Thursday, February 17, 2011

Batman invades Melbourne!!!

My best friend finally came to visit me...after 3 years of not seeing each other =D

Last Saturday I went to pick her up at Tullamarine funny that it didn't really turn out to be a 'suspense' as I had thought, maybe coz we have always been keeping in touch and updating each other (we even just chatted the day before she left for Melbourne!)

While waiting for her at the arrival hall, all the while I was thinking, how is it going to be like to see each other again after so long? What should I say? Is she going to walk out through this door, or the other door? If we have fate, she'll walk out of this door and see me, I thought.

After about an hour, the princess finally made her appearance - she saw me! We DO have fate =D There were a lot of people so we had to walk to the side before giving each other a welcome hug. No screaming, no tears of's just a simple warm welcome, 即温暖又温馨 =)

Dragging the luggages we walked out of the airport and took the Skybus to Southern Cross station. It was close to noon time when we put the luggages at the luggage hall (locker), so I suggested we went to have lunch first...forgetting that her body clock is still at Malaysian breakfast time =P However somehow the train bypassed the city loop and did not go to Melbourne Central as I wanted and went straight to Parliament instead, so we got down and we went to the Parliament, as well as the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens and Melbourne Museum....just taking pics outside of those buildings. And forecast said that there was going to be morning showers and strong winds in the afternoon, but I guess our princess brought sunshine with her wherever she goes and so it turned out to be a fine day =D

Parliament of Victoria

Royal Exhibition Building - a World Heritage Site

Carlton Gardens

Went back to the city to have Vietnamese beef noodles for lunch at 2pm. I couldn't even finish my bowl of beef special noodles despite being hungry earlier...guess we were talking too much =P We then walked around the streets, down along Swanston and Bourke St to Flinders St, planning to catch a tram to Docklands.

Flinders St station

There was a Japanese summer festival being held at Docklands that day (quoted from my sister: 'we were there for almost a month and there's no jap festival, she just 1 day nia le') hahaha how lucky we were! 

It's been a while since I see 人山人海 at Docklands

Wanted to go further down for a closer angle for pictures but there were too many people

How could I forget to ask her to take pics with these white 'artistic things'?

There were performances, dances, many food stalls selling Jap food and snacks, and even kimono! We were too full from lunch so we didn't buy anything...after hanging around for a while, we took the tram back to the city. Went to the State Library and Chinatown, then headed for the Shrine of Remembrance via tram.

State Library of Victoria....where there's always people sitting on the grass =)

She would never forget her Batman pose!

I love this =)

Next, dinner at a Jap shop...wanted to go to Stalactite for Greek food but it's kinda far from where we were. Plus there's more exciting things happening at night at Southbank and we certainly didn't want to be late for that!

Southbank is always so pretty at night....and of course the pretty girl too =P

Lanterns by the Yarra River!

 The beginning of the fire show

Bright and warm fire...not just this one column, there's a whole row of them along the river!

There's more Chinese New Year atmosphere inside the Crown Complex 

Time to go home and sleep!

Next day...Sunday. Ivie came to pick us up for church =) went for lunch at Grill'd then off to Brighton beach we went! What a sunny day it was!

3 girls + 3 houses

'kidnapped' some ang mo kids to come take pics with us =P

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine~

Batman is in Australia!!

 It's such a small world...for the connections between us

Trying to get some 'beach' feel


After that it's time for Angelene to fly to Adelaide....we're lucky we have Ivie who has a car!

What a weekend of happy and relaxed, as we have all passed our exams, no worries whatsoever. Now is the time to truly enjoy life =P

Thank You Lord for making it possible for my dear Angelene to come to Melbourne to visit me....for us to pass our exams, for us to meet each other again after all these years (and more to come!). Thank You, for everything has gone as You have planned =)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I thought I saw you walking down by a street yesterday
I thought I heard your voice though I could not hear
just what you say and I am waiting
And I'm waiting here for you

Just a few more days =P

Thursday, February 03, 2011