Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally I get to online!

Today is the 4th day since I came back to Melbourne. Yet it feels like I'm already here for a very long long time. I'm still staying at the halls but in a different hall from last year. Almost all my friends are staying in the same hall now...our rooms are just a few steps away from each other, 'scattered' around the second floor and third floor. A few friends have moved out of halls. It's going to be a differerent but not new experience staying at Deakin.

Classes have started yesterday...and I feel that the burden of Year 2 Medicine falls on me instantly. A year full of new things to learn, MORE assignments, more responsibilities...I think I have to repeat 'I like 2nd Year' a few times to myself, haha~

Yesterday night we celebrated Yeu Sheng's birthday. Our first plan failed as she was the one who surprised us instead of us surprising her with the celebration (thanks to Calvin =.=). All of us were supposed to gather in Ryan's room before going downstairs to surprise her, but unknown to some of us, she was actually hiding beside the wardrobe behind Cheng Khoon, Calvin and Zepeng. Anyway, we persuaded her to 'pretend to be surprised' and asked her to go back to her room so that we could continue with our 'first plan'. However, Zepeng came out with another idea to surprise her - we hid in the 2nd floor kitchen and asked her to wash the plates with others. I didn't really know if she was still surprised though. Anyway, it's good that we managed to gather everyone including those who have moved out of halls. =)

Happy 21st birthday, da jie

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This CNY...

...I stayed back at KB. The main reason is to celebrate Chinese New Year with my friends. I never have the experience of going 'bai nian' from house to house with my friends...the experience of getting so many ang pows in a day =P

It's on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year that we went for our Kubang Kerian (KK) trip. I think it has become a tradition among my friends who used to spend CNY in KB. We started off quite late as there was traffic jam around town. Michelle came to fetch me from my house and she was caught in the traffic jam for about 45 minutes!

Our first stop was Wei Yong's house. We had decided earlier to gather at her house first. After everyone arrived and had lunch of prawn mee at her house, we started our 'KK trip'. It was so fun! It was actually my first time of visiting some of my friends' house... (有点可悲,认识他们这么多年却没有去过他们的家 =.=)

The only group pic I have in my camera...so many people...so 热闹. Taken at Yun Siew's house

On the 4th day some of us went to Chui Shen's house. Most of my friends were going back to uni on that day and only a few of us left who were free. The next stop was my house. We played cards (too bad my house don't have mahjong) and PS1 (I don't have PS2). It was game whole afternoon! (And eat whole afternoon... >.<)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (it's not too late yet!)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ReunionS =)

The day before yesterday: Guardian angel's visit

“老夫老妻” (Teo 2008)

Yesterday morning: Making trifle and baking batik cake day

Our trifle =)

We made it! Yeah!

p/s: forgot to take pic of the batik cake..

Yesterday afternoon: yum cha at Noodle Station with Thong and Angelene

Thong my brother =P

Yesterday night: Class gathering

Don't want to include names coz...see if you guys (those who can't go or didn't go) recognise us!

p/s: thanks everyone for making the effort to go to the gathering =)

Today noon: Meet up Emily with Michelle

Next reunion: tomorrow?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

When I least expect it

Time: Around 9pm

Date: 1st February

- At a loss of words

- Stoned facial expression coz kept staring at the person in front
- Increased heart beat
- Expressionless (only one expression - shocked)

Cause: the return of the SS queen

Treatment: her smile and her face


The house phone rang and I went to pick up the call. I said "hello" to the receiver but no one answered. The line went dead. Another prank call, I thought. I then continued playing games. A while later, I heard my mom shouted my name. She said that my friend came to see me. Upon hearing my mom saying my friend's name, I yelled a really loud "HAR?!" and rushed to the door to see if it's really her. I thought that my mom might have recognised the wrong person. I fixed my eyes on the girl standing at the gate. Though it's quite dark, I could see that it's really her. My heart missed a beat; I didn't know if I was supposed to believe my own eyes. Yet without second thought I dashed for the gate at once, and was at dismay when I saw that the gate was locked. I was about to rush in the house to get the keys but she stopped me. I walked towards her while gazing straight at her. "SURPRISE!" she said. I was too shocked to answer her anything. I felt myself going emotionless and expressionless. She looks so pretty, I thought. It took me a few seconds to realise that she was asking "are you happy to see me??" (I think she was more excited than me!) "Yes..." I said. I thrust my hands front to squeeze her ears and cheeks coz I couldn't hug her as the gate was between us. "This is for you," she said as she pushed an orange and a piece of note into my hands. "I called your house earlier to make sure that you are around and luckily you picked up the phone..." "So it's you who made that prank call!" I exclaimed. How smart. She said that she just came back that day and would only be around for a few days. "I'll come and look for you tomorrow k!"

Imagine how happy I was!

Additional notes:

"Do you know that the reason I come back is to meet you?" This phrase startled me even more, and I am really grateful to know her and have her as my bestest buddy and God-sent angel (I really believe this). I really appreciate that you came all the way to give me this surprise ^_^ love you!