Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great times in KB

Since someone requested for this it is =P Sorry this takes kinda long, been busy with work...

Anyway, just wanna write about the short shopping for batik trip we had one morning. We went to a batik shop on the way to PCB beach as ah Nie wanted to buy some batik back for her colleagues. Love the bright colours ^_^

miss Koh thinking hard whether to buy or not...

ah Nie choosing the right colour for her colleagues

Wei Yong 谈大生意=P

and me the photographer!

And that night we went to eat belut for dinner (a must every time I went back) =D

everyone has a sunflower! (yes even Song Yee!)

nom nom nom

We had BBQ too 2 days after the dinner =) BBQ is also one of the to-do-things on my list! It's sort of like an annual BBQ already =P
guys busy preparing the BBQ
food for BBQ

Michelle made this can never find this pizza elsewhere in Malaysia...coz it's got bakgua in it! YUMMYLICIOUS

having friends around is always that up with yummy food =P

best BBQ sotong ever

group pic ^_^

Hope we can gather together again....maybe another Christmas BBQ party? Hehe~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Escape to Pulau Lang Tengah

Finally got the time to blog about my trip to Pulau Lang Tengah with my lovely + funny KB friends. In case you don't know where Pulau Lang Tengah is, it is one of the small islands off the coast of Terengganu and is not too far away from Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang.

had an early McD breakfast at wee hours of the morning before depature
morning sun in Kelantan/Terengganu

The 8 of us went in 2 cars...and halfway through the journey Chui Shen received a message that showed:

for your information, 甄芸 is the driver of the other car =.=||||

We reached the jetty an hour before the expected time. So we walked around the stalls...



batik - especially famous in the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia

the Fabulous Four!! =D

Finally it's time to take the boat to our destination....

it was quite a long journey to the island....we all felt hot and sweaty in the boat...

When we FINALLY reached the island, we were mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery of Pulau Lang Tengah....

blue sky, white sand, greenery and crystal clear water, what more can you ask for?

After checking in the resort, we explored the sandy beach while taking pictures....Pulau Lang Tengah is not as commercialised as the other two islands and it is a quieter island without many tourists around. We basically have the whole beach to ourselves =P




cool people

Soon it was time for lunch....we were soooo hungry!!

food provided by the resort

Time to soak ourselves in the cool seawater after lunch!

fun time with my buddies


Spent the whole afternoon at the beach, then had dinner at the dining hall....we were so disappointed with dinner because we had leftover fish and prawn from lunch and the only new dish they provided was fried eggs! So basically our dinner was "nasi + telur goreng" =.=|||

We also had a surprise birthday party for Ms Perfect aka Chui Shen!!!

It has been a long time since I last celebrate birthdays with my KB friends....

the birthday girl brought us super delicious pastries all the way from Penang!!!

The next morning Ai Wei woke us up bright and early to take pictures at the beach (wanted to catch sunrise at first but Ai Wei was the only one who managed to wake up early and yet have to wait for us.....but couldn't have seen sunrise that morning either due to the clouds).

beach in the early hours of morning

we dressed up for beautiful pics =)

couldn't stop laughing looking at this pic


breakfast was great!

After packing our stuff and checking out of the resort it was time to say goodbye to Pulau Lang Tengah...


 All in all it was a memorable (and my first trip) with my KB friends. Thanks to everyone who made effort to join this trip by taking work leave (and come back all the way to KB just for that weekend), thanks to those involved in organising and planning the trip and thanks for providing snacks throughout the trip =D We should have more trips together in the future guys!