Sunday, September 28, 2008

8 Facts about ME

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8 facts about me!!

1. I still don't have a clue what is my favourite colour. But I know I like this combination of colours: pink + purple, pink + blue, white + purple. It depends on what the thing is eg. clothes, cards, stationery etc. Green looks good sometimes. I avoid fluorescent colours.

2. I can be called as a 'sentimental' in, I like collecting things that people give me, such as little messages, drawings, pictures, gifts and cards. Little messages can be a memo, a sticky note, an email, a note, sms...anything that makes me feel warm =) Cards as well as postcards, which are what I always think they are the effort and love that people put in to write/make them, and I really treasure them all. My phone and laptop have many of my friends' and my family's messages and pictures from MMS which I keep. My personal drawer at home has cards, little messages, drawings and little memorable things I kept since early secondary school. Whenever I'm at home and I have the time, I'll read them and smile at how sweet and nice were the moments I shared with my friends...coz I appreciate them all =)

3. My perfectionism kills me sometimes. I feel that I need to do things in the proper way and do them nicely. I think it's coz since young my mom used to tell me 'if wanna do, do it properly, don't simply do' yeah. I spend time organising my notes and my stuff. I spend time doing things for others, because I want to do them nicely. I arrange my stuff neatly in 'the place where they should be', e.g. lecture notes all in a file arranged by topic, songs stored in laptop in folders according to artists and albums, long-sleeve shirts/blouses are separated from short-sleeve would rarely see my room in a messy state =P

4. I'm an artistic person. I don't know how to write poems like my sister, but I know how to decorate and do artwork. I enjoy writing/making cards, drawing and painting, doing little artwork such as folding stars. Maybe you think that they would take up much of my time. Yet, when I have the inspiration, I usually will finish doing them quickly. Thanks to speed too =P

5. I believe in some things written about my horoscope and zodiac. Ever since primary school whenever I came across the horoscope or zodiac section in magazines and newspaper, I would not miss reading them. Even if I don't understand some of it LOL

6. I love photography! And I'm improving my skills on it =P (not on myself la if that's what you are thinking)

7. I think a lot. A lot of things can be on my mind at the same time. Will this lead to stress? I don't know. But I'm optimistic most of the time.

8. I express myself better in English rather than Chinese when it comes to writing. Many may not know but English is my first language. I used to speak English with my parents and sisters when I was young. Yet when I filled in the form for IELTS 2 years ago I put Chinese/Mandarin as my first language hahaha. I like Chinese though I'm not good at writing in that language. But I like it when people write something for me in Chinese =)

8 people to tag:

1. Angelene (I know you'll do it for me =P)
2. Chien (I know you are a good girl)
3. Cheah Yen (long time never hear from you)
4. Christine Wong (do my tag ah!)
5. Siaw Tze (time to update your blog, big sis)
6. Calvin (haha, do it!)
7. Cheng Khoon (you sure have a lot of things to say I guess)
8. Yee Fang (is this the first time I tag you?)

the L-day

Friday was the last day before our mid sem break starts =)

And this was the highlight of the day:

Yup, it's Li Ping's birthday! Yu Wan, Ryan, Yun Ying and I walked down to the front of the lecture theatre just few minutes before the next lecturer came in to type that...and this lucky birthday girl had the whole cohort of 300+ 2nd Year meddies sang birthday song for her together with the lecturer after that! And guess what, everything was recorded for MULO (Monash University Lectures Online) was so LOUD!! So COOL and so fun!!! =D

We had a lot of fun during lunch, thanks to Ivie who suggested everyone brought something that starts with L...L for Li Ping! You can see how creative everyone is (yup yup including me!) =) Ryan and Yun Ying actually suggested to me earlier that we used Coles' chocolate muffins and put candles on them to trick her that's her birthday cake, and that lunch was the only celebration for her. We even purposedly told her that's her birthday cake..but seemed like our plan failed because she was in so happy mood! (my plan was to make her feel disappointed that we only bought muffins as her birthday cake, so that during the evening when we presented the real cake to her she would be surprised) mana tau....LOL

The surprise element in our plan was in the evening when we had a BBQ! And this was when the REAL birthday cake appeared =) We spent the whole night with games such as musical chairs (yup, when was the last time I played this game??), table tennis and Pictionary!

