed it on her chair. See? Really naughty huh... and that girl sort of screamed (coz I warned her to look at her chair before sitting down)..

My classmates started calling him as my aiya bro, probably because both of us have the same surname and me being the youngest girl in class. Hehe... In Standard 6, his nickname was 'chen ji zha' 陈吱喳 because he talked a lot. Probably the most talkative guy in class! And some called him 'black bull'.. maybe because his skin is dark...hahaha...

On to secondary school..he's one of the 6 of us from our primary school Chung Cheng to transfer to Chung Hwa Secondary School. Dunno why we weren't that close in Form 1,2 and 3 compared to during primary school. I think it's because we're in different class, haha.. anyway in Form 4 and 5 we went for the same Chemistry tuition, and so we're chatty as usual again. He's always making friends around him laughing non-stop, coz he can make jokes even it's about a very small matter. He's also the playful type, with him around, the word 'boredom' never came across our minds. There's always topic to talk about with him (since he can talk a lot). Oh, I love his drawings!! He's really good in art as he could control the water colour brush well.

Well...bon voyage bro! All the best, and I know fate will let us meet again... we'll miss you.

Remember when come back Malaysia must inform our friends huh! (dunno whether I'll be around or not though...) then we can go yam cha as we used to, and talk about the old times we had...hehe!! Take care yo!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

E x p e R i e n C e

Had my University of Adelaide interview yesterday at Sheraton Hotel in Subang Jaya. I went there in taxi with Heng, Ryan and my classmate Izaidi. We reached there quite early at 1pm. Mine was supposed to be at 4.40pm (the last interviewee that day) but I had it at 3pm as there's no one left in the waiting room. There's supposed to be an interviewee right there that time (3pm) for his/her interview, but since no one was there, the interviewer told me I could have mine earlier. Of course I was happy to do so as I wanted to go back earlier, and I didn't want those 3 guys (whose interviews were much earlier than me) to wait for me for so long. Oh, while in the waiting room (at about 2pm actually) I met Hui Xuan's friend Evelyn who was her classmate while doing A-Levels in Taylors College Subang Jaya. We chatted a while before it was her turn for interview. She's nice =)

I was in study room yesterday evening after having my dinner with Amelene (we took quite early at about 5pm, was too hungry). There were only a few girls in the room as most of them went out for dinner...only Daphne, Amelene, a Malay girl, one or two juniors and me. Suddenly a bunch of small Malay kids came into the room (dunno from where) and started to play around, make noise and run here and there. Initially we were patient and did not halau them out, just let them be...but then, one of them spotted Conney's junk food on the table!!! Conney was out for dinner and (as usual) her table's full of tit-bits. The little girl asked the Malay girl whether she could have it or not, and the Malay girl turned to tell us that the kid wanted to eat the junk food. We did not know how to answer her and just shrugged. Later that small girl asked me (as I was sitting near Conney's place), told me that her friend/adik wanted to eat. Out of kindness I took the packet of junk food and gave her a handful, hoping that she would not ask the second time (that's Conney's food, for goodness sake!) and then continued to do my maths.

And WELL WELL WELL...they were really like...beri betis mahukan paha...that's the best idiom to describe them! I was startled when the group of small kids took the packet and took handfuls of the food themselves. 2nd time, I looked at them and did not say anything, 3rd time, 4th time...Till I really could not bear it any longer. I stood up and walked towards a boy holding the packet and said, 'Cukup lah, nanti kawan saya marah tau...' Come on la, it's not that I did not want to give them, it's just that the food's not mine, and Conney's not there so I could not just simply give them right?

I took the packet and placed it back on Conney's table, thinking that they would leave it alone. WHO KNOWS...the same thing happened again. I was in a dilemma. I could not just tell them 'Eh tak boleh makan la' since they're little children. I kept looking at Amelene, hoping that she would say something. Just then another girl who's studying asked me, 'Is the food theirs?' and I said 'No', to which she responded by taking action - she walked to the little kids and told them 'Eh ini bukan tempat main-main tau..' while leading them out of the room. THANK GOODNESS.
Finally rid of those kids.. =P

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

R a n d o m

These are some sms-es of me and Chien one ordinary day..

