Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's been on my mind

First of all, this.

Was excited to go at first, but I realised later that I mistook it for a 演唱会's actually a 歌友会...not going dy coz $$$ =(

Second, Tassie trip. Still in the progress of planning.

Third, formative OSCE. Next week.

Lastly, this semester is going to end very week is the last week~

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My flowers!

I really like the colour of the flowers I grew!

Bright orange

And also white in the same pot

I like this one against the green background

The other pot...the flower when it's closed

When it's opened! (not fully 'opened' yet as you can see from the petals)

From another angle

Waiting to grow...reach out for the sunshine =)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For the birthday girl tomorrow

Last Saturday, we went to College Square at city to celebrate Zhi Han's birthday. It's a surprise birthday party for her. Her birthday is actually tomorrow (22/5) but we decided to celebrate it earlier over the weekend. We had also decided to cook and prepare the food at her place (and other people were responsible for buying other food) in the afternoon while she's out with Ling Sing (doing some work for Buddha's Day near Federation Square).

Ye Chia, Nooi Hoay and I prepared the food before the others arrived (it was us helping Ye Chia actually =D). Daphne went out to buy the birthday present so only 3 of us were there. It was really cold when I arrived earlier but as we started cooking, the heat warmed the place up =)

There were really a lot of food on the table for the party! 3 large La Porchetta pizzas, spaghetti with bolognese sauce and bacon, devil eggs, ice cream and banana for banana split, biscuit crumbs + fruit + custard dessert, KFC, Krispy Kreme, soft drinks and bubble tea - so much food to eat =P (你们不要留这些五天四夜的食物给我们nah, 吃不完的 - Ch'ng 2008)

A closer look at the devil eggs...

A big box of KFC with 42 pieces of chicken inside - Daphne said that people even asked her about it when she took the tram back to CS as the box was so large

Not to forget, the C-A-K-E:

Yes it's a cake! The whole 'wrapper' was dark CHOCOLATE, not too bitter and not too sweet, really yummy!

Happy birthday Zhi Han (Han Han =P)


To Zhi Han: That was the 2nd time we celebrated your birthday on Buddha Day, haha! Hope you enjoyed the celebration! May your wishes and dreams come are turning 21 soon, must be feeling old eh? =P

Friday, May 16, 2008

Coffee break

I'm not really an extreme coffee lover. I do drink coffee but I seldom drink it. I usually drink tea during breakfast and have Chinese tea during tea time (when my dad is around) at home. I rarely/never order coffee when eating out. The thought of getting addicted to it scares me.

However, Australian culture changed my view and perception of coffee. People here love drinking coffee. It is the second norm to drinking alcohol here I guess. There are 4 places that sell coffee in my campus alone (or maybe more). During peak hours ie. lunch, you can see people queueing up to buy coffee at campus centre. The coffee at the Den is very popular among students while coffee at the high-class cafe near the Science building (staff, tutors and professors can often be seen at the cafe) is unbeatable, not to mention being slightly more expensive than others.

Last Wednesday during the one-hour break between lectures, I joined Ravind, Ivie, Li Ping and Grace to the high-class cafe (I forgot its name) for coffee/chocolate drink. Adilah joined us a few minutes later and the six of us enjoyed our hot drinks in the cool breeze. As I'm not used to drinking coffee, I ordered a white chocolate truffle - something like white chocolate and milk. It's really creamy, but I love the bacio that Ravind recommended (Li Ping ordered it). There's another one with caramel which sounds great too.

Today our PCL ended early so Li Ping suggested getting coffee from the Den before going for lecture. I accompanied her there though I didn't have the thought of getting one myself at first. Yet I gave in when she let me taste her latte. She recommended me to get mocha since I like sweet stuff. '好喝吗?' she asked. I nodded. 'Will you buy it again next time?' 'Yeah sure!' I didn't regret buying it =)

In the lecture theatre before the lecture started, Grace asked what's latte. 'Ask the coffee expert,' I said, while pointing towards Yeu Sheng who was sitting beside her. Being the coffee expert, she answered the question without doubt. Nooi Hoay actually thought Grace was asking what's satay =.=

咖啡,我喜欢 =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy birthday to May babies

3rd - went out to have dinner at a Chinese & Vietnamese restaurant at Springvale to celebrate Justina's birthday. Her birthday's on 5th but we celebrated earlier; about half of our gang went for rural placement so there's only 8 of us. Zepeng's cousins came to join us for dessert.

Ryan was the cameraman

5th - Justina's birthday.

7th - Penny's birthday (Brisbane).

8th - Yee Fang's birthday (Perth).

9th - Yun Ying's birthday. Everybody have come back from their rural placement. We celebrated her birthday at Nando's near Rusden House.

Happy birthday Yun Ying

This huge ceramic vase on the table blocked my view of the people sitting opposite me. Daniel put the cake on top of the vase while we were eating dinner

10th (today) - Shean Wei's birthday (Portsmouth).

11th (tomorrow) - Conney's birthday (Tasmania) + Mother's Day

13th - Cheng Khoon's birthday. Wonder how are we going to celebrate?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two choices

Yes or No.

Should I go back during this winter break?

It's only 3 weeks.

Yet if I go back, I can:

  • attend my cousin's wedding
  • meet my friends who will be back from US and UK (otherwise, I can only meet them after I graduate)
  • spend more time in Malaysia this year, as we have a shorter summer break (compared to last year) at the end of this year - only about 1 month plus
  • give moral support to my sister who will be sitting for her diploma piano exam
  • meet my dears and darlings =D
However, $1300+ (estimated RM3900) of return air tickets with only 3 weeks of holidays to spend seem not really worth it. To calculate, it'll be like spending RM1300+ per week. Unless I take budget airlines...(which I'm not keen into coz usually it's not direct flight Melbourne-KL).

If I stay in Melbourne, I can:

  • spend time with Siaw Tze as she's staying at my room
  • meet Ling Weng, Yee Fang, Yijia and Yi Tyeng
  • go travel to Tasmania
  • save my $1300+

Why are choices so hard to make?!