Glad to know that our young lady enjoyed her birthday! And even surprised that she wrote thank you messages for everyone =)

p/s: Hey my blog name also starts with L!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

God is so real =D

Put that title as my personal message in MSN. Amelene came and asked me what made me think God is so real. Here's the story:

Few weeks ago (after I have known that the cards from Conney and Chien were lost) I was worried that if there would be any more cards for me but might have been lost again. I very 厚脸皮 asked my princess whether did she send me anything and I told her the reason for asking that question. She was kinda reluctant to tell me that she did send me something and it was supposed to be a surprise, but because I asked that question, it was no longer a surprise anymore. I was actually surprised that she said she sent me something ("prepared nice nice")...I meant, it's not only a card, there's something more. So I said thank you and told her that I would wait patiently...even though I knew it usually only takes about 1 week to send anything from Malaysia to Australia.

One day passed, 2 days, 3 days...I waited and waited. One week passed. I was even more worried. And kinda frustrated why this kind of thing always happen to me. I actually 'pity' the sender who put in the effort to make/write things to send to me but I didn't receive them (more than I 'pity' myself). I guess I'm immuned to lost mails already. Yet, I continued to pray...there is still hope. Hoping that I would know what happened to that something my princess sent me. And hoping that it would reach me some time later if possible.

There's no postal service during the weekends. On Monday I checked my mailbox again. No yellow card for me to collect parcel. Arrghh. I went straight to the office to ask if there's anything for me since the past week. None. I wondered what happened. The lady at the reception asked whether did I know what's in the parcel. "Ermm...present??" I said. She laughed, yeah you wouldn't know what's inside it if it's a present! LOL. She suggested me to ask my friend to track down the parcel. Yeah, why not? So I emailed my princess, hoping that something could be done to it. And I prayed.

Tuesday came. Before dinner I took my linen to be exchanged for clean ones (linen exchange service every Tuesday). I walked pass the mail box area. Why not check the mail box today to see if there's any yellow card for me? I thought. So I opened my mail box....omg there's a yellow card!! Grabbed it and saw that my name was written on it! Signature required. I went back to my room to get my student ID and went to the office for the parcel. WOOHOO! FINALLY! And all the while I thought it's lost!!! The moment I received the parcel, first thing that came into mind was 'God answered our prayer!' I was so happy. Texted princess to inform and thank her.

Wahahaha I got the parcel!! Wonder what's inside??

Turned to the back of the parcel...

CD, photo & music box...

CD??? Wow...I wondered what's inside the CD! And a music box...hahaha =D

But it's my turn to cook dinner that day. And it's cooking cooking buddies were waiting for dinner to be served. So I gotta put that in my room and cooked dinner. Was a bit 手忙脚乱 at the kitchen coz I was too happy. LOL.

Came back to my room after dinner to open the gift. What's inside the CD? I'm so not gonna tell =P

Thank you darling princess! And thank God for everything =)

[If I were to say in your language: it made my heart meltz....]

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Medical Ball 2008

Yesterday was our annual Med Ball woohoo! It was held at Telstra Dome in the city. The Ball was from 8pm to 12am and there was afterparty after that. We all had already planned to go to this year's Med Ball since last year. We (most of us) brought our dresses, high heels and accessories from Malaysia, so you could see how prepared we were for Med Ball this year =)

We started to prepare ourselves since about 3pm in the afternoon. Christina 'the dedicated hairdresser' came over to Deakin at 3pm to do my hair and Nooi Hoay's hair. I bought a big bottle of hairspray and hairpins from Chadstone a few days ago, and borrowed a hair straightener from Sheryl too. We have everything ready!

Christina doing my hair

Christina spent about 2 hours on Nooi Hoay's and my hair. What I can say is that she's really creative at hairstyling! Thank God for Christina =D It was already about 5pm by then, and she shot off to South East Flats to do Li Ping's hair. The reason I called her 'the dedicated hairdresser' --> she walked to her 'clients' place instead of us 'clients' going to her place LOL

As the time was still early to apply make up, I did a bit of studying just to wait for 6pm...and in the meantime I admired my hair's amazing how Christina used hair straightener to curl my hair!! The other girls were still doing their hair at the other wing of Deakin. See how much time girls need to spend just on hair alone? =P

At about 6pm we started applying make up. I asked for help from my neighbour Eugenia. Thank God she's around =) Coz I only knew how to apply foundation and lipstick =.= My skills at eyelining wasn't good either, so Chean Ying helped me to draw a bit =P Ye Chia helped me to trim my eyebrows earlier in the afternoon too. (Looks like I have a lot of other people's fingerprints on my face LOL)

We were sorta like rushing because there wasn't much time left. Daniel booked a maxi cab earlier that would come and pick us up at 7.20pm. When everyone was ready, it was already about 7.30pm...the taxi driver complained that we made him wait for 10 minutes. He still charged us for the 10-minute wait though.