Chien: Meow (this msg was sent to me at 1.40am and I had slept that time)

Me: Woof (I replied her in the morning at about 9.30am)

Chien: The dog's retarded. Take so long to woof back =P

Me: I only saw ur msg this morning la...I switched off my phone last night.

Chien: Well, considerate me will accept ur reason. =P


In the study room one night, Daphne my classmate came up to me, took my pencil and wrote something on my paper.

She wrote:

I am so stressed
gila babi
why ur pencil so THIN?!


In the study room again, the other night. This time the conversation is in black and white, i.e. we wrote on paper. We were 'talking' about a girl who came in the room...

Me: She came in. Got 1 junior sat at the place. She told that junior - the place is HERS.

Daphne: Earlier she got come in and put stuff there.

Me: (Oooh)

Daphne: Where did this person (referring to the junior) go?

Me: (pointed to the girl opposite) Tu.. pink shirt one..
Since she came in, I kept on hearing mumbling mumbling kumat kamit like bees/flies buzzling.

Daphne: Maybe she sot a bit =P

Then later we found out that she's learning Korean...haha...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Put aside my books.

Something is in my mind these few days.

I don't know what it is.

It seems complicated...or should I say, it's just me not knowing exactly how to describe it.

What is it? Worry? Sad? No, I'm not worrying about anything not I'm sad...


Maybe it is..

I miss the old her.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Wow...I never realise that there are so many people whose birthday is in September like me!! Haha..And my friends here have been celebrating so many birthdays this week! It's like...we just ate cake the other day, and we're going to eat another cake again the next day...hahaha...

Last Wednesday night I went to study room and Ling Weng brought Conney's mooncake there. I ate one piece of it...and I realised that I have not eaten mooncake for a very long time (duh!)..


And, trials start next Friday. Good luck all AUSMATIANS!!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

t o u c h e d

Cheah Yen is so bad. She made me nearly cry last night. Her story, real life story which she told Amelene and I made me feel so touched and tears started to roll in my eyes.

It’s about her story of sending her best friend Lin Foong off to Ireland to further her studies last Friday. She has known her for 8 years, and as she talked about Lin Foong, ‘Whatever things that we can do together, crazy things or funny things, we had already done all…’

Since she came back from KLIA that night, her eyes had been red due to non-stop crying. She cried again yesterday noon when the rest 3 of us in the house went for lunch while she was alone at home. We knew that she was sad and didn’t dare to ask much about what happened in KLIA. However, last night about a few minutes past midnight, she spoke about how she sent Lin Foong off. ‘You guys wanna hear story or not?’ Amelene was preparing to go to bed while I was playing games on my graphic calculator. ‘I want,’ I said. ‘Into your room then,’ was what she replied. And so I sat on my bed, half concentrating on my game while Amelene lied on the bed and Cheah Yen sat by her side, beginning to tell us her experience of sending Lin Foong off.

At 6.30pm while she was in the train, she called Lin Foong and asked about the time she would reach KLIA and what time would the plane depart etc (something like that, but then Lin Foong didn’t know that she was on the way to KLIA). At 7 something she called her again, asking her where she was…Lin Foong said that she was busy with her luggage and that she would call her again, but Cheah Yen told her that she was at KLIA already. And somehow at 7.45pm they decided on a place to meet as KLIA is such a big place. So they met, together with Lin Foong were her parents and an uncle. Cheah Yen described about how cool Lin Foong’s father had been by making jokes and how she helped Lin Foong with her luggage while they walked towards the departure hall. I remember the part she mentioned about Lin Foong wanting to put a book inside her luggage, so she took out her bras from the luggage…and Lin Foong’s father was holding one of them, saying something like ‘Aiyo faster keep in la, where got people take out bra (from luggage) in airport one…’ hahaha…Cheah Yen also told us that Lin Foong’s dad was wearing a jacket with the word ‘Mandung’ behind, the name of a place I guess, and then he walked in front while Lin Foong pushed her trolley with Cheah Yen accompanying her. He turned his head and pointed towards the word of his jacket and said to them, ‘Come come follow me…follow Mandung!!!’

