Saturday, March 28, 2009

For someone special

This 300th post goes to you my dear =)


with big hugs and lots of ♥♥♥

I knocked on Heaven's door.
God said, 'What can I do for you?'
I asked,
'Please love, protect, heal and bless the one reading this.'
God smiled,

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Was looking at some blog templates randomly and felt like trying them out, so I created a sample blog at another address...but...I clicked the wrong tab in Mozilla Firefox and changed the template at the wrong blog, so here you template!

Yet, at the same time, I lost all the links and CBox I placed on the previous template. Took me some time to recover them through various means.

Lazy to think of what colour suits my blog best so I picked pink, like my previous template. It's very similar to the previous one, right?

Can't wait for Easter break, because I'm going to Adelaide! =D

Sunday, March 15, 2009






抹了椅子,洗洗棉被的 cover ,给公仔们的头头冲水,换了床单
在 MSN 写了 'raindrops on my window',想起刚刚听过的 Taylor Swift 的 Teardrops On My Guitar

“头发”湿湿的公仔看起来蛮帅气呢,是秀婷康妮给的两个公仔 =)

Friday, March 13, 2009


Another week has passed...and it's weekend again! Hooray =D

It's the first week at our new rotation...This time I'm attached to a general med ward. As we had a long weekend last week because Monday was Labour Day, I didn't really get to see the whole med team until this morning during the ward rounds...coz we have tutes everyday afternoon, Tuesday was our first day and we only saw the interns and 5th Years; Wednesday is lecture day so no turning up at hospital; Thursday morning we have a radiology left today Friday morning! Oh and we don't have any tutes on Monday as well, so will be at the ward whole day next Monday =)

What can I say...the med team at my ward is an all-female team! We have 2 interns, 1 registrar and 1 consultant (all females...and are Asians I think). The med registrar is pretty wahahaha and she looks so young! =P And our consultant has her hair dyed red! And guess what, the first initial of both consultant and registrar is J! And I'm J as well...then I have the same surname as the pretty registrar (Okay I only noticed that when talking to the intern, actually it's the intern who said 'Oh so sisters then')...hehe~

The medical students attached to the ward include two 5th Years and us three 3rd Years (5 of us, 3 guys 2 girls). One thing I noticed about how female doctors approach patients compare to male doctors...female doctors tend to have physical contact with the patient and be at a closer distance to the patient when speaking to 'physical contact' I don't mean physical examination, what I mean is that they will pat the patient's back or shoulders, or hold their arm to reassure and calm them down; and by 'closer distance' I mean they will squat down to speak to the patient sitting in a chair, or lean close to the bedframe to the patient lying in bed. I haven't seen any male doctors squat down to talk to patients (medical students do that, yes, but not doctors)....probably it'll look awkward if they do that haha

Okay, have to work hard to get the most out of this rotation...I'm starting to enjoy it =D

Friday, March 06, 2009

10 ways to keep myself happy

I only commented on Yie Min's post at his blog, and he tagged me to do this already!

Anyway, 10 ways to keep me happy:

1. Finish work earlier than the deadline.

2. Reading and replying emails. But so far only Angelene writes emails to me. Maybe coz she's the furthest...on the other side of the earth.

3. Going out with friends - be it dinner, dessert, movies, shopping...anything fun.

4. Listening to nice music and playing games on my computer after a long day at the hospital.

5. SMS with my sister. Her sms-es are hilarious.

6. Cooking! And of course eating =P

7. Taking pictures hehe

8. Reading past histories, messages, cards, letters etc. Brings back old memories =)

9. Sleep-ins during weekends

10. I dunno what should I put for number 10 because generally I'm happy everyday.

Monday, March 02, 2009

It's Monday, and I can't wait for weekend to come.

Had been trying out different kinds of food every weekend in this first month back in Melbourne.

13/2 - which was our group date, had Vietnamese food at Springvale.

14/2 - went out with Adilah, Li Ping and Grace to Knox City and we ended up eating Mexican fast food because there were no seats at the Japanese restaurant.

21/2 - out of the blue we decided to go to Glen Waverley for dessert, tried out 5 types of cakes shared among 10 of us.

27/2 - had dinner at a Korean restaurant at Clayton. No it's not Korean BBQ but I think they taste the same =P I thought we were going to celebrate Chean Ying's birthday after that but dunno why the plan changed earlier so we celebrated her birthday the next day. We went to Yarra Bend Park to see the city night view and the stars instead.

1/3 - went to Docklands for a fabulous Greek dinner to celebrate Ivie's birthday.

Looking forward to weekends nowadays =)

It's the last week for our first rotation. The previous 5th year seniors were so nice and friendly, they really taught us a lot of stuff...and they are from Monash Malaysia. On the last day of their rotation (last Tuesday), they ordered pizzas from Domino's as a free ward lunch for the staff! (We didn't know why Pizza Hut said they only open at 4.30pm which we think is impossible =.=). The current batch just started their 6-week rotation today and they are from Monash Malaysia as well...hopefully when I'm in Year 5 I'll have the chance to choose my rotations at Malaysia for the first few months of the year so I can stay longer after summer break =)

VicPolice sent sms-es saying that extreme weather are expected tonight and tomorrow and there's a high wind and fire risk. I'm surprised to receive an sms from Victoria Police (my phone shows the sender before the content of the message)...never know that VicPolice has such service =)