We arrived at Telstra Dome a few minutes past 8pm. I thought we were late, but guests were only starting to arrive. We had to bring our ticket, student ID, and PASSPORT...yeah passport! Just to show that we are over 18 years old to enter the event.

The first drink that I grabbed was a glass of white wine. And we started taking pictures =D

With Daniel

me, Yeu Sheng, Kaiwen, Iris

With's only the beginning, don't think you have drunk much wine yet...but why is your face so red?

We looked up for our table number and location. Chau Wang led us the way. Our table was table 6, the first table to the left of the dance floor! Very near to the speakers. Haha. I was impressed that they put our names for each seat!

My name + chocolate + candies + golden rose

with Yeu Sheng

with Ye Chia the 富婆

Soon entree was served. We had smoked salmon with rocket and crouton.


with Cheng Khoon and Shi Hui

They were also annoucing the new committee members for MUMUS next year. After finishing entree, the music began! We had live band and DJ, and everyone started moving to the dance floor. And we of course suited ourselves to the music too =P

Girls at table 6

Music and dance

There were so many people at the dance floor, which was the focus of the Victory Room. The music was really great. Besides dancing, we took pictures too...

with Jason and Nooi Hoay...NH said he's very gentleman =)

with Kaiwen

with Iris

his name is also Daniel

It was already 10.15pm when the main course was served. There were 2 courses on the menu and they were served alternately.

I got lamb with potato puree

The other course was chicken breast on Japanese pancake...I tasted a bit off Cheng Khoon's plate..the Japanese pancake tasted great

I think red wine and lamb taste great together!

After the main course, we continued dancing again....and more pics!

Grace loves me =P ohhh the golden rose!

Nooi Hoay-me-Chean Ying

with Li Ping...thanks for everything love =)

On the dance floor...guess which is mine =P

with's a miracle that we met at Monash - because I knew her by name through Angelene during those college days, never met her in person until 2 years later!

with Adilah + her silver glittering dress

And we came across the group of ABCs at the dance floor too...

Oh...Sayuri is Japanese =P

With Melody

and also with Hamon...the three of them are housemates

Not forgetting Kelly who loves to randomly kacau me at uni

with Angus

Jian came over to our table

Even with my foot injury (not fully recovered yet) I could still 'dance' (which is shake and move your body according to the music LOL) quite well. We really enjoyed ourselves on the dance floor. I decided to take a solo pic of Li Ping so we stepped out of the dance floor. When I was about to show her the picture I took, I didn't stand stable enough on my high heels so I sprained my right foot a bit....ouch. I felt the immediate intense pain on the same spot of injury. It's the tendon again, I thought. I sat down on the nearest chair and my friends on the dance floor came over to me. Zepeng and Dilys gave me a free massage of my foot. Li Ping's hand was cold enough to act as ice pack which is what I needed LOL. "Are you okay?" many asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," I said. It's just pain for a while. I walked back to table 6 to my seat to rest. I didn't want to spoil my friends' mood for the night. I'm grateful for friends who offered their helping hand to me.

I could still smile with the pain on my I'm okay! =D

Soon it was dessert time!

The selection of desserts yummy~

our share of sweet stuff

Glamourous girls =D

It was about 12am and people started to leave for afterparty. There were buses provided to go to the venue, but there were too many people going so the buses had to make a few trips. Nooi Hoay, Ye Chia and Zepeng went on the earlier bus, so left me, Chean Ying, Daniel, Yeu Sheng and Chau Wang still waiting for the bus. It was quite a long wait, about half an it was cold coz of the wind! We started talking and telling jokes "to generate heat".

I sat down on the pavement while we were waiting for the bus

Finally we got on the last bus, but we didn't get into the club where the afterparty was held - heard that the dance floor was smaller and it was very crowded and hot, hardly had space to Daniel called the maxi cab and we went back to halls, reaching at about 1.45am.

p/s: I rarely upload pics to Facebook, but this time I will!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ants ants go away

Another email sent by the person who compiled our PCL this week. I thought that it looked like a 'hoax' mail/spam to me. LOL.

Subject: Congratulations! You have won yourself a week 10's worth of PCL!