Before going in the departure hall, Cheah Yen kissed Lin Foong on her cheek and Lin Foong kissed her back, and Lin Foong’s parents hugged and kissed her goodbye. When Cheah Yen talked about the part where Lin Foong went in, through the security check and up to the escalator, and how she and Lin Foong’s parents looked on and felt so sad, I could not bear it anymore as I felt a sudden sadness and tears started accumulating in my eyes. I didn’t know why but it just made me feel so touched. Amelene asked, ‘Did Lin Foong cry? How about her parents?’ ‘She’s brave, she didn’t cry but I saw her rubbing her eyes. Her father didn’t but then I saw him rubbing his eyes too while closing the car’s boot.’ Then Cheah Yen asked us, ‘So, what do you all think?’ All I told her was, ‘I dunno, but I feel like crying!!!’ Amelene said, ‘Yeah, I feel like crying too…’ I went out of the room to the kitchen sink to wash my face and brush my teeth, but the words and the imagination of the atmosphere and emotions while they sent Lin Foong off kept appearing in my mind, and tears started falling again…

‘You’re so bad, you make me cry…’ I told Cheah Yen. ‘I’m about to recover from my flu and now you make me cry…’ Cheah Yen replied, ‘Well then you know how bad Lin Foong is then!!! How sad I was!!!’ Hmmm…

(I just remember bits of here and there of her story...)

l i z a r d

There's a lizard on the floor of my balcony last Saturday night.

Its body was quite special (it's a beautiful lizard if I must say) as there're spots on its body. (Well so far I have only seen lizards with plain brown or dark brown colour body, but none with spots...)

It kept crawling here and there, slowly at one time and suddenly rushing towards something (its target or whatever), and then crawling slowly again.

I stopped my work at my desk and began to observe that lizard. What in my mind that time was that it was helping me eating those irritating mosquitoes.

When there's no target it crawled back swiftly to behind of the door of the balcony (to hide? I think)... and after a while it crawled out again, waiting for its prey.

This kept going on continuously for some time till I decided to ignore it and get back to my work.

I thought, if we had that determination to work hard like that lizard did, we would be able to achieve success easily. Another thing is confidence. That lizard's head was quite high up with its eyes looking around and it gave me an impression of being confident. (don't ask my why, it's probably because my imagination is great =P)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

s u r p r i s e ! !

I know many people are expecting this post…haha…you know who you are!! This is going to be a long post…so, sit up straight, rub your eyes and start reading if you have ample of time to while away while setting aside assignments and revisions…hehehe..

The day was cold and I had flu but the spirits in my heart (and also my friends’ hearts, I guess) were high. We just had our chemistry topic test, and as promised, at 10.30pm, Amelene, Christine and I went to play badminton. They said playing badminton at night is fun, though it sounds crazy. Haha… So off we went to the badminton court. About an hour later Conney and Ling Weng came, but they were half an hour late as Christine said that they were coming at 11. They brought Christine’s hula hoop and Conney showed off her skills of playing the hoop around her waist while we looked at her, amazed. I kept on playing with Amelene till it was 12am. My phone started to ring non-stop with messages coming in. Birthday wishes from my friends, some unexpected as I didn’t expect so many people to remember my birthday. Even those not-so-close friends whom I just say a simple hi with a smile also wished me happy birthday. I replied them all one by one and continued to play badminton.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… till 12.15am, I was already feeling very tired with sweat all over my body and I told Amelene that I wanted to go back to hostel. She insisted on playing, while the other three played the hula hoop and…sms-ing. I was wondering why Siaw Tze or Chean Ying didn’t sms me because Siew Ting had sent me a message wishing me happy birthday. ‘What are the people in that room doing?’ I thought.

