Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love you more than ice cream.


今天下午她和她的小学同学,一个89岁的老婆婆,很愉快地与我们交谈。她们有40年没见面了,想不到这次 ‘有缘 ’在病房相遇。



I love you more than ice cream (I love ice cream)


I love you more than a baked bean

是不是很sweet 很可爱呢!!!


老婆婆也是个很可爱的老人家。她对我们说了一个笑话: 她从手提带里那出一个红色的衣夹(她用衣夹来夹信封),问我们有没有兴趣用衣夹当耳环戴,可以放钻石让它更美丽。我朋友就说,一个耳环怎么行,需要两个才能戴啊。老婆婆的回答令我笑翻了,她说:“很简单啊,就戴一边好了,另一边呢,你就站着靠墙壁就行了,没人会发现你漏了一个耳环的。” 哈哈哈亏她这样也想到!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of the sun, sand and sea

Monday was Anzac day = public holiday, so we decided to visit Grace's place at Frankston. And we went to Mornington as well =)

Lucky us that it was a nice sunny weather on Monday (thought a bit cold) it started to get even colder on Tuesday and it even rained!

Adilah and Ravind

It was about 15 minutes drive to Mornington from Grace's house. We headed for lunch first - went to a fish and chips shop....for nibbles i.e. some fish bites (not fillet) and prawns, fries and honey scallops. It was like an entree for us as we planned to have lunch at another place. We ended up having to wait sooo loooong for our food at the next cafe we went to =.=

French toast...with a LOT of berries

Eggs benedict. I still prefer the ones at Pancake Parlour...maybe because I love pancakes =P

It was about 1pm and we decided to head to the beach.

The sand was very soft

I spot many dead jellyfish along the beach....and they were quite big too. Wonder why.

It was a fun sunny day. Many people brought their dogs out for a walk. And that's a big poodle!

Look at the clouds - I must say I did not notice their shapes when I took this photo

I like the angle of this photo =) Li Ping, Grace and me~

Love this pic!

And there are 2 reasons why I took this pic =D

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm currently doing Psychiatry and we had lectures at the Alfred Hospital in the city last Monday and Tuesday. I was printing the lecture notes the night before until I came across this 4-slides lecture that was uploaded....

First slide

Second slide

Third slide

Fourth slide

........Can you guess what the title of the lecture was?

BIPOLAR Disorders!

Till now the original lecture with text wasn't uploaded yet =.=

Anyway, we went to Alfred on Monday morning and was amazed by the brand NEW lecture theatre. Our lecturer told us that we were the first group of students to use it (the last Psychiatry rotation students didn't have a chance). It was situated in The Alfred Centre, which is kinda a place like student lounge with rows of new cool lockers, a kitchen, tables and chairs and sofa....

The lecture theatre...It looks like a Board of Directors meeting room!! Impressive!!

And I simply love the chairs!! They have rollers like office chairs, and the best thing is that you can lean backwards and be comfortable!! This pic wasn't taken at an angle so you can see how much you can recline =D So cool right! And that's Chean Ying btw =P

The view from the Alfred Centre...nice view of the city from the 5th floor =)

Wondering where I can find that roller-recline cool chair =P

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Not exactly an Easter break

Before the week of Easter weekend I was talking to two of my Aussie classmates. One was saying that she's flying back home in SA while the other girl mentioned that she's going somewhere else too....

And the girl who's going back to SA asked me, 'Are you going anywhere this Easter, Jess?'

All I could say was, 'I have nowhere to go,' with a jokingly tone.

'Awww that sounds so sad!!' And we all laughed, because it's true and yet it sounds sad in a way =P


Kia Miang came over to Melbourne with her friend for a visit for 3 days. The world is so small that I met her unexpectedly on Friday night at the city just about an hour after she arrived! We organised a dinner at Chinatown the next day (yesterday).

Yesterday afternoon Li Ping and I went to Harbour Town to shop for birthday gifts. Felt like we had the 'whole world of time' to spend before the dinner at 7pm. When we got back to the city we still had an hour before dinner so we went to Parliament to take pictures~

I've always wanted to take pictures at the Parliament since 1st year here but never had the chance to do so...

and now finally =)

There were people taking wedding pictures too, a very common sight at the Parliament

shopping kaki

Then it was time for dinner! It was certainly a great catch-up and an 'ex-housemates' reunion.

*great dinner*