An entry sent in by you/someone you know/someone you don't know has WON!!!!
Click below NOW to claim your INVALUABLE grand prize...a week 10's worth of PCL compilation, 100% GUARANTEED to provide you with hours and hours of FREE entertainment!

MORE AND MORE added each day...including contributions by esteemed authors (xxx) and (xxx)! Look out for it!!

Don't hesitate, click NOW!!!

P.S. What do you call a psychic midget who escaped from jail?

Answer: A small medium at large.

Haha. Our PCL emails are getting more and more interesting.

Today ants attacked my room. Since yesterday actually. I don't know where did the ants come from. Black ants which aren't afraid of water. They just seemed to appear suddenly, crawling on the wall behind my laptop. They came one by one every minute. Quite irritating.

Today's also the day I killed the most number of ants with one finger. Don't blame me, ants. You shouldn't appear in my sight. You shouldn't crawl over my photo. I know the photo is sweet, ants like sweet stuff, yes, but you shouldn't crawl over that. And speaking of the photo...I miss someone. I miss your face, your voice, your laugh, your endearment.

[updated: Thanks for the good night call =) but I still miss you...]

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This made me laugh.

Every week we have a person to compile our PCL tasks into one document, and then he or she will email it around to everyone in the class. This is the email for last week's PCL compilation...

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for purchasing the PCL 9 Compilation Album, including the No. 1 hits 'Complications of GORD' and also 'NSAIDS and the GIT'. Unfortunately, the following songs 'Treatment of GORD' and 'Prognosis' have not been included since their respective artists (xxx) and (xxx) did not meet the deadline.

See you all tomorrow,


How creative!


I also received two other gifts for my birthday.

Yup, a bible! From Siaw Tze and Calvin. This is my second bible actually. The first bible that I had contains only the New Testament. This one has everything! =)

Yu Wan gave me this book. I think it's her first time giving Chinese book hehe. It's interesting to read, love it!!

I also received birthday cards from Siaw Tze and Ling Weng few days ago. Appreciate them a lot. Coz they made me feel loved. =)

Conney's card hasn't arrived. I'm afriad that history might repeat itself again. Chien's letter hasn't arrived too. Yet, I appreciate their effort to send me something for my birthday. I love receiving mails. Even though they might have been lost, it's good to know that my friends actually put in effort to write and send something for me. Feel grateful.

Siew Ting wrote something for me on her blog!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally a member of the 20 club

Guess what I got this year?

Received these after the celebration on Saturday...I think they forgot to write my name on the blue envelope LOL

I love the paper bag! *so cute* and the title of the book is my name! Thanks to Lin and Sheryl =)

Opened the gifts...a pink blouse, a purple dress, and pink+purple photo why the colours are the same?? LOL

Adilah baked M&M cookies for me!! Awww so sweet...I always appreciate it when people bake/cook something for me, because they put in their love and effort making it...I like =)

Ryan gave me this gemstone bought at a gemshop in Swan's my birth stone!! =)

Chean Ying told me she and 6 other friends who shared to buy me the dress also bought me something else. The gift would be late by one day....while they were talking about it in my room, I sort of guessed that it must be something related to the medical field. My guess was stethoscope, but Ryan and Yun Ying told me that it's not.

And when Yu Wan came to my room yesterday, she brought the gift with her...

TADA! Blood pressure cuff! So it really is related to the medical field! Thanks guys!

Who wanna be the first one to try it out? =P

Yesterday there was something for me in the mailbox...Quite a thick envelope, wonder what it is?

3 envelopes and cards from my family! So cute they sticked them with stickers...yeah our house has a lot of stickers...they made the envelope colourful!

The cards - left one is from my parents, the middle one from my youngest sister, the left one from my other sister

Dunno whether you can see what is written on the front of the red card, but it says:




And inside:


=.= Rachel is really good at choosing cards...'sarcastic' like her LOL

Joanne, being artistic as she is, wrote a poem that matches the white card:

Listen to the melody,
Hidden in the nature.

Smell the fresh air,
Drifting in the atmosphere.
Look at the carpet of greeneries,
Overflowing with thousands of fragrances.

Feel the tranquility and let nature engulf you,
Have a peaceful and wonderful Happy Birthday!

As for the card from my pasted stickers of a papaya and orange, with a message written: 'Papa asked you to eat these more!' LOL I think it's coz I seldom eat fruits at home. Oh the card is a musical card too!

20 years old dy!