‘12.30 We go back,’ Christine told me. ‘You all don’t have ESLS class tomorrow morning? Don’t need to sleep early??’ I asked, as I don’t have ESLS class. ‘Aiya, chemistry test is just over, now is the time to enjoy…’ is what they replied. OK, I thought.

Finally it was 12.30am. We switched off all the lights and ventilation fans and headed for the door. Ling Weng said that she couldn’t find the door as it was pitch-black. ‘How funny!! Why you can’t find the door…let me open…’ lo and behold, as I opened the door, what I saw surprised me so much that I screamed. I SCREAMED!!! About 30 friends of mine stood out there with cakes (and lit candles of course) and sang birthday song for me. Who would not be surprised to see a whole lot of people suddenly appeared in front of you as you open the door, not expecting to see anyone so late at night? Especially when you are tired and just thinking of getting back to have a nice cool bath and sleep…And when I was not in good shape (having flu, sweating like rain water, oily face, my hair tied up like a sa po…) >.<>ICE CREAM cake?? I seldom eat ice cream cake, only once if I remember correctly…wow…I was so happy~ so two cakes on the ping pong table. After blowing off the candles for the second time, my friends asked, so, 18 already, anything that you wished to do now that you are 18?? Well, I can’t think of anything that moment… As I cut the cake and took out the candles, Hui Ling said that my fingers were shivering…yeah, she’s right…that’s my normal reaction when I am in the limelight *winks* I remembered someone mentioning, ‘Cry la cry la, gan dong leh…’ Nah, I was not in the mood for crying…I was in a state of shock!

Siaw Tze approached me with a Tupperware containing a burger with a Powerpuff Girl Buttercup candy on it, saying that she made it on her own for me.
‘The candy looks like you…faster eat the burger la, the cheese (or whatever) is melting…’
WHAT?!! The Buttercup candy looks like me?? I denied it and asked her again and again is it really she herself who made that burger, on her own self (I doubt her cooking ability =P). She made that kind of kek tiok face and said ‘yala!!! I purposely make this for you eh…’ hahaha big sis, I love to see your kek tiok face…I know you were expecting me to say a thank you but I purposely didn’t want to tell you earlier…haha…

As usual, video session and photos session, then cutting the cakes into pieces and distributing them. At the same time, more sms-es coming in. Chean Ying gave me a teddy (which I initially thought was a pig, haha!) while I got a nice blouse from Ling Weng, Conney, Siew Ting and Siaw Tze. Thanks ya gals!! As we were taking photos, some of my friends played badminton…wow…bare feet even! They certainly have enthusiasm in sports~

Ah well, I really didn’t expect the celebration to be so early…you guys really are so great in giving me such a big surprise!! Once again, thanks a bunch!!! I realized that so many people out there actually remember my birthday, and I could feel how much my friends care for me…wow…so touched…and yeah, everybody said that I am a big gal already, finally legal (Ru Xing 2006). I LOVE the card they gave!!! And the writing by Jaishree on the blue envelope, it’s so artistic… And the vertical card Penny and Ryan gave, too, the card is nice with its glitters in front =)

Going back to my room after all the fun, I was yet in another surprise to see a beautifully wrapped present on my table, with two paper-fan-like pattern of the present paper on top with a card in between. That’s from my housemate Kia Miang…apparently she had fallen asleep and could not join in the celebration, haha…but then she woke up, feeling blur and apologized to me for not being able to celebrate with me. Amelene said that she’s romantic because she put that present on my table…I totally agreed with her…I love the words she wrote in her card, so romantic…hehe~

