Sunday, June 25, 2006

someone E x p l a i n this.

I came across such a sentence in Physics textbook:

This continually changing magnetic field creates a constantly changing electric field and this constantly changing electric field then produces a constantly changing electric field, which produces a constantly changing magnetic field, which produces a constantly changing electric field etc.

What is this??! So confusing!! Had been staring at that sentence for several minutes before I decided to leave it alone =P

c o o l - p o o l

We did look like tribesmen, didn't we?

like we're ready for battle towards victory =)


5 persons at a go??!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Yesterday afternoon Chean Ying, Siaw Tze, Kia Miang, Amelene and me went to play badminton. It had been a long time since I last played badminton and I doubted my skills. As there was nothing much to do at the hostel especially when it's Friday afternoon, I changed my clothes and wore my sports shoes which I left at the shoes rack for months (the last time I wore it was during the Bina Insan Camp in April, haha~), then set off to the badminton court upstairs of the hall in Kolej Akasia with Amelene.

When we reached there, Siaw Tze and Chean Ying were already playing with Kia Miang (2 versus 1, see how did they bully my housemate =P)..I took a racquet and teamed with Kia Miang while Amelene watched us. After a few minutes I passed on to Amelene as I pitied her sitting there alone watching us having fun. So I sat down and watched the shuttlecock flying from one player to the other...till there's once when it hit Amelene's head before falling to the floor. We all laughed as she looked so innocent when the shuttlecock hit her head....haha. It was like a scene in a cartoon where the character is searching for a ball and suddenly it hits his head without him realising. Not long after that, we burst out laughing uncontrollably as Kia Miang's racquet flew away from her hands...apparently she accidentally threw it when she wanted to hit the shuttlecock back. The whole thing was so natural that even she herself couldn't help it but squatted on the floor laughing. =P

It's my turn to play again. I teamed with Chean Ying to play against Siaw Tze and Amelene (Kia Miang left to have dinner at Cemara coz her stomach started grumbling.) ST was so bad, she kept smashing and let us run here and there while she grinned. She even mentioned that she did that on purpose! Such a bully. I know that you are tall and quite good at badminton and has long hands and...arghh. Never mind. Anyway the game was fun, and later Yeu Sheng came to join us too. We switched players and played till we sweated like waterfall. The greatest effect was on Chean Ying. Her pants was so 'wet' and it looked like she had just come out wetting herself from the toilet...hahaha~

Oh, did I mention that I accidentally threw my racquet away too? So 'memaisekan'...Well I think it was probably I didn't grab the racquet tightly and my hands were smooth *winks*

We played for about 2 hours and were planning to go back to the hostel when we saw Kia Miang downstairs reading newspaper. Chean Ying suggested excitedly that we try our hands on the pool table. So off we went into the room and started arranging the balls on the green table. We had no idea how to start off and just simply hit the balls around with the 'stick' (I dunno what it's called). Just then the man-in-charge came in and asked whether did we ask for permission to use the room. Quite startled, we just said no and sorry. Luckily he didn't mind and instead reminded us to ask for permission next time. After he left, the REAL fun began when we started taking photos. ^.^ That's Siaw Tze's idea (the gal who loves to take photos). We posed and took lots of crazy pictures. After a while the man came in again, but this time he taught us how to play the pool game properly...haha..we were just simply playing around actually. >.<>

Will upload those pics later...the connection now is kinda poor :(

Thursday, June 22, 2006

f r i e n d s . .

There were many interesting things and meaningful events that happened around me recently, and I know they would become those sweet memories which I would treasure forever. On Wednesday night, I read Siaw Tze's blog about her birthday celebration which was on last Thursday. I was kinda laughing all the way through reading her blog because I was one of those involved in giving her such a wonderful big surprise. And all of us were really good actors as our plan went well. We all pretended that we were not going to celebrate her birthday and just remained calm as usual. And we KNEW that she felt soooooooo disappointed because she thought that there's no birthday party or surprises since it's her once-in-a-lifetime 20-year-old birthday (quoted from her blog). I can still remember how speechless and shocked she was when she opened her door and saw the whole lot of us with TWO birthday cakes. (well I'm not going to elaborate further since I'd be repeating the same things as what she wrote on her blog). What I wanna state is that....the value of friendship is so powerful and important that it touches my heart greatly and deeply. I witnessed the great friendship and love between Siaw Tze and Siew Ting...the younger ST prepared and did so much things just for her birthday..not to mention that she's the one who seems to be taking care of the older ST instead of the older one taking care of the younger one. Haha!! >.<

Upon coming to INTEC to study, I have learnt how to really appreciate others and express our care and love for them. I think that's the way it's like when one goes to study in a college where different people with different characteristics from all places come and study at the same place as you. It's different from things you learnt from friends you made in primary or secondary school, and till now I still can't figure out the reason and explanation behind it. Chien mentioned that in her blog too...where she said that her college friends seem to be closer to her compared to kb friends!! haha. Maybe because when you're with people from 'outstation' you tend to be more open I guess. Or maybe because you are staying under one roof with your college friends, so you get to know them better through their lifestyle and habits at home. hmmmm..

Well, here I would like to express my gratitude to those who know me, and to those friends in INTEC, thanks to you all for making the life at Kolej Akasia so fun and interesting. Love you guys~~!!

Dedicated to my roommie and housemates, big sis ST and barbie doll ST.. =P