And guess what time I slept…3.30am!!! First time sleeping so late in hostel, and the next morning my nose was bleeding…

p/s 1: During Chemistry class the next morning, I was so surprised as everyone suddenly stood up and sang birthday song for me. Ramanen announced that ‘since the co-op is not open, we can only get sweets’…haha, he’s so nice for telling Pn Amani about my birthday, I didn’t expect the whole class to stand and sing birthday song for me…

p/s 2: Later that night Conney, Christine and Ling Weng fried French fries and hotdogs to eat, though I only ate a little of the fries because I had my dinner earlier. Plus, I didn’t want my cough to get worsen. Christine belanja me a soya bean drink. Nice nice!! Few hours later Siew Ting came and gave me two pieces of pizza after coming back from outing with her friend. Aww…so sweet!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Merdeka countdown

Went to Merdeka countdown at Bukit Bintang with Conney, Christine, Ling Weng, Amanda, Chean Ying, Yeu Sheng, Zhi Han, Penny and Ryan. The place was very, very, very crowded.. it was so noisy as Digi was distributing a kind of loud whistle to Digi users. Well though I'm not a Digi user I got the whistles (2 whistles man! Some of my friends only got a whistle each =P) because I took Conney's phone and showed the lady. right?? And we even got a pair of long balloons... I got two pairs because the lady gave me 2 sets. So generous..Hehe..

We stood in front of the Sungei Wang Plaza from about 8.30pm till 1.30am. Whoa, a long 5 hours.. I didn't realise that I had the patience to stand for so long! There were some singers in front on the stage but we hardly paid attention to them initially. There were many people who sprayed each other with snow flakes which you can get at RM10 for 4 tins... Conney and Christine bought some and shared with us. So we sprayed around at strangers and on each other.. It's so colourful and so fun, and so shocking as well because we have to be careful at all times so as not to be suddenly 'attacked' by others. Our hair was full of the white snow flakes and pink and blue strips of dunno-call-what sprayed from the tins. And yeah, the floor was full of the tins and balloons too... so much rubbish that some people nearly fell.

And then it was about 15 minutes to 12am.. Something happened. I realised that the left pocket of my jeans was empty. Out of shock I turned to Chean Ying and exclaimed, 'My phone's lost!!!!' She, too, was surprised and told the others. And so a search began.. we were walking around with our heads down, looking on the floor for any sign of the Snoopy bag which I put my phone in.. There were 2 Chinese ladies who helped me too. Really wanna thank them, and also my friends who helped me in the search.. though it was quite impossible to find it, your efforts made me so touched. At last the phone was nowhere to be found.. sigh.. the photos that we took during the countdown and spraying of the snow flakes using my phone, those nice nice and memorable photos... all gone... And I felt so sorry for spoiling the mood of my friends in celebrating Merdeka Day.. sigh...

I wanna express my heartfelt gratitude to my friends here: (Gee, I sounded formal..)

- Christine: thanks for being so caring and informed Amelene... and even asked me whether I wanted to speak to Amelene that night... you thought that I was very very sad...but actually I felt a sense of 'loseness' (is there such a word?)

- Amanda: really wanna thank you for searching the phone high and low for me.. and helping me telling those Chinese ladies (speaking Cantonese ma, I'm not very good in it) =)

- Conney: you said, 'If I knew who's that fellow who took the photos -refering to my phone- ..huh.. he would know what is 'DIE'!!! Haha Conney you are so cute~

- Ling Weng: thanks for helping by miss calling my phone all the time so that I know my phone was still around..

- Zhi Han & Chean Ying: I read from Yeu Sheng's blog that you two cursed the person who stole my phone... Haha..wonder what did you all say... I wanna know... And thanks for helping me..

- Yeu Sheng, Ryan and Penny: Thanks for helping out too, you guys are so so great!!! =)

- Siew Ting: thanks for giving me those sayang sayang in MSN.. hehe.. thanks for the comfort and warmth..

D a n g D a n g D a n g ! !

Tada! Get a clue of what is this?

My mission! Completed~ Those are the bookmarks I made..Hehe~

God's creation

See the sky?? This pic was taken near the river behind my house when I brought my friends there during their trip to Kelantan last mid-sem break...
See the sky was like divided into half.. it's so-not-natural yet it happened!!